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Mar 5, 2019

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Joined: Mar 5, 2019
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I write stuff mostly because I can fangirl over it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lukha · Author · 1 hour ago
Hmm, I've been wondering if I should include a glossary and have like a breakdown of the families and their relationships. There's a bit that might be spoiling to people who aren't caught up yet, so I'm unsure of how to break it down. For now, I'll have to think about it, but I will probably eventually get a glossary in for the families since there's lots of people to remember.
flucket · 1 hour ago
Don't worry, you can include spoiler breaks in your glossary entries, so you can just write the basics of the character and then put in the relevant plot points that are potential spoilers underneath a spoiler break.
Lukha · Author · 1 hour ago
Ooooh, didn't know I could do that. Thanks bb ^^
in_awe · Apr 16, 2019
I found you. Keep up the good work
Lukha · Author · Apr 16, 2019
Fufu, thanks! ^^
Lukha · Author · Apr 12, 2019
Sorry guys! I tried to finish a chapter in time to release by today, but I’m going to be occupied with moving for the next two days. There will not be a release today, but chapters will resume like normal on Monday! Thank you!
Attilde235 · Apr 13, 2019
That’s okay, good luck with moving!
Lukha · Author · Apr 13, 2019
Thanks! ^^
Lukha · Author · Apr 10, 2019
Hi guys! Here's an update for WDfR! Due to an increased workload this week, I was unable to get caught up in my writing on time! Therefore, I won't be able to release Chapter 15 until late Wednesday night. If you're eager for a little bit of what I have written so far, head on over to NUF to check out the half-chapter I've posted!
Lukha · Author · Apr 1, 2019
Regular updates for WDfR are now Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @7am Eastern Time Zone! Hope you guys enjoy the new chapter!
Attilde235 · Apr 1, 2019
Thank you for the new update schedule!
Lukha · Author · Mar 28, 2019
So, I've been curious as to what my word count has been compared to other novels, and I noticed that my average word count per chapter is almost twice as much as most other novels. =v=;; Been thinking about maybe cutting my chapters in half so I can get more content and chapters out while still writing the same amount every day... Hmmmmmmm.
candrakirana · Mar 30, 2019
Actually I like your word count. If it's short like the other web novels, it would not be that satisfying as the context sometimes is missing.
Lukha · Author · Mar 30, 2019
Yeah, that’s what I’ve decided too! I’m probably going to keep my word count the same! It would feel a little dissatisfying to cut my usual chapters in half all the time. Thanks for your opinion though! I like to take my reader’s views into account!
Lukha · Author · Mar 28, 2019
Woofta, managed to crank out one chapter today because I didn't have work today, but let's see if I can crank out another chapter or at least half of one!
Lukha · Author · Mar 27, 2019
Okay, the writing craze has come and gone. Now, let's just hope I don't fall into a writer's block ToT
Lukha · Author · Mar 25, 2019
Lukha · Author · Mar 24, 2019
I'm on a writing craze, hu-ha! I've honestly been thinking a lot about WDfR before I sleep because the plot is picking up and I can't WAIT for you guys to read what I have in store for y'all. Fufu.
flucket · Mar 25, 2019
I know how you feel! It's tough to overcome that hump at the beginning when it's all scene setting and stuff, but then you hit the exciting parts and end up going WRITING CRAZY! I'm that point with my story too, at last, 11 chapters in... hahaha.

Either way, I cannot wait to see what happens in WDfR, you've knocked every single chapter and twisty turn plot point out of the park so hearing that it's only going to pick up from here is... exciting. >83c
Lukha · Author · Mar 25, 2019
Yeah, definitely! When the plot starts rollin', it's like the words are writing themselves sometimes. It's nuts. But I'm happy you've stuck with me through all the trials and tribulations of creating WDfR initially. ToT

HNNNG but it's nice to hear that you have more chapters lined up so I can get summa dat action on bb Baxter. He's such a cutie (both in-game and irl)!
Lukha · Author · Mar 20, 2019
Honestly, I don't know WHY I'm trying to write something else when I still have so much to write for Wangfei's Desire for Revenge. But I've just been ITCHING to write some BL, so a little short story won't hurt. I'll still be cranking out a chapter for WDfR later this week!
Lukha · Author · Mar 15, 2019
Hi, I'm kind of a crazy cat lady, but only kind of. Because I love my cats and want the world to know about them, I've uploaded a small short collection thing that'll feature their everyday antics or stories of things they've done. It'll be a casual thing. And you'll get to see pictures of cute cats! Who doesn't love cute cats!? (fite me)
Lukha · Author · Mar 15, 2019
Oh wait, it's not showing up in my series for some reason :o oh well here it is
Lukha · Author · Mar 15, 2019
Guess who's sick in bed and has time to write? This gal! Hopefully I can dish out a chapter today (and since I'm sort of bedridden, I'll have lots of time to write) and maybe get another chapter out tomorrow too! Or at least a partial on Novelupdates.
flucket · Mar 16, 2019
Eee, hope it's nothing too serious. Get well soon!
Lukha · Author · Mar 12, 2019
So irl stuff is going crazy, so I'll try to pop out another chapter this Saturday! I'm thinking of making Saturdays my regular release days (sorry I know they've been infrequent!). Thanks so much for loving Su Jing Fei and Wangfei's Desire for Revenge!
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    I write stuff mostly because I can fangirl over it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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