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Jul 21, 2021

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Joined: Jul 21, 2021
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I'm a normal guy, with a recently gained writing hobby. I, of course, would be delighted if you support it with your extra money that you don't know what to do with it... Well, my novel is of the cultivation genre, and it is more focused on romance. Give it a try, you may like it! Its name is "Heaven, Earth, Me"

Mortrexo · · Author · May 27, 2024 Works in progress~. Public post!

Mortrexo · Author · Nov 24, 2022

No problem! clear.png

Camisetasinsueter · Nov 24, 2022

I tried to subscribe to Patreon paying USD with paypal, but I get an error. Any ideas?clear.png

Mortrexo · Author · Nov 24, 2022

If you want to become a Patreon with Paypal, you must have your bank account linked to your Paypal wallet. If you don't know how to do that, search online "link bank account to Paypal wallet" and you should find the solution rather easily.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 4, 2022

Found a funny beginning chinese novel :

Title : Anti-routine rebirth

Only 6chaps but the beginning is VERY interesting

I never expected to see again in my life the joke of :
[I guessed your plan / I guessed you guessed my plan / I guessed you guessed I guessed your plan]

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 4, 2022

Because you said you had limited free-time, so i shared this one that don't take long to fully enjoy (only the 3 chaps + just a few mins)

Mortrexo · Author · Nov 4, 2022

I will give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation!

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 3, 2022


TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 4, 2022

Wait a minute...

If you can write a prequel for Tatyana, i get the feeling you will also do one for the Sun-deity and Moon-deity. (SAO author heavy vibes incoming)

And to be honest, this idea seems more attractive compared to Tatyana's story encountering douchebag after douchebag, despite the big enjoyment of seeing a ruthless Tatyana coldly destroying lot of stuff as revenge or creating eunuch left and right.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Nov 4, 2022

But urg.....the mystery vibe of not explaining is also something good.

Because in a certain manga (too long ago), a mom character only shown in flashbacks, without being shown her entire face (eyes/top of head hidden), give a feeling of beauty and perfection.

cough 2b-blindfold > 2b-without cough

"To do, or not to do, that is the question"
-edited Shakespear-

BloodShade · Oct 21, 2022

I hope you don't get screwed on your contract be careful but I'm going to have to drop your story I have a reading disability and I use software that highlights and copies it to be able to read it to me I do not share what I copy and Wattpad does not allow that I wish you good luck.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 22, 2022

Mortrexo said "non-exclusive"

so you will be still able to access it on scribblehub

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 22, 2022

That's right! Nothing will change for the moment. I will continue uploading every page for the moment. In case something changes I will certainly inform all of you!

BloodShade · Oct 22, 2022

Thank you for letting me know my bad for misunderstanding

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 21, 2022

Wattpad has reached out to me, and I'm about to sign a NON-EXCLUSIVE contract with them! I will keep uploading to the other pages for the moment. If, and only if, I become successful (It won't probably happen) on Wattpad, I may enter an exclusivity contract with them, but anyway, I will keep all of you updated on this matter.

Hoping for all of you to continue reading my novel,
your slowly growing author,

JesGt · Oct 21, 2022

Be careful with your IP an contracts... before signing anything talk with lawyers and fellow colleagues.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 21, 2022

JesGt is right. Too easy to be fcked over by contracts.

Qidian chinese authors probably could testify as in 2020, there was a period where Tencent imposed a overlord contract. Popular authors didn't need to sign, but new ones basically had this crazy contract with lot of "pits". Lot of authors did "strikes" and some anonymously talked about it. Was resolved later luckily

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 21, 2022

Also think nega-positively that your series is quite popular/high rank in scribble while others are flopping

But quite saddening that for english writers its harder to get money compared to the writers of jp or china or even KR


There are some R18 jp webnovels getting manga adaptations, like the swords-MC getting slave harem, or the A-rank retiring in countryside in a flower village after killing dragon

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 22, 2022

Thank you both! I will be careful!

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 21, 2022

You can stop recommending, I'm contracting someone to do the cover in a month or so. I just use this one for the moment since it is the one with the best result, be it in views, the number of clicks, personal like, or anything else.

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 21, 2022

Thank you for the good intentions, though.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 21, 2022

It is not a image but a novel

Futa. Chinese author.

Very high quality. Also vanilla-rape. A/B/O.
Sweet plot.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 21, 2022

Read it ! ^^

It's ultra sweet

and probably as rare as four leaf clover
appearing in a usine-lab that clone three leaf clovers

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 6, 2022

Evelyn's illustration is half-done and it is looking as good as the rest! Look forward to it~.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

But again, it's bad luck too and the impossibility of access that restrain you

i pick some raw chinese webnovels, it's rare but this covers easily fit your aesthetics

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

Readers have limited time so they must choose carefully. And sometimes they could even read a theme they dislike by curiosity of the pretty cover

Some authors even put a not-fitting but pretty cover or a false-but-attractive summary

I also tried a novel because i seen a cover appear 40+ times among updates in the span of months

I was not disappointed and now among my favorites TOP10

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

For real though

EVEN SCRIBBLES can look better ! than the covers you get !

