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Jun 15, 2021

Joined: Jun 15, 2021
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Ninestar619 · · Author · Jul 6, 2022

Posted again clear.png check it out if interested clear.png

Aegis_Of_The_Void · Jul 6, 2022


Ninestar619 · Author · Jul 7, 2022

@XKARNATION Awwclear.png thank you clear.png

@Aegis_Of_The_Void thanks to you as well clear.png

Okay · Jul 11, 2022

That is some awesome art. clear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · Jul 11, 2022

Awwclear.png thanks for the compliment clear.png I am glad you liked it clear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · Jul 11, 2022

Me?clear.png Fine but endlessly busy nowadays clear.png

And you? clear.png what have you been doing lately? clear.png

Aaqil · Jul 12, 2022

Playing osu! and school,clear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · Jul 12, 2022

Wowclear.png that surely would be funclear.png I hope you are enjoying your time clear.png

Aaqil · Jul 12, 2022

You as well!clear.png

DarkNether · May 25, 2022

I apologize if I havent read most of your new chapters, I have tons of work.


Ninestar619 · Author · May 25, 2022

it's alright i understand clear.png all of us have work and are busyclear.png besides, i haven't uploaded much cause i was away for long clear.png

DarkNether · May 25, 2022

I wish u luck on your novels.


Ninestar619 · Author · May 26, 2022

thaanks clear.png you tooooooooooclear.png

DarkNether · May 25, 2022

I look forward to new stories Ninestar619.

I hope new chapters will be available soon, great novels you have here.


DarkNether · May 25, 2022

Also, nice profile pic.


Cute cat.


Ninestar619 · Author · May 26, 2022

thanks, i am glad you feel that way clear.png i hope all my stories are enjoyable clear.png

about the profile pic it's not mine clear.png but, from an anime clear.png surely the cat is CUTE!!!!!!clear.png I LOVE CATS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

CatDrip · May 17, 2022




Ninestar619 · Author · May 17, 2022

*pats* don't be hopelessclear.png i am sure one day a cat will come running to you clear.png cheer up!! clear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · May 6, 2022

This months announcement!! clear.png sorry for the long absence clear.png 

First, @XKARNATION and his series clear.png 

Second, @WalterOswald and his series

Shower their wonderful work with likes and comments clear.png

CL · May 16, 2022

Welcome back and thank you for the recommend. clear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · May 16, 2022

@CL AWWclear.png thank youclear.png you are the first one to reply to thisclear.png

thanks a lot clear.png

Nhatduongg · Apr 23, 2022

Ninestar keeps changing the avatars

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 26, 2022

Sorry for the late reply clear.png but, yeah I have many pics in my mind I want to keep but, it's just one pfpclear.png so I keep changing clear.png

Kaieta · Apr 19, 2022

good day

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 19, 2022

Good day to you tooclear.png

Kaieta · Apr 17, 2022

hello kitty for todayclear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 17, 2022

Heyyyyoooooo!!!! clear.png how are you doing? clear.png 

What did you do? clear.png did you check the forum? clear.png

Kaieta · Apr 17, 2022

clear.png Your thread about picture? No i didn't but surely will

I am healthy

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 19, 2022

No I was saying other that which Agentt posted something about challenging who is better than a girl who said ask this clear.png I am sure it is you clear.png or no? clear.png

Kaieta · Apr 20, 2022

I do not think it related... because i want to improve but not provoking other rather than a few jokes.

· Apr 14, 2022

No update chaps lololol

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 14, 2022

yeah i know clear.png you mentioned it in the announcement clear.png thought of finishing this before you come backclear.png

If you are saying mine than yeah no updates for this month clear.png sorry if i didn't understand first clear.png

Kaieta · Apr 11, 2022


clear.png you are here too clear.pngare u hungry? Here have some food🎂🎂🎂

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 11, 2022

heheeclear.png yes i was. no not still but, i will eat!clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · Mar 25, 2022

Posted a new thread again clear.png hope who wishes can check it out clear.pnghere is the link

· Mar 25, 2022

Nice new cover you got there

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 17, 2022

Ohclear.png when did this reply come? clear.png 

Kaieta · Apr 19, 2022

Uh uh, i would like to get one clear.pngclear.png but i can't clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngsorry

Ninestar619 · Author · Apr 19, 2022

Oh no problem clear.png but, I hope you do clear.png 

· Mar 2, 2022

IDK why, but reading the sypnosis from your new stories made me think of "Alice Through The Looking Glass"...

Wait... I got this one.

"I-Rangis Through The Looking Cupboard" XD

Ninestar619 · Author · Mar 3, 2022

clear.png hehe that's a nice one clear.png 

I haven't seen thatclear.pngclear.png 

· Mar 6, 2022

Google it, it's another famous Isekai series.

Ninestar619 · Author · Mar 6, 2022

yeah i did clear.png it is perhaps anime version of Alice in wonderland clear.png an ooooooooold movie just like thatclear.png 

Ninestar619 · Author · Feb 26, 2022

This month's announcement 

First, @EternalSunset0 and his series with 5 volume

Second @Jk-Sama and his two series

Shower them with likes and comment clear.png Bring them to light clear.pngso they can shine bright forever!!!clear.png

Ninestar619 · Author · Feb 26, 2022

@Nhatduongg hehe i don't know i wrote what was written in the overview of the Authorclear.png Looks like that what the person likes to be called clear.pngclear.png

Nhatduongg · Feb 26, 2022

Well yes there aren't many hers around here anyway, or are there?

JK-Sama · Feb 27, 2022

clear.pngwow ty for the mention

Ninestar619 · Author · Mar 1, 2022

@Nhatduongg maybe there are, not like gender matters here right?clear.png

@JK-Sama your welcome clear.png i hope it helped clear.png

· Feb 15, 2022

Hmm, you start writing again. What made you decide to write a new novel?

Ninestar619 · Author · Feb 15, 2022

it's not new clear.png but yes new hereclear.png there are many other but, noticed this isn't getting much attention so decided to post it here tooclear.png

saltwater · Feb 8, 2022

You ever going to update your novel?

Ninestar619 · Author · Feb 10, 2022

perhaps soonclear.png did you read itclear.png

saltwater · Feb 10, 2022

Yep,  I read it a long time ago. Last month, actually. Pls update

Ninestar619 · Author · Feb 10, 2022

yay!!! clear.png thank youclear.png hope you enjoyed!!!clear.png

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