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Jan 2, 2019

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Dragoniod · Oct 3, 2021

What happend to your core story?

Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 6, 2021

It's still available on my website, but I yeeted it for a bunch of reasons that I originally made an announcement about but am too lazy to retype.

Dragoniod · Oct 6, 2021

I see · Sep 30, 2021

U want a cocacola clear.png

Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 1, 2021


KingNatsu · Sep 30, 2021

Are you okay author? <3 i noticed no new chapters of hound so i got worried T.T

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 30, 2021

I mentioned it on Patreon and my Discord server, but TDH and TTT are paused for a bit so that I can focus on other projects because both of those effectively flopped while I'm in a position where I need to make more money to help with expenses due to my grandma having rapidly declining Alzheimer's. I'm not happy about it, but I have to be smart and try to put my effort into writing series that I love and that will make money instead of only the former.

KingNatsu · Oct 23, 2021

oh okay take your time i was just worried something happened to you <3 ill be hoenst and say i hope hound gets to come back but you have to do what you have to do<3

Superboii · Sep 29, 2021

Someone should write a book about how to get girls + Texting guide, tips and proof. 

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 29, 2021


Superboii · Sep 29, 2021

I was not left on seenclear.png

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 29, 2021

A grilled cheese has three ingredients: bread, cheese, and whatever you fry the bread with (butter, mayo, grease, etc).

The moment you add anything else, it is no longer a grilled cheese. It is a melt. Add ham? It's a melt. Add bacon? Melt. Guacamole? Melt.

If you disagree then you're wrong and I'm sorry you have to live an existence where you are in a constant state of being wrong.

FG666 · Sep 29, 2021

What if you add different types of cheese?

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 29, 2021

different types of cheese still counts as a grilled cheese

serapheid · Sep 29, 2021

but what if you use cheese that isn't technically cheese, like vegan cheese? clear.png

Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 1, 2021

then it's blasphemy 

bakafennek · Sep 10, 2021

I think it's stupid when just the mc has a system. To me it feels like lazy writing.

Edit: and i feel stupid, not being able to reply to a comment :/

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 16, 2021


Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 10, 2021

Unironically asking for a friend because I'm more popular than them and can get more answers (uwu), when it comes to LitRPGs, do you readers prefer stories where the protagonist is the only one with a "system," or do you prefer when everybody in the setting has a system (whether it's the same one or all unique)?

Wolfpup · Sep 10, 2021

Like other people here have been saying it depends on the universe the the mc is in. Right now I'm reading multiple different stories that are litRPG some have where only the MC has a system where others have where everyone have it, there there are a couple where every one has a system BUT the MC's is OP compared to everyone else (this make a more interesting read to me though).

WingedPanther73 · Sep 12, 2021

It depends a lot on the story concept. If your setting is a VRMMO, it makes more sense for everyone to have a system. If it's an Isekai, it can go either way. Transmigration makes it easy for the MC to be the only one with a system. That said, I often prefer it if the MC has a leg up on others (OP MC stories). 

pexellzz · Sep 16, 2021

hmm, imo everyone should have access to the system somewhat, if the MC is trasported / transmigrated / reincarnated he should have something special with his system. or maybe unlocks some sort of extra functions for acheiving certain things? like meeting / helping some kind of beings etc. maybe something not game breaking but useful to the MC who should be able to take a bit of an advantage of instead of a literal cheat. 

Novellover · Sep 29, 2021

When everybody gets the system competition can only be achieved through equality after all

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 8, 2021

Listen, I love Scribble Hub... but if you're an aspiring writer, please get your writing advice from anywhere other than the Scribble Hub Forum.

Personally, one of my favorites is:

Just... please. Don't get your writing advice from the forum. I've... I've seen things in there that people parade as the best advice ever that can be disproven with 5 seconds of Googling.

serapheid · Sep 8, 2021

Makes sense to meclear.png though on top of writing advice, I also think it's important to understand what you're writing about. clear.png

I find Tale Foundry is quite nice to listen to about this:


Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 8, 2021

Oh, this one! I've actually had a video open from them ( for like a month now in a tab that I haven't gotten around to watching yet. I should finally check that channel out.

serapheid · Sep 8, 2021

Oh nice, was just about to watch that one after their video with the breath magic system. 

Some of their videos are really helpful and interesting in my opinion. The one about writing motivation really helped me out. clear.png

WingedPanther73 · Sep 9, 2021

I used to give writing advice to fanficcers with my wife. There's a lot of TERRIBLE writing out there.

Ace_Arriande · Author · Aug 15, 2021


Xeno_King · Aug 15, 2021


binarysoap · Aug 15, 2021

Time to make more comments so you'll be left behind again

Xeno_King · Aug 15, 2021

Yes it is time to make moreclear.png

midori8751 · Aug 15, 2021

I shall write a story, one carecture per chapter, in the comments. If I get the energy.

serapheid · Aug 9, 2021

I decided to come back to your work involving the reincarnated thief after 2 years and panicked when i was getting the 404 error message when I reloaded the tab. 

It wasn’t until I looked up your profile that I found you changed the title. Almost gave me a mini a heart attack and thought you removed your works.

Edit: Oh, it was rebooted. I’m sad now.

Ace_Arriande · Author · Aug 15, 2021


Pheonix099 · Aug 1, 2021

Love your works Mate have high hopes for future chapters.

Ace_Arriande · Author · Aug 15, 2021


Ace_Arriande · Author · Jul 26, 2021


Tsuru · Jul 7, 2021

Ace ?

I got an annoying request.

Can you please add [R-18] or * / ** to chapter titles ? (* for ecchi / ** full ero)
Some of authors do that in scribblehub and it's ultra useful for people that me that stopped reading a lot of novels.

Ace_Arriande · Author · Jul 4, 2021


Happy 4th of July, AKA one of the only days that matter in world history!

Booper150 · Jul 4, 2021

america. clear.png

MagnusArchae · Jul 5, 2021

Dang whippersnappers and their rgb explosives at all hours of the night

*shakes old man cane*clear.png

Booper150 · Jul 5, 2021

@MagnusArchae Ah yes. The day America told King George III "lol no". Such a momentous occasion. Don't Americans also have guns as well? Shoot the youngins! clear.png

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