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Jan 1, 2019

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Joined: Jan 1, 2019
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CautiousTitan · Jul 29, 2020

You might be one of the funniest people on the forums lol.

CupcakeNinja · Author · Jul 29, 2020

Thanks mate. 

 But i find that "might" mighty offensive. 

Takler21 · Jul 28, 2020

The yandere story looks cool, but there's still few chapters to know how it would be, but I have trust in you, until now you never disappointed me, keep going!

Kekw · Jul 14, 2020

Bitch go update the alternate already clear.png

Kagetokage · Jul 5, 2020

So, do the chapters of MSTV: Alternate have anything different about them?  Because I'm on chapter 2 and this is the same as the regular version (just without the prologue).

Kagetokage · Jul 5, 2020

Thanks!  I didn't want to read 14 chapters only to realize I could've just been re-reading the original version.

Kagetokage · Jul 6, 2020

I will say though, without the prologue and Charlotte's POV chapter, there are gaps in the story.

While I can fill those gaps in (due to reading the original) it does disrupt the reading experience.  The gap from chapter 4 (Prince's POV), which is before the tea party, to chapter 5 (post-tea party), which focuses on Damien's monologue that references events from both the prologue & tea party, is quite annoying to read.

CupcakeNinja · Author · Jul 6, 2020

Hm well i can add them later on then. I didnt read those chapters for a long time zo i just remembered charlottes was a kinda recap. Or rather, Damien 's was the recap...iirc. Huh. Okay so yeah i will have to add Charlotte's pov chapter definitely. 

Kagetokage · Jul 6, 2020


I find that Chapter 1 does well even without the prologue.  But I believe the scene where Damien's mother & sister sell his free time, while the father bets on his fights, is in the prologue.  This scene is also referenced in Damien's recap chapter.

Not a big deal, just wanted to point that out.

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 5, 2020

clear.png A new story apparently. Will it end in the same kind of derailing train wreck?

CupcakeNinja · Author · Jul 5, 2020

I do be spoutin' TRUTHS over in the forums, yep. Hehe. 

I dunno about doing better tho. I dont worry about that personally. I do, however, try to write stuff i myself would read. In a way i would like to read it. But the stories i make are wildly different between each of them in tone and style and are meant to be for different audiences. Written for when i have an itch to write that kinda story. You know? I get bored writing only one kind of thing

Assurbanipal_II · Jul 5, 2020

Hmmmm.clear.pngSo you can change styles? I am slightly envious.

So far I have written only two stories and changing style based on the setting comes difficult to me, but maybe that is because my plot is usually serious like my sister the villainess should have been in a parallel universe where the synopsis was not trolling.

CupcakeNinja · Author · Jul 5, 2020

Hm. Well just use examples of other authors. Read enough stories and you notice patterns. You can copy them then. Tho for some styles you need a good vocabulary, and know when to use it. 

Changing writing styles isnt very hard when you base it off of other things you've read. For example, MSTV is a isekai novel, i just got high when writing it. My Siblings By Day novel is a smut novel. I've read enough of those to know how they look like, how they are written.


CupcakeNinja · Author · Jul 5, 2020

Since they are all so different in genre and characters they are easier to write in different styles. Cuz they stand out. Im not confused and mixing up their settings or characters' personalities. If you have trouble changing styles, maybe its just cuz you sre reading too much of one kind of novel? So just start reading western novels, like Game of Thrones for example. See the difference in styles

Takler21 · Apr 28, 2020

There will be some release soon of Siblings By Day, Lovers By Night? I only want to now, if not ok, also i love My Sister The Villainess! go on and thanks you for let us enjoy your stories!clear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Apr 28, 2020

There will prolly tomorrow. Cuz i was gonna do it today but i have to do an MSTV one too amd i just got back from outta town so imma sleep for a while and get mstv's done first

marcus-beta · Apr 18, 2020

Can't you update the character glossary of the "My Sister The Villainess
I give a pause reading, and now I want return, but I'm very lost, who in the hell is mira? is the succubus child?

CupcakeNinja · Author · Apr 18, 2020

I will update it sometime, yeah. Anyways Mira is the daughter of the Fae Queen. She thinks of Day as a father because since young her mother has told her that she, the mother, will marry Day someday.

