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Jan 2, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 2, 2019
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Desbat · Oct 3, 2019
awesome new art ace! cant wait to get to know them!
Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 3, 2019
Since I can't post pictures here, you'll just have to go to the tweet itself.
Especially if you have yuri inclinations.
And don't forget to follow me.
Gelcube · Oct 3, 2019
Wheeeee! What story is this for?
Ace_Arriande · Author · Oct 3, 2019
Yorda · Sep 24, 2019
OMG. You're a beast of an author.

I clicked on your series tab, saw a bunch of items and got confused. The list of stories was surely not a reading list: it was a series list. From a logical point of view I understand that massive amount of stuff was written by you, but my head didn't immediately accept it. LOL
Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 19, 2019
Henryvonmouse · Sep 19, 2019
Reading rn. let's get it
Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 19, 2019
EDE rewrite will be up today! Just keep in mind that it's a total revamp. It's much closer to what I originally had planned for it, but it's also basically a completely different story and setting while keeping the same characters. I'll also post a batch of chapters so that people can jump right into it and get a good feel for how it's going to be from here on out.
Henryvonmouse · Sep 19, 2019
Alright. I'll be reading as soon as it's up.
Aquandel · Sep 19, 2019
Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 16, 2019
follow me on twitter so u can follow my adventures of homebrewing alcohol
sometimes ft. pickles
Help · Sep 16, 2019
I have no twitter
Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 16, 2019
that sounds like a personal problem
Help · Sep 16, 2019
I am the personal probelm
Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 8, 2019
So, purely hypothetically...
Yuri harem. Yes/no?
Lord.Drakath · Sep 9, 2019
Hexwolfx · Sep 9, 2019
Mea depends on story development
Oshibo · Sep 12, 2019
Yes, just yes.
Star_Singer · Sep 14, 2019
Obviously yes.
Gelcube · Sep 8, 2019
Ok, added to my list! Yay!
advocatezz · Sep 11, 2019
I also want to keep my Nintendo switch during my isekai trip.
BenJepheneT · Sep 5, 2019
just asking but how many years of experience have you got under your belt?
Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 5, 2019
I was doing forum roleplay and writing on my own since I was about 9 years old, so I've been writing almost daily for about 16-17 years now. As for writing web novels, it'll be two years in this upcoming January.
BenJepheneT · Sep 5, 2019
oh damn, so that's a hell lot. Good to something up and coming on the site. Here's wishing you hit the big time, sister.
Ace_Arriande · Author · Sep 4, 2019
To clean up my fiction list for new readers visiting my pages both on here and on RR, I have deleted Monday Monster Girls and Steel Glory from the sites so that only my ongoing works that are up to par with my standards can (easily) be found. However, both are still available in the archives on my website.
midori8751 · Sep 4, 2019
i'm glad ero dungeon is being rewritten rather than just dropped. i really liked it
Taverius · Sep 4, 2019
Aww. I mean I understand, but I liked what there was of steel glory.
786845zakariayya · Sep 5, 2019
Ur site link please
786845zakariayya · Sep 5, 2019
Yup ero Dungeon is best
sandro530 · Aug 25, 2019
Are you male or female? Just asking… and I like your stories.
sandro530 · Aug 25, 2019
Too bad it isn't possible to delete/edit comments.
Help · Aug 19, 2019
Just a question, how does the romance/sex-life work in Ero Dungeon? I saw one review talk about how the MC gives his females away and sometimes masturbating at the side, rather than cherishing and treasuring them (unless the review is on another series that caught my eye).

Is this true, or is it only the first few chapters? I don't want to read NTR, no matter how willing the three sides are (unless it's the MC NTR'ing and the original guy is a dip).
Reader1 · Aug 22, 2019
No NTR. The story is the exact opposite of that review.
Oshibo · Sep 11, 2019
I'm not sure if it is to late to respond but it is not NTR, he wasn't in love with her at that time and only viewed her as a companion he just met that was willing to have sex with him so he had a 3-way. She on the other hand thinks they are in a game so she saw no issue with it. Also he never masturbated and instead always had some sort of sex(including tail jobs).
FireflyFanatic · Aug 8, 2019
Wow. Three of your series are on the top ten trending at once. That’s impressive.
Ace_Arriande · Author · Aug 8, 2019
There used to be four up at once before the system got changed > : ^ )
potanx · Jul 2, 2019
i see people message here all praise praise and praise
so i make an account just to tell

keep the good work and
i hate you.(you give a vibe like med(mad?) snail, all the work good but ended either rushed, hiatus or become 1chap./undefinite time which is possible i die first before the story reach real end/statisfying end)

good bye

BoredReader · Jun 28, 2019
I hope you keep posting ik it's hard and all but your writing is different imo and it's refreshing looking forward to more series from you
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