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Jan 2, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 2, 2019
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Alverost · Jan 14, 2020

Hi Famous Author

Ace_Arriande · Author · Jan 14, 2020


Ace_Arriande · Author · Jan 1, 2020

For those who might not ever check the forums, a new contest has begun that I'm co-sponsoring! It's sort of like NaNo except actually friendly to beginner authors and people who can't write every single day.

Prize is $200 and you get a full day of advertisement on NU if you win!

If you're not interested in participating in it yourself, tell other authors you know about it!

Vongrak · Jan 1, 2020

I was testing out the new series uploader trying to find the tag for the contest and I couldn't. Is it just not live yet?

Ace_Arriande · Author · Jan 1, 2020

You have to submit your story first, then you go to edit, scroll down, and there'll be a contest section.

Ace_Arriande · Author · Dec 31, 2019

Happy day that is the last day of the decade day clear.png

Toro1d · Dec 31, 2019

Have a happy new year & a happy new decade, Ace! clear.png

Hexwolfx · Jan 1, 2020

It was a good run this decade 

Ace_Arriande · Author · Dec 25, 2019

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Congratulatory December 25th, whatever you wish to say. Regardless of what you may or may not be celebrating, I hope that you all have a wonderful day today! If you feel like doing something nice, go to one of the stories you like and leave a positive review or somethin' on it! Not on mine, though. I've got enough and I'd like to see other authors have smiles brought to their faces!

Help · Dec 25, 2019


Megamink · Dec 25, 2019

Merry Christmas, And I might do that.

Sinpathy · Dec 25, 2019


Linds · Dec 26, 2019


Vongrak · Dec 16, 2019

Happy Birthday, Have a cookie clear.pngclear.png

Ace_Arriande · Author · Dec 16, 2019


Ace_Arriande · Author · Nov 27, 2019

No LDQ nor TTE this week since I'll be taking the next two days off for Thanksgiving. Then no more breaks until Christmas week.

Vongrak · Nov 27, 2019

Thanksgiving isn't a real holiday clear.png


Seriously though have a nice few days off for Thanksgiving, no idea what you wish people for Thanksgiving though, so Merry Christmas?

Megamink · Nov 27, 2019

have a great thanks giving and a wonderful break off.

Ace_Arriande · Author · Nov 27, 2019

It might not be a real holiday and the origin of it definitely isn't worth celebrating, but it's nice to treat it as a traditional couple of days to take off to eat a lot = P

Gelcube · Nov 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy eating until you're miserable.  (I know I will!)

Glenn · Nov 24, 2019

Where can I find ero dungeon evolution now

laetan · Nov 21, 2019

Something I'd really like to read is a romance/mature story trying to handle family building with children (either by birth from the heroine(s) or from other origins). I think you tried something like that in the first version of Ero Dungeon, but it's gone now (clear.png) and I doubt this particular character is coming back.

So, in short, do you plan to have the MC of one of your stories have children (and not stop the story right there ) ?

PS : sorry if the wording is awkward, I'm french.

Ace_Arriande · Author · Nov 27, 2019

I have children planned for numerous stories > : ^ )

Thedude3445 · Nov 16, 2019


Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 27, 2019

tl;dr: no new chapters this upcoming week because I'm going to force myself to be good and build a 1-week buffer set of chapters. Then I can start always posting things at the same time on the same days every week instead of trying to write chapters on the same days that they're due. So, no new chapters for a week in exchange for (hopefully) eternal schedule consistency.

Help · Oct 27, 2019

I shall try to entertain myself with the other 20-something series in my bookmarks in that case

Gelcube · Oct 28, 2019

[Double Finger Guns] You do you, dude!

midori8751 · Oct 28, 2019

good luck (uses key loger to read while you wright)

dagnez · Nov 2, 2019


Desbat · Oct 3, 2019

awesome new art ace! cant wait to get to know them!

Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 3, 2019
Since I can't post pictures here, you'll just have to go to the tweet itself.
Especially if you have yuri inclinations.
And don't forget to follow me.

Gelcube · Oct 3, 2019

Wheeeee! What story is this for?

Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 3, 2019


Yorda · Sep 24, 2019

OMG. You're a beast of an author.

I clicked on your series tab, saw a bunch of items and got confused. The list of stories was surely not a reading list: it was a series list. From a logical point of view I understand that massive amount of stuff was written by you, but my head didn't immediately accept it. LOL

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 19, 2019


Henryvonmouse · Sep 19, 2019

Reading rn. let's get it

Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 19, 2019

EDE rewrite will be up today! Just keep in mind that it's a total revamp. It's much closer to what I originally had planned for it, but it's also basically a completely different story and setting while keeping the same characters. I'll also post a batch of chapters so that people can jump right into it and get a good feel for how it's going to be from here on out.

Henryvonmouse · Sep 19, 2019

Alright. I'll be reading as soon as it's up.

Aquandel · Sep 19, 2019


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