I seriously want to cry


TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022



humans are vision-animals

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 6, 2022

Now you are going a little bit overboard... And as I can see, all of the covers with someone are anime-style. Still, as I said. Don't worry, I'm going to be using the original cover.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

Not overboard

Crying part is true because i am sentimental / too fragile

2) Yes, scribbles can look better compared to colored pics. Some pixiv artists even make it their own way to keep doing it

3) Here more fitting covers :

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

4) Humans are vision animals, is from a chinese webnovel that luckily escaped CCP censoring long ago

Cringe title though : "History's strongest husband" (NU)

with probably the only chinese MC in chinese web-industry to only use his IQ the whole story

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

Like i said few times before, you had a buff of popularity thx to your first cover

Its like why now jp/chineses WNs use titles that nutshell plot (ex: I was reborn and live lazily) and no longer poetic ones (The sun shine)
Most People just glimpse through the screen what to pick now

Also by miracle you picked an advent-guard choice of a zoomed face

Look how attractive a cover with a face can be :

See what i mean ?

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 6, 2022

The one I previously had, Tatyana's, is going to go to another novel soon. Then, I only had Andrea's image, Angel's image, or Kali's image. I think Kali's could be interesting, but I decided on Angel's in the end. Now about your other comment about Angel being

In the genre of : "i try to look badass (or cute/beautiful) but fail horribly"

Click to expand...

I do disagree. Since Angel is a grown woman with a cute but realistic face, if it was anime-like, you would have probably liked it more.

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 6, 2022

Moreover, compared with the complete images that I reserve for Patreon, it doesn't do justice to her—The same as the others.

They are just Partial images that do not take the essence of the complete one.

Still, I know you are trying to express your honest opinion. Hence, I will consider it. Like always, thanks for your opinion.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

I disagree with your disagree clear.png (half joking half serious)

I can't check the pic anymore it's now switched but from memory the position of how she looks at viewer is one minus

Her hair "floating" is horrible fail

and her hands doing some magic at the top of the pic, is just "wtf ?" quality

because 1) it's like the artist wanted to draw it but not enough space remaining (its drawing a cool battleship but only a minipart showing in corner)
2) artist suck for the effect

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

Reply to 3rd post :

Sadly i have inability to use money on internet and limited quantity itself clear.png. One thing i always say "if i was rich, i would reward lot of people worthy"


While some people pay millions for sports cars or yacht that will accumulate dust, they could easily do better things
It can be moral kidnapping but nonetheless slightly true

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

I am back after a long while.

I think you Mortrexo are soon entering the categories of "Why !?" mysteries of Internet clear.png
(ex : shitty tagging for ALL websites, but only NU having perfect tagging, but no one copy)

My question : "Are you taken hostage by someone with a gun ?"clear.png

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

I am very very very sorry if i offend(ed) you by being so insistent on this topic of the cover but it's just that i am a fan of the novel and baffled of this ........ weirdness of events

At least its better than people that can't give useful advices or like a chinese author said : "nowadays readers drop series with any stupid reason"
without forgetting that the number of comments in most websites are falling down like crazy (cough danbooru)

Mortrexo · Author · Oct 6, 2022

The other cover is going to be used for another thing~. The current cover is Angel's image. So... Well, it is what it is.

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

I gonna upfront with you and my words gonna be harsh (sorry in advance ><) :

[Current cover suck. And it makes no sense that you use it compared to previous one. I begin to have doubts about your aethestics T~T]

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Oct 6, 2022

The quality of this cover is


cringe. Facepalm worthy.


In the genre of : "i try to look badass (or cute/beautiful) but fail horribly"

Look at this very short chapter manga to understand :

(When I Returned To My Hometown, My Childhood Friend Was Broken / manga chapter 9)

Flying hair can look good but also




if forced badly

Mortrexo · Author · Sep 29, 2022

Evelyn's sketches are already on Patreon and the poll will close tomorrow at 10:00 AM UTC+2!

Mortrexo · Author · Sep 22, 2022

Angel is done and uploaded on Patreon! Today's chapter will have the partial image on it~.

Chicktorias · Sep 22, 2022


Chicktorias · Sep 17, 2022

Love the new cover. Have a good day, or evening or night clear.png

Mortrexo · Author · Sep 18, 2022

Nice~, Remember that the complete image and others are on Patreon~.

(Shameless Promotion btw. clear.png)

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    I'm a normal guy, with a recently gained writing hobby. I, of course, would be delighted if you support it with your extra money that you don't know what to do with it... Well, my novel is of the cultivation genre, and it is more focused on romance. Give it a try, you may like it! Its name is "Heaven, Earth, Me"

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