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Mar 5, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 5, 2019
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Born in Alaska, raised in Alaska, where the nearest job is 60 miles away. Approaching 30 years old, happily married homebody diving head first into writing professionally. Looking to make friends and fans, meet artists and get feedback.

blackrockshooter · Feb 28, 2021

The cover for Apocalypse: Fairy System is awesome. Great job.clear.png

TDM · Feb 28, 2021

Just so we fans know, is WotR on "hiatus" (not currently an active project)?  I only ask because of the new story you've started.  Obviously it doesn't necessarily mean that you've dropped the project, but, I imagine it gets harder the more active stories an author has, so...

InLucidReverie · Mar 1, 2021

From what I can tell, Ravager was put on hold to start Fairy System, but this posting should just be a taste until the full story releases on Kindle like the first book. Then perhaps Sphere or Ravager might be continued.

TDM · Mar 1, 2021

Just to be clear, the implication is that your understanding is that Sphere or Ravager won't ever be completed on SH or RR; the final chapters will only be available in the finished novel (Amazon, most likely; alternatively patreon page)?

InLucidReverie · Mar 1, 2021

Nono, that's this new story, Apocalypse: Fairy System. As he says in the first chapter, this should be released as a book very soon

TDM · Feb 26, 2021

Saw that you logged in yesterday.  Your WotR fanbase is rabidly awaiting your return.

anamnai · Dec 17, 2020

Is the outer sphere on hiatus or is it dead? Also, are there any more chapters past 226: the clone wars? Maybe patreon-locked ones?

Cheetachaser · Feb 15, 2021

He stated at some point that it was dead and dropped.

Grizzly18 · Nov 20, 2020

Just want to say love Ravager and your sense of humor.

D.k.ash · Nov 19, 2020

Love wake of the ravager can u make more books with cool abilities like wake of the ravager 

D.k.ash · Jun 10, 2020

Love how u explain their abilities in wake of the ravager 

D.k.ash · Jun 10, 2020

Please make a wiki page

D.k.ash · Jun 10, 2020

I can’t stop reading clear.png clear.png

D.k.ash · Jun 10, 2020

Love your work can u make a wiki page on it

Edeol · Apr 10, 2020

Not gonna lie,liked a lot the new pic. It's certainly something I would see Calvin doing in his youth. 

But considering the content,I don't exactly reconcile the name of the story with that image and some of the the elements in the chaps(murder of childhood friends and cannibalism, lets throw some lightheartednessclear.png)....

Edeol · Apr 10, 2020

.... Don't get me wrong,I loved the mix,the style of the pic could appear in child books and you can be reading a part when some char gleefully dismember some npc clear.png.It is a rich soup of awesomeness clear.png. My point is, SOME readers will NOT read the tags and synopsis, and they'll complain that the idea in their head after seeing the pic doesn't match what YOU writer wish to convey in YOUR story... 

Edeol · Apr 10, 2020

Ps.Would love to see some other designs of your characters, didn't expect Karen to be such thicc Milf clear.pngclear.pngand sorry for my wall of text. 

bestpain · Jan 15, 2020

just wanna know the reason why The Outer Sphere was reset after chapter 100. so.. why?

Macronomicon · Author · Jan 17, 2020

Cuz the plan was always for Garth to die and come back to life as a Satan analogue plant-lich.

madpinger · Oct 14, 2019

Really enjoyed The Outer Sphere. If only I had a time machine now, to get another stack of chapters to read ! ;)

Jemini · Jun 10, 2019

Wow, congrats on getting discovered. I haven't read your material yet, but by the looks of it you've been at it for a while and only just recently got noticed in a big way. I guess this makes you the biggest winner of the change to the trending algorithm.

Macronomicon · Author · Jun 10, 2019

There was a change to the trending algorithm? I just thought it was the new cover.

Jemini · Jun 10, 2019

Well, new cover can help too. I guess it was the both of them combined. On the 4th, the trending algorithm got changed so that no series could appear on trending for 2 simultaneous days in a row. In fact, every time you appear on trending in position 9 or higher, your series gets de-ranked for 1 day so that there is no way it can get any higher than 18 on the trending list.

Jemini · Jun 10, 2019

I have noticed this has had a VERY positive impact on readers noticing other series. I have been watching a few of the series that had frequently rated in on the first and 2nd page, but never getting to the top trending list, and all of them have had their view count increase since the trending algorithm was changed. I had assumed the readers becoming more exploratory in looking at other series since the update had gotten you discovered.

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    Born in Alaska, raised in Alaska, where the nearest job is 60 miles away. Approaching 30 years old, happily married homebody diving head first into writing professionally. Looking to make friends and fans, meet artists and get feedback.

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