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Rising Author
Jul 2, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Jul 2, 2021
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ZinKo · Mar 25, 2023

Are you still alive?

minimi22 · Nov 11, 2022

hello, any updates on Nuwa System?

dahoosa · Author · Nov 11, 2022

No inspiration clear.png I'm workshopping an original cultivation story with male mc! But work is busy, so there's not much time for me to flesh it out.

lewdheadpats · Aug 23, 2022

hello. any update at all regarding a continuation of Nuwa System, or anything that you'll be writing and posting?

dahoosa · Author · Aug 23, 2022

I have a lot of ideas, but nothing in progress. clear.pngWork has been keeping me busy. I have to make it a habit to start writing again bit by bit

Twiska · Apr 22, 2022

Any word on you starting an orginal nuwa story? If so I would love to read it.

dahoosa · Author · Apr 23, 2022

I do have an idea for an original Nuwa story! But my work and addiction to miscellaneous reading is killing me.. everything is still in the storyboard stage

LynnEllaXXX · Apr 13, 2022

Started Nuwa System. Loving it so far!

Nyxhawthorne · Mar 23, 2022

While you may be in quite the rut in terms of Nuwa, if you seriously work on it you can fix where you screwed up and get it the way you wanted it to head. This novel DOES NOT DESERVE to be dropped and can be redeemed from where it currently is... especially if you rewrite the issue from the plot. I quite like the Hades world plot, but I think the issue is with the Naruto plot. In my opinion, the Naruto plot doesn't fit well with Avatar. 

dahoosa · Author · Mar 11, 2022

Hey everyone. Nuwa System was my first fanfic, and I fucked it up pretty bad. The story is completely disjointed and all the immersion and passion it started with is gone. The plot is still there.. but it's nightmare to read and it sucks to write it knowing that the quality has become so bad.

I'm hesitant to call it dropped, but it is on temporary hiatus while I work on my writing skill and think of a way out of my pit of shame. clear.png

Wintera · Mar 11, 2022

Maybe revise some of the chapters you dont like?

dahoosa · Author · Mar 11, 2022

It'd be way too much to revise at this point. I didn't plan out the second arc right. It'd have to be rewritten, which is too much work. clear.png

I'd rather start a new novel with Nuwa in a different world than rewrite it.

Wintera · Mar 11, 2022

Yeah thats what i mean you can just transfer the characters to a new world

dahoosa · Author · Mar 11, 2022

Ohh clear.png you tempt me so

Nyxhawthorne · Mar 10, 2022

Are you planning to start a second novel at any point in the future? 

dahoosa · Author · Mar 11, 2022

I am writing down a few other ideas, but they're all drafts. Here's a link to a story I didn't post here, but is also fairly inactive due to lack of inspiration.

dahoosa · Author · Oct 14, 2021

clear.png reading other authors always reminds me how bad I am at slice of life and dialogue in my own stories.  clear.png I'll get the hang of it soon enough!

BrokenLord321 · Jul 3, 2021

Did you transfer from another platform or what? You uploaded alot in just 2 hours so im curious?

BrokenLord321 · Jul 3, 2021

Ok that makes sense may I ask what your upload schedule looks like? (I haven't just yet started reading so if it's in there somewhere as a announcement I haven't seen it)

dahoosa · Author · Jul 4, 2021

So far it's been two chapters a day. Lately, I've been doing double length chapters once a day. I'll try to keep it about 2k words a day at minimum.

BrokenLord321 · Jul 4, 2021

Ok thank you for the information I hope this will become a great story for others to enjoy, and you to feel proud of mayhaps!

dahoosa · Author · Jul 4, 2021

Thanks buddy :) I'll try.

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