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Famous Author
Aug 5, 2021

Famous Author
Joined: Aug 5, 2021
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I like to write, and I hope you like what I write...

Axeron · Sep 2, 2023

Beautiful writing, thanks for novels!

GreenRiver · Jul 3, 2023

Just wanted to say, I was (am?) a fan of Hey, Why Are My Skills so Weird!?.  Real life can really wreck hobbies, but I'm hoping you'll continue it.

nib · Jun 30, 2023

you are missed would like some commutation if you can.

ghostphoenix · Apr 6, 2023

Author-sama, where are you? Are you still alive? 

Radiad · Mar 2, 2023

Author update "my skill are so weird" plzzzz


Void_Lord · Jan 28, 2023

Will you update my skill are so weird?

kav · Jan 28, 2023

hope you don't ditch scribble hub for the m.webnovel app

Scribble hub works with the Google go play button ( ( > ) ) 99% of the time

The webnovel audio reader sounds horrible and rarely work's 

kav · Jan 1, 2023

hope that your okay and happy new year 

kav · Nov 30, 2022


(+2) chapters unlocked

( Proof of Life obtained)

❤️🎶 Celebration come on we're going to celebrate 🎶❤️

kav · Nov 30, 2022

Aw I can't keep smashing 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and have it count 

It could be worse

For a mild chuckle serch limit breaker on manga clash and look at the bugged math equation that is the score of the five star rating system

kav · Nov 30, 2022

Chapter ⭐105⭐

(Wondering if you're ok it's still 105🤔)

Anime12 · Nov 4, 2022

More chapters yay thank you for returning I love you

Anime12 · Nov 4, 2022

Oh my God you're alive please tell me you're upload more often now

Anime12 · Aug 28, 2022

Sorry for bothering you but when we upload new chapters we've been stuck at chapter 95 for a while PS love your work my skills are weird is one of my favorite novels keep up the good work and stay healthy

Caprice · Apr 25, 2022

Did you die again?

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    I like to write, and I hope you like what I write...

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