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Well-Known Author
Jul 21, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jul 21, 2021
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Comments: 74

I love Cosmic Horror, Demons, Witches and Complex Plots.

Favorite shows: Made in Abyss, ReZero, Umineko, Chaos Child.

LimitBound · Jan 3, 2023

With my flames, I burned it down. With fiery rocks from the heavens, I smashed that which would not burn. And with my fire, I purified the people

Fritzer · Author · Dec 24, 2022

clear.pngNo Chapter this week - Enjoy your Xmas with your family instead! 

Kekw · Dec 25, 2022

nice excuse to shill out of work

PanzerKampfWagen · Nov 4, 2022

ur pfp is top notch.

Fritzer · Author · Nov 4, 2022


Time to brew coffe while waiting for the inevitable thermonuclear exchange 

PanzerKampfWagen · Nov 4, 2022

yes, of course...

Fritzer · Author · Oct 20, 2022

Chapter 26 is out:

I will try publishing chapter 27 and 28 today. 

Fritzer · Author · Oct 14, 2022

Why am I always late lol

Fritzer · Author · Oct 9, 2022

clear.png Chapter 25 is out:

Yes, I will keep shilling my discord. 

Fritzer · Author · Oct 7, 2022

Yes, I will be updating today. In other news, here is a link to my server lol. I literally just made it today:

Fritzer · Author · Sep 4, 2022

clear.png Punished Frizter, mode: ON

Fritzer · Author · Aug 27, 2022

clear.png I broke the hiatus, so, now... I just need to deliver the next chapter on Wednesday 

Fritzer · Author · Apr 11, 2022

I will continue writing my novels very soon. No Hiatus is permanent.

I started a new one in behalf of a dear friend of mine. Hopefully I can get back to my writing speed. Then, the updates will roll.

Kekw · Apr 12, 2022

new chapter when

Fritzer · Author · Apr 12, 2022


Helkyrk · Sep 28, 2021

The loli goat blurb is one of the best things I've read recently, thx a lot <3

Fritzer · Author · Sep 29, 2021



Fritzer · Author · Sep 23, 2021

Chapters will be posted tomorrow.

clear.png I had practically no sleep this morning. It was not a good idea to stuff myself with food before going to bed.

Fritzer · Author · Sep 15, 2021

clear.png Another good day, time to release two chapters

Fritzer · Author · Sep 11, 2021

clear.png Today feels like a good day

Fritzer · Author · Sep 8, 2021

clear.pngI ended up with a headache. No extra chapter today (September 7, Chicago-Time)

The next chapter will be released on September 8 (Like planned.)

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    I love Cosmic Horror, Demons, Witches and Complex Plots.

    Favorite shows: Made in Abyss, ReZero, Umineko, Chaos Child.

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