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Jul 21, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jul 21, 2021
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I'm a normal guy, with a recently gained writing hobby. I, of course, would be delighted if you support it with your extra money that you don't know what to do with it... Well, my novel is of the cultivation genre, and it is more focused on romance. Give it a try, you may like it! Its name is "Heaven, Earth, Me"

Mortrexo · Author · Jul 2, 2022

I'm back and the new chapter is up!

Kamisamaisayurilover · Jul 3, 2022


Mortrexo · Author · Jun 23, 2022

Tomorrow Kali's Partial Image! Wait expectantly for it~. You will be surprised! Like always, remember that the full image, and this time the scar-less image will be on Patreon.

Tsuru · Jun 21, 2022

Reading your reviews and i find them really interesting and truthful XD

Also o_ob for the addition of minispoilers. I think reviews without spoilers are not complete or irrevelant because often they are bullshit or biased with hate

Anecdote, LONG LONG AGO, i once tried a FMC romance novel because 2reviews said it was wholesome. Result ? FMC had 4+ person trying to get her. And ML too. One of them being FMC's friend misunderstanding he crush on her. Can't see ML aim FMC as obvious as elephant

Mortrexo · Author · Jun 20, 2022

Kali's illustration coming up shortly! Remember that full illustrations are on Patreon, avilable for any tier!

Tsuru · Jun 21, 2022

Illustrations for characters ? or for new cover ?

Right now i am in contact with someone that could possibly do a cover for you. But the person right now busy and only can in a few weeks.

Mortrexo · Author · Jun 21, 2022

Character. The one I'm working with right now is leagues above the previous two, so you don't have to worry anymore about illustrators~. I finally found the right one!

Tsuru · Jun 22, 2022

.................It is not that i don't trust you but.............

it's never good to have expectations. Also luck is sometimes a bitch.


(1% joking tone) you probably activated a "flag" by saying it xD

Tsuru · Jun 17, 2022

... (looking at something)
*Shake head in silence*

I won't say anything.

Mortrexo · Author · Jun 17, 2022

I only agree with the third point. It is true that close-ups are more popular nowadays. Thanks for the feedback!

Tsuru · Jun 20, 2022

It's the "big melons" in particular.

And in fact, now you zoomed, the flaw is even more obvious.

I don't dislike big but it's obvious from this artist he is not so strong at drawing breasts. Beginner error of "it looks like they are just stuck/added on body" = not natural feeling

Tsuru · Jun 20, 2022

2nd relooking on zoomed cover

In fact i can even add (sorry to the artist in advance of my words) : it seems like (s)he just randomly chose the position of them. Because looking at HER left breast, the position is not correct.

1) Her shoulders are too frail and even malnourished. And then there is the face. Perfect  but problem the body is "IRL realistic". It is a mix that can never mix. Like a cosplayer wearing anime eyes.

Tsuru · Jun 20, 2022

Reason i didn't detail so much with my first post. Is because there are TOO HUGE flaws and explaining, risk creating "troubles".

It's like a scene of a beginner genius creating a good work and happy about it. Exposing the problems would just "pour cold water" and hurt both emotional the creator and the exposer (guilt)

Mortrexo · Author · Jun 13, 2022

The illustration will take more time since we had some problems in communication. It should be done for the 17th of June, a day before my birthday~.

Mortrexo · Author · Jun 12, 2022

What the hell is that animation quality!? So fluid, so beautiful, Wow. I'm speechless.

Tsuru · Jun 13, 2022

Trailer of hololive alternative

Possibly they gonna release a game as the "original girl not a Vtuber" 's  info mention she is "customizable main character"

Tsuru · Jun 13, 2022

Also indeed the quality go through the roof XD

Hololive's profits are high = easy to spend a lot

1) Recent animes (and mangas/manhwas) art are crazy well drawn

2) Animators know the IP hence more easy to succeed. Arcane is an example

3) They also do clips fitting characters (duck subaru/WatsonxGura)

Tsuru · Jun 13, 2022

But the best is the song.
What kind of creators did they hire to get a so powerful masterpiece like that ? oxo

Mortrexo · Author · Jun 6, 2022

First in trending again~ Thank you all for reading!

The re-do of Yasenia is advancing, I expect it to be done by the 12th or so. Let's hope the current illustrator portrays our dragoness right!