The succubus is Evie

Jmills1999 · Mar 31, 2020

Dude you need to add an 'adult' or 'mature' tag to your otome game story because it's too racy

I still love it thoughclear.png..... just thought I tell you that your tags really misrepresents your story for first time readersclear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 31, 2020

Well thats cuz it all happens in the later chapters. See thats also why i added the Seinen tag(i did add that...right?) since thats like an age group thing targeted towards older audiences. I should prolly add some custome tags like other authors tho. Some specifics about the content, yeah? I didnt before just cuz that stuff doesn't happen often so i was kinda unsure about adding it in. 

Jmills1999 · Mar 31, 2020

It's all good just thought I should tell you so that people who actually like series with mature/adult situations like yours won't skip over your series since it's missing some 'tags' 

Also I don't think seinen does it enough justice since even in the beginning the MC had a pretty dirty mind

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 31, 2020

true, true. They would certainly get misled by the cover if nothing else. Haha. i actually kinda like that though. People can take a look at it and think, "oh this is prolly gonna be so cute~"  then BAM. Drugs, incest and writing "Simba" on women's foreheads with jizz. 

Builder · Mar 3, 2020

Dude, I really enjoy your style of writing, especially for MSTV. You're amazing, keep up the awesome work!

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 4, 2020

Thanks, man. The last chapter for the volume is coming up soon too, next chapter actually, then imma see if i can post it to KDP and Google play. Hopefully goes well. Heh. Might need the extra money right now cuz my internet doesnt work currently and fixing everything is expensive. Need to repair my house's wiring and then have a new phone jack installed. Tho i was planning to finish with this chapter anyway so it does work out, haha. 

Zxuan · Feb 28, 2020

autor ya murio Mi hermana el villainess?

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 28, 2020

I aint dead. Gonna release prolly two chapters soon. 

Zxuan · Feb 28, 2020

ok gracias.

Das · Feb 12, 2020


Renji_Yu · Jan 21, 2020

.....Author-sama. What do you do if a character you grown attached to dies? What do you do when they failed to save what they sought to protect? What do you do if all hope is lost, when even the MC cannot save the day, and everything ends? What do you when there is no happy ending? When all that you've come to love is dead or destroyed? 

Renji_Yu · Jan 22, 2020

No, I just went through the experience that is the Masadaverse. 

CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 28, 2020

Heck dude that stuff IS insane. 

Also soon enough. Gonna work on it after next chapter of MSTV which will be done by today sometime

Renji_Yu · Jan 28, 2020

@CupcakeNinja. Thank you....Thank you.....Ren Fuji.....didn't die for nothing.

Renji_Yu · Jan 29, 2020


G.L.A.S.T.I.V.A. · Dec 18, 2019

Tick, tock.




jk, but please update Azure king when given the opportunity,  thx. T^T


G.L.A.S.T.I.V.A. · Jan 28, 2020

Knowing the struggles of being an aspiring author, I understand if you are becoming somewhat distracted.


As per our agreement, I am reminding you of the possibility of another chapter for Azure King.

Please don't let it die!

G.L.A.S.T.I.V.A. · Feb 10, 2020

Author-sama, will I have to program a bot that reminds you every 7 days...?clear.pngclear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 10, 2020

Actually i was thinking putting it on hold until the volume for MSTV is done. Dunno. Maybe.

G.L.A.S.T.I.V.A. · Feb 12, 2020

Oh, that's fine. Good luck! ;)

G.L.A.S.T.I.V.A. · Dec 10, 2019

Is Azure King dead....? Sure hope not. It's a really good series, y'know? clear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Dec 10, 2019

Oh yeah. Nah. I'll get to Yeah. Today. Believe it!

CupcakeNinja · Author · Dec 12, 2019

so i guess i lied. But i will get to it within the next 24hrs. Just procrastinated then hurried with the chapter of MSTV last minute

ohmyriley · Sep 8, 2019

A chap for villainess... I... need one... dying from starvation... (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)(༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)(༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)(༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)

CupcakeNinja · Author · Sep 8, 2019

It'll be out today. Gonna be PRETTY long. Also a Dolly chapter gonna come after. Or maybe a chapter after.

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