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Jan 1, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 1, 2019
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ohmyriley · Apr 14, 2021

Yo cuppo, can get on discord when you can? Something I need to show you

Hazery · Apr 12, 2021

Been a while since i've check Scribblehub and Novelupdates and didn't expect that you keep churning about sibling incest series.... Nice work manclear.png

Maydae010401 · Apr 10, 2021

Hey y'all remember Yandere System? Man that was a good story, ticked a lot of my boxes honestly, too bad the guy who wrote is a filthy liar who lies, and gets off on his readers broken hopes and dreams, probably uses our tears as lube the bastardclear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Apr 12, 2021

I was actually working on the next chapter last night and was gonna finish it tonight. But my pc is dead rn. So its gonna be a. It longer.

xinneth · Apr 7, 2021

I'll shooot you if you don't update "sibling by day lovers by night"!! I want lot's of steamy chaps....... wahhhclear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Apr 7, 2021

Oh snap I forgot about that. Lol. Uh sorry. 

xinneth · Apr 7, 2021

@CupcakeNinja LOOOL so it is true you have to be reminded.... so you're a masochist? Not bad! Or I may be the masochist... cause you have me checking in, to see if you updated, 4 to 5 times a day sooo yeaaaaaa

CupcakeNinja · Author · Apr 7, 2021

Well fuck. Sorry man. My computer is just ass right now so it freezes alot. Hence my unwillingness to write more lol. It gets frustrating.  Anyway I'm updating the operating system from windows 7 to 10, see if that helps. May install a solid state drive too later since that's cheaper than buying a new laptop. Then we'll see if it can handle google docs without freezing so often. 



I'm alive! Are you alive?

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 23, 2021

yeah. Sorry i just gotta get two chapters out. one for lovers by night, then that new novel I made...then mstv. Im almost done with one. Uh. Sorry for being a scummy author who cant keep his promises clear.pngclear.png but I'm not dead yet~! clear.png 


You didn't get my reference...

P. S., I think it'd be funny if Day also has the blood of an Orc, he could then go shouting Bul'tar wherever he goes. 

P.S.S., are you continuing lovers by night?

P.S.S.S., I knew you were scummy but I'd forgive you since you seem like a lost cause. _sigh_ 

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 23, 2021

i am continuing it yeah. Also where is that reference from? i did think it sounded familiar but I haven't seen or read anything with orcs for years that wasn't some isekai novel


It's from [Praise the Orc!]. A good one, that. Tho it doesn't have much madness and chaos, the theme is pretty interesting. 

ohmyriley · Mar 20, 2021

*nags you about that alt chap so you don’t forget*clear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 18, 2021

Remember to keep your nails trim before you go fingering your girl, people. She dont need no nicks in her pussy.

ViniPaiva25 · Mar 18, 2021

Don’t use your nails to finger girls!

tenebrisFishTaco · Mar 18, 2021

dont use pussies to finger nails

FacelessBoy · Mar 19, 2021

aight, speaking from experience mate? noted

Wyrry · Mar 21, 2021

what a lesbian do to prevent that?

Serpent_Seda · Mar 14, 2021

YOO I can't find MSTV on amazon, and I am sad. Halp

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 14, 2021

You can provably find it on a pirate site. I took it down on amazon cuz i couldnt get my royalties due to an issue with my bank

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 14, 2021

Just google the title

Serpent_Seda · Mar 14, 2021

thx dude

ViniPaiva25 · Mar 14, 2021

Have to find a way through it

Pj23 · Mar 8, 2021

Boobity boop boop, i need updates, boobity boop boop, peace out.

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 8, 2021

for which story, specifically? because i need someone to keep on nagging me to make chapters. Like seriously. i don't do well without someone being mean to me and telling me to get off my lazy ass and make chapters

Pj23 · Mar 9, 2021

It was updated very resently so you dont really have to update it really. I wanted villaness alternate it ended in a very nice point. I mostly nagged you cuz i was bored and also wanted to show some support.

blackrockshooter · Feb 27, 2021

You're alive!

ViniPaiva25 · Feb 25, 2021

Just a bottoms up for everyone!

@CupcakeNinja is making a new novel based on a request of mine! XD

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 25, 2021

Yeah speaking of I'll  create the story today. At least the page

ViniPaiva25 · Feb 25, 2021



For my dear @CupcakeNinja


Did you really read that till the end? Be honest. I promise I won't get angry. (As if.)


If you really read that, tell me your opinion on it.


CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 7, 2021

Lol bro you is gots some problems and i think im most likely 99% of them. But yeah. I read it. Haha. Anyway yeah i have no pc right now as of like a few days since the last update of mstv. Maybe i can get one in the next couple weekz then i will keep the promise to update faster

AddicitveReader · Feb 5, 2021

Where can I read MSTV besides from play google?

AddicitveReader · Feb 6, 2021

I so far read it at but it's not that organized and it confused me when I tried to continue on here

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 6, 2021

Just google the title

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 6, 2021

There are other places. You just gotta look

ViniPaiva25 · Feb 3, 2021

Do you have Discord?

ohmyriley · Feb 3, 2021

We gots a discord server



Are you continuing MSTV V2? I don't plan to pressure you but I'm missing the feel and curious about the next plot. 

CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 31, 2021

I am but my laptop is fucked. All i have is my phone. I actually have considered just writing the chapter using that since they are care shorter chapters now. Its just that without a laptop writing is so damn tedious

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