Tsuru · Jun 9, 2022

Gratz !!!!

btw i got a example of how a cover is quite fundamental.
Lot of people probably know this really popular anime but look at first cover of the manga. Even me didn't read it because of that despite later covers being better. Usually i near always have read the mangas before animes but this one somehow wasn't because of the cover

Tsuru · Jun 9, 2022

Because when it appeared in manga websites, the cover gave me the wrong impression it was turn out to be a full-drama school series. Just like old mangas that had this style of drawing. The sentence of "I want to get friends" also didn't help as it gave a bad premonition her school-life gonna be hell.

Edit :  Common logic + quote of a CN
"The first impression is fundamental for everything. And when someone got a first impression for something/someone, it needs a really big effort to erase it"

Mortrexo · Author · May 29, 2022

Cecile's illustration is completed! The full image will be on Patreon, and I will upload the partial image in today's chapter. I hope you like it~

Mortrexo · Author · May 24, 2022

Huh? Wait I'm first on trending? clear.png

Tsuru · Jun 4, 2022


oh today it's at 8th place

Tsuru · May 23, 2022

Found. It's called "waifulabs" i think.

Look :

bottom of chapter

Try to experiment with it so you kinda got a prototype of the designs of the characters
Could help having the drawings of them done faster if you give the prototypes to an artist

Mortrexo · Author · May 23, 2022

I prefer... 梵修 <- this guy/girl. The one I linked below to you.

Tsuru · May 22, 2022

IMPORTANT ! (me rushing back for this comment)

You must pick a cover that exude erotism. Previous one exuded a ton because of a special charm from it's drawing style (which fitted the FMC by coincidence) Without even knowing the plot

See this cover in front page ?

If the previous cover is 20/20, this novel cover is 13~17/20 in comparison

PS : now i see why you don't want animeish cover

Mortrexo · Author · May 23, 2022

Okay, I'll take into account all that you told me. Thank you for taking your time to write~. This user picked my interest. So if my current illustrator isn't up to the challenge again. I will certainly contact this one.

Tsuru · May 23, 2022

Good good.... (palpatine voice)

Tsuru · May 22, 2022

Try to see if you like : User
(recent works / old ones are lower quality and slightly no soul)

Tsuru · May 22, 2022

This artist also is really high quality :

Tsuru · May 22, 2022

5) Of course it is a hobby to write but as you know yourself, there is a ultra hard balance between "writing for yourself (author) and catering to the public"

And recently, not sure in other countries but anime is now mainstream compared to years ago

Even a jp politician is fine talking in a interview talking about Vtubers

Even the news announcer in japan can joke openly about having similar hairstyle as Yor
Most west High schoolers know about animes compared to thinking it's for degenerates

Tsuru · May 22, 2022

Also not trying to mock the artist you picked but they probably will never rival the first cover ever. The chinese female face image you picked is a masterpiece.

He is too "generic old school fantasy" type

It won't catch the eyes like the previous one did

The previous one had it's own charm that can't found easily. Beside "looking at viewer" tag and close-up, it felt like the image had a soul because of it's original style

Tsuru · May 22, 2022

AND ! Lot of westerners are attracted to asiatic women. [[Bc usual human thing of "crave what the person don't have"]]

Look at this :
to understand more easily

Offtopic : Just like american people don't really like blondes as there are dozens of dozens (a person said to me), asians are not fan asian eyes
Animes don't have asiatic eyes (unless its a particular character)

Tsuru · May 22, 2022

In short, i recommend to try finding a chinese xianxia character style or jpish

PS : don't try doing a poll in your novel to ask oppinions. Internet users are not reliable for most. Even me i am not reliable. Try asking to your patreons

Tsuru · May 21, 2022


Hu Wenhua snorted, and then said expectantly: "Your Zhongshan Road Food Street in Guangxi Province ranks among the top ten food streets in the country along with Hubu Lane in our provincial capital. I have been famous for a long time, and tonight finally You can have a good taste!"

Wu Yuting sighed and said, "Actually, it's just famous. Not to mention the expensive things there, the taste is not necessarily better than other places."
Tsuru · May 21, 2022

Hu Wenhua said with a smile: "This is just like our online literary world. The works written by some platinum gods are not necessarily better than those written by middle-level authors, but because platinum gods have fame and official recommendation bonuses, The grades are often much better than those of middle-level authors, which is a normal phenomenon.
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    I'm a normal guy, with a recently gained writing hobby. I, of course, would be delighted if you support it with your extra money that you don't know what to do with it... Well, my novel is of the cultivation genre, and it is more focused on romance. Give it a try, you may like it! Its name is "Heaven, Earth, Me"

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