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Jan 2, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 2, 2019
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Help · 13 hours ago
Just a question, how does the romance/sex-life work in Ero Dungeon? I saw one review talk about how the MC gives his females away and sometimes masturbating at the side, rather than cherishing and treasuring them (unless the review is on another series that caught my eye).

Is this true, or is it only the first few chapters? I don't want to read NTR, no matter how willing the three sides are (unless it's the MC NTR'ing and the original guy is a dip).
FireflyFanatic · Aug 8, 2019
Wow. Three of your series are on the top ten trending at once. That’s impressive.
Ace_Arriande · Author · Aug 8, 2019
There used to be four up at once before the system got changed > : ^ )
potanx · Jul 2, 2019
i see people message here all praise praise and praise
so i make an account just to tell

keep the good work and
i hate you.(you give a vibe like med(mad?) snail, all the work good but ended either rushed, hiatus or become 1chap./undefinite time which is possible i die first before the story reach real end/statisfying end)

good bye

BoredReader · Jun 28, 2019
I hope you keep posting ik it's hard and all but your writing is different imo and it's refreshing looking forward to more series from you
Renji_Yu · Jun 19, 2019
How do you write so many stories? I have trouble writing one Chapter.
Ace_Arriande · Author · Jun 19, 2019
1. I do this as a job, so I have the time + pressure to get things done.
2. I just really, really love writing and have way more stories that I want to write than I can. I have the outlines for 3 more series done already and have ideas for about 10 more at least.
I wish I had even more time so I could write even more.
Jwright997 · May 14, 2019
Just found your stories, I’m loving the volcanic dungeon so far!
Ace_Arriande · Author · May 12, 2019
owo what's this?
New story. Dungeon core MC. Feel free to go read it. Will be dumping the rest of the 40+ chapters or so that I've got done sometime soon(tm). Patreon is 10 chapters ahead (post-chapter-dump) like usual.
Ururrak · Apr 13, 2019
... You have corrupted me... While playing DnD this week, we were fighting a creature that kept attacking us with tentacles, and when I finally killed it, all I could think was "the only good tentacles are consentacles"...
Ace_Arriande · Author · Apr 14, 2019
You mean I have shown you the way.
Consentacles are the bestacles.
Alverost · Apr 10, 2019
You really killing it with the covers
FriendlyDragon · Apr 6, 2019
That new cover is nice~ Do you have a version without the words? I want to download. >w<
Ace_Arriande · Author · Apr 6, 2019
I do, but alas, that is classified material. Also, I'm lazy.
FriendlyDragon · Apr 6, 2019
HonestMistake · Apr 6, 2019
Love the new Ero Dungeon cover! It looks really good!
Ace_Arriande · Author · Apr 6, 2019
Relhak · Apr 3, 2019
God damn, I'm impressed! You're writing 3 of my favorite stories, and I didn't know until I visited your Patreon. Shit. Keep it up!
Ace_Arriande · Author · Apr 6, 2019
Dragoncore · Mar 30, 2019
I've read more than a hundred story and i rarely find strory like yours even in my native language (French). I literally lost my notions of time. I can't wait your next chapter. I can't find volcanic dungeon normal or bug?
Ace_Arriande · Author · Apr 6, 2019
Volcanic Dungeon isn't up here on SH yet. I'm waiting until it has its cover done before bringing it over.
DKofDarknessflame1 · Mar 28, 2019
I love the Queen's Hound but Kalanah is very irritating any chance she will become more sociable and less dark in the future or at least leave MC alone
Mri_kel · Mar 8, 2019
Hey, the problem with being up to date on your stories is the waiting for more. Since I sadly don't have the disposable income to help you out as a patron, I was wondering which site would benefit you the most if I read your stories there?
Ace_Arriande · Author · Mar 8, 2019
You can still be a patron at heart = P. Anyways, no one site is more beneficial to me for you to read from seeing as how I don't even have ads on my own website. The best way to help out without pledging would just be to submit reviews on my stories and to share them with anybody else who you think might be interested. And thanks for reading!
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