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Jan 1, 2019

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Joined: Jan 1, 2019
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CupcakeNinja · Author · Jul 13, 2019
Personally I wish my story was always on trending. For no other reason than to save me the precious seconds it takes to get to the story page when it's not. Now that's next level laziness right there, eh?
Hexwolfx · Jul 13, 2019
bookmark the page in your browser
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jul 13, 2019
I opted just for keeping open a tab. Laziness shows you the way every time, I suppose.
Renji_Yu · Mar 24, 2019
If I may add a suggestion, why not flesh out the story of the game so you can set limits and draw from events that happens in it? It's easier for you to look at notes and stories that you wrote down then to try to come up with something new on the spot. Also you can add things later if you need to.
CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 26, 2019
actually thats a good idea. Problem is the freedom of the game's world. After a certain point it'll diverge from a set path, and it is even now with Damien bulldozing his way through everything. But i finally am working on a version of the next chapter im liking and really after this one i can start fleshing out the world itself a bit more. I really didnt expect me to haveso much trouble with it. Going on a month since last chapter, right? Terrible.
Renji_Yu · Mar 20, 2019
Oh...I'm sorry, that was insensitive of me. Sorry. But Thank you CupcakeNInja. Also, looking forward to it. Thank you.
CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 21, 2019
nah its cool you couldnt have known. Also damn the chapter's taking longer than i thought, i must've rewrote it ten times by now. Just, you know, not sure if i should release it as one chapter or make several side stories. I'm writing a bit from perspectives other than damien in this one as an experiment since i wanna see how third person limited works with the story. Just cuz thats what im used to and i've had writers block and want to use this as a way to renew my creative juices.
Renji_Yu · Mar 17, 2019
Author-sama, please come back. It's been too long.......Please...........Ponyo!
CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 18, 2019
Sorry, i had some family troubles that pelted me one after another so i had to deal with that, then writers block, so i've been gone a while. Also i plan to release another chapter within the next day or two, along with a new story to release. Its more of a fan fiction or rewrite since im not the original writer but while its got a different tone and writing style i think a lot of people will like it.
King.J.Elias · Jan 29, 2019
Please do! I am always looking for something good to read and if the novel has your attention, it is worth a shot!
So in short, please let me!
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 29, 2019
aight then
King.J.Elias · Jan 29, 2019
Did you write anything else other than this novel? And if yes, where can I find them?
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 29, 2019
No but a while ago i did rewrite a story from a guy whose own stories i liked. He dropped them suddenly but I PM'd him and he said he didnt mind if someone continued them so i ended up taking one and rewriting up to like i dunno maybe 20 chapters? I never actually published them though and they've been sitting in my drafts for months. I've been wondering ever since i started this novel if i should just go ahead and bring that one out too.
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 29, 2019
Maybe I can send you a draft and see if people would be interested? Its a pretty different tone from the story im currently writing tho. Bit more serious.
AMissingLinguist · Jan 14, 2019
It's nice to see you're still alive. I can't wait to read your story, though I don't know what to expect. :D
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 14, 2019
so long as there still bums to be touched, i will never truly disappear. Also its great to see you not sad or angry all the time now.
AMissingLinguist · Jan 14, 2019
Read your story backwards. Whoops. (It was still entertaining, but in a different way.)
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 14, 2019
Yeah there isnt chapter numbers i dont think so it can get a bit confusing since i only added a title.
Ruyue · Jan 12, 2019
Damn for a second I really thought that was michael Vsauce there....
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 13, 2019
it is. But the Chad version
mrawesome69 · Jan 12, 2019
I forgot how good you can write. Can't wait for some smut to come
DemonicPoring · Jan 12, 2019
Congrats. I really like your novel.

Note : for some reason every times I see your picture, I remember the dude from Brazzers (porn)
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 12, 2019
thats cuz he is. Johnny's my spirit animal, my friend, and my role model. He was there for me when no one else was.
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 10, 2019
now people can call me Cupcake-sensei. And i dont even need a FBI badge anymore. My face is my license
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 10, 2019
Damn. I woulda looked for it again if i didnt already have good ol Johnny boi already. Maybe some other time
Ophious · Jan 10, 2019
Use it in the forums?
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 10, 2019
Maybe yeah. I'll look for it. Pretty sure i remember it mostly now. It was from hentalia or whatever its called. Sure i can find it again
Nahrenne · Jan 11, 2019
*huggles you both*
Lovely · Jan 9, 2019
congratz cupcake!
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 9, 2019
if you really wanted to congratulate me, you'd send bobs and vegana
Lovely · Jan 10, 2019
send later your address. so they know where to go
Ophious · Jan 7, 2019
Congrats on being in the top 10 trending, you once again captured the hearts of many~ Good luck writing!
Nahrenne · Jan 8, 2019
Ophious · Jan 8, 2019
Can you atleast state who's pov you're gonna write at the beginning since it's confusing a little also jumping around and switching the pov was a little annoying to be honest...
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 8, 2019
I know but they were some of the more important characters and they were both there so i figured why not? But lets be real, if i stuck to third person which is what im best at it wouldn't have been so jarring. I said it before but im limited in first person. Switching POV doesnt mesh as well, but then again third person doesnt offer the same level of immersion either. I think one day i'll write one chapter in all third person and ask which the readers like better.
Ophious · Jan 8, 2019
Well there's a latest chapter discussion thread for it already so you can go on the forum and check it from time to time for feed back I guess
mrsimple · Jan 4, 2019
Just curious, is it bad that I had thought of a similar concept as your story, only the protagonist was reincarnated as the villainess? Just like your story, there is a divergence in the interest toward the rivaling main love interest.

Unlike your story, it wasn't a game, but a romance novel. Yeah, anyways, is it okay if I wrote something that would be close to your synopsis. I promise they won't be the same story. ;)
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 4, 2019
go ahead fam, those kinda novels are popular. And i dont mind at all, hell you can just copy-paste and edit a bit for all i care. Just lemme know when you write the smut. For every great romance novels needs smut. Shit i'll even help ya with it if you want. Ask around, thats my real specialty.
mrsimple · Jan 4, 2019
lol, I'll keep that in mind. Lemme write something up, and when the first chapter is done, I'll letcha be the first to check it out. Sound good? :D
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 4, 2019
sounds great mah dude. Lookin' forward to it, cuz you know ya boi here loves him some fluffy romance.
ALittleBigBaldy · Jan 2, 2019
You beautifully perverted hoe you!
ALittleBigBaldy · Jan 2, 2019
Good to see you're still in tune with yourself
CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 3, 2019
tony gotta implement the Like system here, how else will we know a person read our comment? or we read others'?
ALittleBigBaldy · Jan 3, 2019
No idea, but it would be great
AMissingLinguist · Jan 14, 2019
+1 to @CupcakeNinja's idea.
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