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Jun 15, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jun 15, 2021
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TheSoulless · Mar 27, 2024

if i had money i would give it to you

JTNestman · Author · Mar 27, 2024

lol Don't worry about it clear.png 

Ilovetacos · Mar 20, 2024

is there ever a chance of you continuing Focal Point?

JTNestman · Author · Mar 20, 2024

Yes, at some point I will.

JTNestman · Author · Jan 25, 2024

You know when you say you'll be back in a month or two and then you're gone for over a year? Yeah. Wish I had a better excuse than "never felt the drive to write return" but that's really what it came down to. Anyways, I won't be so foolish as to make any sort of promise but I did want to sign back into my profile and post a message to hopefully push myself back into the hobby.

Heartdevil · Jan 26, 2024

Do you have any plans on writing the yandere transmigration novel now that you're back? 

JTNestman · Author · Jan 26, 2024

I made a few promises a while back about it so yes I do believe it's time to get it rolling.

JTNestman · Author · Sep 20, 2022

Gonna put this here in case someone comes looking for more chapters, I'll be taking some time off of writing to pursue my other hobby. I'm a bit burned out of writing so I'll be spending time away to keep things fresh. Thanks to everyone who read my stories and I'll be back when I can.

Cocolarge · May 10, 2022

You coming back soon

JTNestman · Author · May 11, 2022

I hope so. Haven't died so there's that. I'm in the process of moving and it's a whole thing so I've been too preoccupied to really spend enough time writing.

Cocolarge · May 11, 2022

Good luck

JTNestman · Author · Mar 21, 2022

Just want to pin this here in case anyone stops by that is interested. 

I have started a Patreon account and will offer up five chapters ahead of what's publicly available on Scribblehub for my current project to anyone that wishes to subscribe. You can get there through the "Tip" button on my account page. No pressure to do so, but if you are interested that's where to go.

Cyng_Aetheling_wulf · Feb 15, 2022

Hey do post your main story on other sites such as webnovel? If not, well there's someone over there reuploadimg your story and is pretending to be the author you might want to check that out. Title is attack of attachment btw.

JTNestman · Author · Feb 16, 2022

I do not post elsewhere. Thank you for the heads up.

auksin · Feb 9, 2022

Yo love the yandere story author, question tho Amy chance you know more like yours ?

JTNestman · Author · Feb 9, 2022

@auksin The author Steelz has a number of yandere stories that are well written. His work tends to contain a lot more smut and ecchi content so just keep that in mind if that's not your cup of tea. Also, he hasn't updated in a while. Which is a shame.

auksin · Feb 9, 2022

Thank you I just followed them if they do update.

CatDrip · Feb 10, 2022

I love steelz! Though he only does updates on his discord now. In fact he is a few days late on Yandere nightmare.

JT are you on Steelz's Discord?

CatDrip · Feb 10, 2022

clear.png JT doesn't have a discord.

auksin · Feb 10, 2022

I mean steelz,thank you 

auksin · Feb 10, 2022


CatDrip · Feb 5, 2022

So did Hayden slip the note into Courtney's bag or was it the devilclear.png? If Hayden did, then it was because Jason's aunt told him to and wanted to test if his 'curse' was real and worth addressing(more likelyclear.png). If the Devil did then it would have been to mess with his play things.clear.png

JTNestman · Author · Feb 5, 2022

This will be revealed by the end clear.png

CatDrip · Feb 5, 2022

Patrolling the Mojave wastes almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.clear.png

JTNestman · Author · Feb 5, 2022

clear.pngAlmost lol

CatDrip · Feb 6, 2022

I used be an adventure like youclear.png, then I took an arrow to the knee.clear.png

CatDrip · Feb 11, 2022

If the Legion attacks, I got one bullet saved for me.clear.png

JTNestman · Author · Feb 11, 2022

I'd like to imagine, when the Legion attacks the NCR, the entirety of the NCR's military just shoots themselves since they all have a bullet saved for just such an occasion. 

CatDrip · Feb 5, 2022

You should start a discord server for your work and then invite me to it.clear.pngclear.png

JTNestman · Author · Feb 5, 2022

Perhaps one day. We’ll see

CatDrip · Feb 6, 2022

please, we could share memes, and play minecraft.

CatDrip · Jan 9, 2022

Bro you're number 1 on trending.

JTNestman · Author · Jan 9, 2022

Yeah it's pretty crazy ngl clear.png

CatDrip · Jan 9, 2022

Ack. clear.pngclear.png

I need more chappies.

JTNestman · Author · Jan 9, 2022

clear.pngOn the way 

Welou · Dec 15, 2021

That's it. The story has been deleted.

JTNestman · Author · Dec 15, 2021

Thank you.

Welou · Dec 15, 2021

I wanted to write I apologize for plagiarism without your permission

JTNestman · Author · Dec 15, 2021

Apology accepted. Thank you for communicating with me and following through with my request. It means a lot.

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