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Mar 8, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Mar 8, 2019
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Asymmetrical-realities · Nov 28, 2020

is fantasia done?

unice5656 · Author · Dec 5, 2020

Not even close.

Asheigha · Jun 19, 2020

Question: Is Fantasia the work of 2 people?

There are many foot notes and sly comments (snark), that always give me a good laugh. However, the wording of some of them make it seem like they're written by someone other than the author. Curious as to what the answer is. 

Love the series btw. Hands down my favorite on Scribblehub, the humor making up for the upload schedule. clear.png

unice5656 · Author · Jun 17, 2021

Sorry! I was somehow under the impression that I'd answered this before but scrolling down my messages I clearly haven't. Fantasia is the work of just me, but I enjoy layers of meta-humour and have no problems making fun of myself when appropriate.

pandaviking · Dec 16, 2019

Will you ever move eternas' source over from royalroad? It kind of sucks having to check several sites...

unice5656 · Author · Dec 16, 2019

Haha, I definitely could. I haven't bothered because there are so few chapters and it's not particularly in flavour compared to the popular stories here, but if I'll start if there are people here who don't want to go on RR.

FireflyFanatic · Dec 5, 2019

Is Fantasia on hiatus?

unice5656 · Author · Dec 12, 2019

No, but I write really slowly, so it might feel that way.

FireflyFanatic · Dec 12, 2019

Good to know, and thanks for the story. It’s really good.

Bilagaana · Apr 12, 2019

Are you editing / modifying Fantasia when you move it to SH? Basically, should I re-read it?

unice5656 · Author · Apr 13, 2019

I'm adding titles and making occasional minor tweaks to the wording, but the story is not materially changing.

DaoFox · Mar 17, 2019

Welcome to SH :3

glad to see such a great storyteller joining us.

unice5656 · Author · Mar 17, 2019

Thanks :)

Ddraig · Mar 17, 2019

Fantasia is here yay!!

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