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Rising Author
Aug 8, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Aug 8, 2021
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LESTAT85 · Aug 27, 2023

Жаль прод давно нет :( А я все захожу и проверяю будет ли продолжение "Другой я"

Unknown4534 · Oct 20, 2023

Same. Great series 

BlwnGazkit · Jul 4, 2023

Any updates coming?

mitkopom · Feb 8, 2023

Hello Eros, I am a big fan of your story. I was so excited when I was reading so it inspired me to write my own intake of the gender-bender genre. Unfortunately  I am not a native English speaker and my amateur story suffers the consequences of a unnatural narration flow.  I am asking you, NO I am begging you to help me for editing the first 10 chapters. Will you spare an hour or two to give me a hand???

Eros · Author · Feb 10, 2023

in all seriousness, I am not the best editor.  And while I do not mind, I work around 17 hours a day, so I really don't have time. I'm not sure if it will help but I use a text to voice app to listen to mine and that catches a lot of the mistakes and spelling errors

Leebuk2 · Jan 9, 2023

The porn aspect of the story is not what I’m looking for. It’s nice you put it in there and the storyline is what I am liking the most about it

Eros · Author · Jan 9, 2023

I try to start those chapters so everybody can read what they like. After the last chapters it'll be five or six chapters of story. Then one or two porn...  and so on

Mynamejeff · Nov 23, 2021

When's the next chapter coming?

Eros · Author · Nov 23, 2021

after thanksgiving 

Mynamejeff · Dec 8, 2021

Is thanksgiving over yet?

Eros · Author · Dec 9, 2021

yes but ... ummm about that. I'm giving up on the porn aspect 

Mynamejeff · Oct 18, 2021

Any updates on the rewrite?

Eros · Author · Oct 18, 2021

work in progress but I think I figured out how to not have him become too OP in a few chapters which was the major issue. Now that I have that I can make some changes (work permitting) and start it up again

grik1 · Oct 17, 2021

Wszystko zostało usunięte? 

Eros · Author · Oct 18, 2021

Tak, przepisuję, a następnie publikuję go ponownie

DocB · Oct 15, 2021

clear.pngWhat happened?clear.png

Eros · Author · Oct 18, 2021

I needed to rewrite the book. The ML is becoming too OP too quickly so I need to fix it before moving on 

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