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Famous Author
Jun 8, 2021

Famous Author
Joined: Jun 8, 2021
Followers: 44
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Comments: 235
Venusaur26 · Sep 22, 2022

You’re alive?

DarkDragon · Feb 23, 2023

Last active 2/22/2023, Nothing written for months though.

Ryuujisan · May 7, 2022

again story droped :(

mediumplayer · Mar 17, 2022

Please dont stop writing Little Witch Girl With The Dating Sim System its a great story :)

malik25 · Mar 6, 2022

when will a new chapter in reincarnated as a cheat vampire?

Regnus · Feb 24, 2022

When will the new chapter be An S-Rank Adventurer Turns into a Woman!?

Carpio · Dec 26, 2021

Sorry but please bring back reincarnated as a cheat vampire. I really enjoyed it.

BlackKnightX · Author · Dec 26, 2021


Venusaur26 · Nov 30, 2021

Hi again!

Had to make a new account

BlackKnightX · Author · Nov 30, 2021

Your reading list must have been maxed out or something~ Lol

Venusaur26 · Nov 30, 2021


Fritzer · Sep 21, 2021

Writing must never be boring. BIM BIM BIM

Fritzer · Oct 6, 2021

clear.png are you in the SH discord?

BlackKnightX · Author · Oct 6, 2021

No. Why?

Fritzer · Oct 7, 2021

Because you keep making forum post, but the SH forum is filled with trash

BlackKnightX · Author · Oct 7, 2021

Alright. 😂 I just wanna interact with people, that’s all. Like-minded people.

Basically_God · Sep 12, 2021

Guess we both had the same idea of making a novel just to have fun with little plot - I just posted my second novel yesterday XD

Basically_God · Sep 12, 2021

Though already working on my 'chapter 1' basically after releasing my chapter for the first novels weekly chapter... Not to mention I'm not exactly keeping the novel 'little' as it basically has 4x the work - least I can say I'm enjoying it right? clear.png

Hope your second novel goes just as well as the first - I'll read it when I get time and no longer addicted to writing my own Wrathful Demoness!

BlackKnightX · Author · Sep 12, 2021

Nah, I didn’t expect much with this one. 😂 

Basically_God · Sep 12, 2021

Fair, thought up my current novel because I wanted to write about a character who wouldn't get much screen time but ended up falling in love with the process all over again. Speeding it up though so won't have to spend much time on the 'child arc' - well I'll stop bothering you and gushing about my own novel lmao.

Like always, hope you the best in your endeavours!

BlackKnightX · Author · Sep 12, 2021

Same here, traveler. Have fun~

BlackKnightX · Author · Sep 12, 2021

Yep, I just got isekaied. Strangely, there is the internet connection between this world and my old one, but it’s slightly delayed from what I’ve observed so far.

Queen · Sep 3, 2021


Hope you are doing fine, just wanted to know about your novels updateclear.pngclear.png

BlackKnightX · Author · Sep 12, 2021

I’m more than fine, darling. Just a little burnt out. I think I’ll start a new series alongside this one just to spice things up a bit. Maybe I’ll be more productive then~ clear.png

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