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Jan 1, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 1, 2019
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ItsFrog · Jun 4, 2023

How goes the next chapter?

Mihanya2 · Oct 24, 2022

been so long since you posted a chapter, when will you post again exactly?

CupcakeNinja · Author · Oct 25, 2022

Another week or two probably. Was easier to write before my kid could walk and wasnt so attached to me. Between her and work I just neglected writing and then the screen broke so i couldnt even if i wanted. Waiting for a mew one to be delivered. 

Cheetachaser · Mar 29, 2023

Yeah, mine is also now walking, and taking things apart... -.- Mechanically enclined children are a bit...

Congrats, though! Enjoy! It's fun isn't it? clear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 30, 2023

its fun but exhausting, she wants to do EVERYTHING with me or wants me to do everything she does and starts crying if i dont and 99% of the time she dont want anyone else. And every day i dont write makes it harder to get back to it. I've already forgotten stuff...just not enough hours in the day, man.  But fuck it i'm give it a go for real this time.

Cheetachaser · Mar 30, 2023

Notes. Carry a small notebook. I tell everyone that writes the same thing that Robert Jordan told me. 'Notes. Write everything down, even if it seems unimportant.'

Slime2022 · May 31, 2022

clear.pngMy Sister The Villainess

IS a

piece of work

Cocolarge · Apr 10, 2022

Are You going to be back soon

CupcakeNinja · Author · Apr 10, 2022

maybe another month or two. one of my fingernails came off so its got to heal. takes me a  long time to type with one hand.

before that it was just me having writers phobia where i go too long without writing and start developing an aversion to it.

Haruto · Mar 7, 2022

Sup mate, been so long since you posted a chapter, when will you post again exactly?clear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Mar 7, 2022

you know, fine. I'll post one. I've gotten used to my new space keys by now anyway

CadmarLegend · Feb 18, 2022

Whoa, your readers are worried after not writing for 10 days... mine have already given up after almost a year...

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 18, 2022

well they lasted a year tho

Builder · Feb 17, 2022

Hey dude, been 10 days since an update, hope you're doing alright.clear.png

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 17, 2022

I'm fine but I'm being a finicky cunt about writing cuz my laptop's space bar is fucked so I remapped it to another button and it just isnt the same but I'm getting it done slowly. I'm tryna update several novels and release the chapters at the same time

Ryuujisan · Feb 6, 2022

Volume 2 is droped/hiatus ?

CupcakeNinja · Author · Feb 6, 2022

hiatus. Probably another couple weeks, maybe less. i usually put novels on hiatus when no one asks about them, so i put them off and then just forget

Haruto · Feb 2, 2022

Yo... You running away or somethin'?


Haruto · Jan 29, 2022

Ahem, I request a chapter.clear.png

Haruto · Jan 15, 2022

Yo, where's that chapter at?

CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 15, 2022

I'll post it sometime today. Kinda busy today gotta unclog a toilet for a friend. I keep telling that cunt to not flush wipes and the bitch dont listen. 

Haruto · Jan 4, 2022

please do release another chapter for MSTVA soon :)


CupcakeNinja · Author · Jan 4, 2022

No u

Haruto · Jan 4, 2022

no u, i don't have the privilage

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