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Jun 26, 2021

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Joined: Jun 26, 2021
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Calvin_Waterson · · Author · Aug 18, 2021

Just want to make an announcement for anyone that may be wondering if I'm not posting for a bit. I just found out that my mother has passed away. Part of the vacation I took earlier this year was to visit her at the nursing home she began to live at. I don't want to talk about it too much, but she was sick with MS for my entire life. She got worse as soon as I left. I don't know if I want to keep writing, and updating to help myself with this or not. I'm still in shock. I really don't know.

Desperatereader24 · Sep 1, 2021

I’m sorry for your loss. It’s been a pretty bad year for a lot of people. I lost my Aunt and Grandfather earlier and my dog has to be put down tomorrow because he has cancer that can’t be treated. 

Trolltyrant · Aug 29, 2022

I made a acount to say sorry for your loss bro 

Can I give a suggestion play some video games like skyrhim fallout or cod or something to get your mind off it 

Also try cooking and baking 

All in all I wish you the best bro 

Kapuchinik · Sep 25, 2022

Hope you’re okay.

Pxzmen · Nov 11, 2022

sorry for your lost. hope you  get through it soon .

MinMaxing · Mar 15, 2023

You okay dude?

Jex123 · Feb 2, 2023

U been alright 

danieljoker · Jan 20, 2023

My condolences, I hope you get better soon and live better, honestly if it were me I wouldn't know what to do either

Pxzmen · Nov 11, 2022

I must ask that will you continue write Becoming #1 With Stun-Gun Hero!! and Lucky Once in Yugioh GX . they are both very good it will be a pity if they drop.clear.png

Calvin_Waterson · Author · Nov 11, 2022

First of all, thank you very much. I've been focusing really hard on my latest HP novel. I'm going to be taking a break from that one for a while, and have some time to work on both Yugioh and Stun-Gun Hero. Not sure how fast the updates will be for those, but I don't want to drop either.

BigGrizzly · Sep 17, 2022

When will you be posting on the mha fic if you ever do just wanna know 

Calvin_Waterson · Author · Sep 17, 2022

Next Tuesday, along with Yugioh. So sorry for the radio silence, just had a lot of inspiration on the new HP story, and needed to hit the iron while it was hot lol. 

Vick · Aug 3, 2022

I stopped playing Yu Gi Oh for 13 year and was not sure about reading a fanfict about a anime I watched around 15 year ago, but GG, you made me hook. Just, make sure to keep a bucket with water near your PC if the FBI came for you *cough*Blair*cough*

Anyway, I hope you a good continuation clear.png

Dakota3602 · Aug 3, 2022

u ok ? 

Calvin_Waterson · Author · Aug 3, 2022

Yea, I'm doing pretty great. Having a little writing block on Yugioh, but I'm sure I'll find my way through.

Dakota3602 · Jul 19, 2022

updated Lucky Once in Yugioh GX ?

Calvin_Waterson · Author · Jul 19, 2022

I will update both Yugioh and Stun-Gun hero tomorrow.

Dakota3602 · Jul 17, 2022

I love your work


Calvin_Waterson · Author · Jul 17, 2022

Thanks! I'm glad you do!clear.png

Namike · May 14, 2022

Hi, I was just wondering if the aura master book was dropped or put on break?

Namike · May 14, 2022

Damn I should off commentated when I red the 1st chapter 30 minutes ago as you you still online.

Calvin_Waterson · Author · May 15, 2022

Lol, I've been there. Anyway, it is likely that Aura Master is a story that I won't be coming back to for a long while. I first only had a rough idea when making it, and it has taken a back seat for a long while. I don't like saying I dropped it, since at any point I could Start again, but that may be months.

Calvin_Waterson · Author · Apr 30, 2022


MinMaxing · Apr 16, 2022

Hey Calvin, will you continue stun gun hero, or did you drop it?

Calvin_Waterson · Author · Apr 16, 2022

Hi. Sorry I've not been answering on the comment section. I don't feel done with Stun Gun Hero yet. I'm not dropping it. I have been slowly writing a few more chapters, but much slower than the previous release times. I feel stretched out on that story, and needed some time to breath from it. I'm really happy that you like the story enough to ask about it months later. It helps to know that you want to read more. I want to see this story to the end too. clear.png

MinMaxing · Apr 16, 2022

oh, i really enjoy both the lucky once and stun gun, so glad to know you will continue it

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