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Rising Author
Jun 18, 2021

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jun 18, 2021
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I like girls, roleplaying and being a trans she/they lesbian! I'm also a vtuber, you can find me at:

And my discord is FernGilly#0083, or you can join my group server!
Valley Coven Discord:

FernGilly · · Author · Jan 1, 2023

i am very sick,,, promise to give the 10k or so words I'm sitting on when this turboflu finally dies off. no, it isn't covid, it's just painful.

FernGilly · Author · Mar 20, 2023

Wondering where I've been? I've been working hard on the TTRPG system underlining my stories, and I overhauled it in the editing process. My stories are so far off the rules now it isn't funny... I can't keep writing without making up the rules as I go. Instead, I've decided to redo the old chapters in the new rules. The rewrites might take months, please be patient. Sorry that I've vanished.

FernGilly · Author · Oct 20, 2022

Awww yiss just got the call my PC is fixed! I can pick it up Saturday!

Lyss · Oct 20, 2022

hell yeah!!!

FernGilly · Author · Sep 25, 2022

Goin out to Chicago! clear.png Visiting Willis Tower! Time to do some investigation for the book and snap pictures for my artists!

FernGilly · Author · Sep 14, 2022

Good things and bad things come in pairs, huh? My computer broke down! I'll be slower on all books this month, sorry. My laptop is much slower and clunkier, and half my chapters are on the computer in Scrivener.

Alyss.Nancy.Onymous · Sep 15, 2022



FernGilly · Author · Sep 15, 2022

Yeah clear.png We got the part to fix it on the way...

SkyeRose · Sep 15, 2022

I hope the part to fix shows soon

FernGilly · Author · Sep 13, 2022

Did some reorganizing of tags on my novel; I learned that I'm supposed to use artificial intelligence and not automatons to refer to the drones and other sentient machines in my story. Also, that the term was domestic affairs and not kingdom building... I tossed out some tags that weren't pulling their weight and added Strategist, since our dear Amanda is Learning! So happy! Thank you all for the love and attention >w<

FernGilly · Author · Sep 13, 2022

OMG I'm #9 on trending!!! Thank y'all so much that means a lot!!! This is my first time hitting front page...

KaySenpai · Sep 13, 2022

🎊 Congratulations 🎊 clear.png

FernGilly · Author · Sep 7, 2022


Please remember to vote in the most recent chapter! We have Gaia's hand first! Let's determine what she wagers.

FernGilly · Author · Aug 26, 2022

Still hard at work today! Hopefully I can get this game in on time. :P I want to get back to writing without consequences looming over my head.

FernGilly · Author · Aug 21, 2022

On break today! Don't expect any content.

FernGilly · Author · Aug 15, 2022

I'm going to pause Neverland Cultivator and Magimaid for a week or so, working on a game jam! I'll post the chapters I have saved up for each, so at least three this week. I am not pausing my writing of Don't Get It Tangled, I'm in the middle of the next chapter, and I'll have time to work on it when my teammate is asleep.

FernGilly · Author · Aug 14, 2022

Hey! Advance warning for all Magimaid fans, I have some chapters done, but every chapter posted might see a few old chapters get converted into the new format. You won't need to reread those chapters; there have not been any content changes-- I'm just remastering them for a Tapas release and cleaning up swears.

FernGilly · Author · Aug 13, 2022

I'm gonna scream y'all were not supposed to like that novel so much--

Okay doke! Now I have to really think about how to handle my release schedules.

Wkppp · Aug 13, 2022

Good luck clear.png

FernGilly · Author · Aug 12, 2022

oh sandwiches that's a lot

FernGilly · Author · Aug 12, 2022

This art piece took way longer than expected, sorry everyone! I'm releasing a 3rd book and shuffling how I do my series so they're not so... due constantly. Magical Maid is dropping to 1000 word chapters, but several of them released at once, and my new novel Don't Get It Tangled is now done and 4 chapters in my backlock! I'm just arranging the cover text for it now before throwing it on the platform.

FernGilly · Author · Aug 12, 2022

 I'm very displeased with another book on the platform I won't name and told myself I could do a much better job of the story if I just handled it myself. Turns out I'm right, ehehe. This one will be very cute and fun and gender bender.

FernGilly · Author · Aug 10, 2022

Regenerating all those images for Tapas and Scribblehub, one moment...

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    I like girls, roleplaying and being a trans she/they lesbian! I'm also a vtuber, you can find me at:

    And my discord is FernGilly#0083, or you can join my group server!
    Valley Coven Discord:

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