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Aug 20, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 20, 2021
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I'm just someone who has a lot of ideas and no real use for them. I make stories on a couple of different platforms and I might create video games in the future. I don't really care if my stories do well but if they do, than that's great! I'm mainly looking for feedback. Quick warning, my stories are often dark and have overpowered girls.

Western42 · · Author · Feb 16, 2024

Nothing beats losing a buttload of progress on the rewrite when all your tabs close suddenly without yer mouse being anywhere near the big x

Irlina · Feb 16, 2024

Depending on what all the tabs were on you might be able to go to history and open them again all at once or by tab.

Western42 · Author · Jun 11, 2022

Am I really a famous author?

Ilikewaterkusa · Jun 11, 2022

I have a tiktok video at 5 million… so I should be more than famous 

zxc · Jun 9, 2022

hi any ideas when will Zenar 24 be updated

Western42 · Author · Jun 9, 2022

Working on the next chapter now!

Western42 · Author · May 31, 2022

Hey. About that chapter of The Princess And Her Warmonger. Yeah, it is pretty much done but I don't know when I'll finish it. As such, please stay patient. Next week, or really tomorrow, I shall be focusing on Lolis. In other words, The Apostle Of War and Pissed Off Loli.

Gin_Otamegane · Jun 1, 2022

I'm glad to hear that.

No Loli No Life
Western42 · Author · May 24, 2022

This week is Popular! I shall be making a chapter of The Princess And Her Warmonger, either a rewrite of Chapter 1 for The Wandering Last Boss or another chapter, and I shall release the promo episode for a new book, The Woodlend Show! That's right, I am doing another one. 

I may also start working on a chapter for Zenar 24. Hope ya have a great week!

Western42 · Author · May 19, 2022

Uh...I guess this is random week? I wanted to make it a horror week but I spent some work on Project File, then worked a lot on Skashrim: A Fatal Error, had a lot of work, and didn't feel much motivation during the afternoon. So sorry for the lack of activity.

Western42 · Author · May 13, 2022

I'm here to apologize. I had a lot of work this week and, to top it off, I couldn't bring myself to write much. Next week will be a new week but, for those wanting a chapter of Pissed Off Loli, I will see if I can do it in my spare time.

Western42 · Author · May 10, 2022

Ready for some chaos? This week, with T.U updated, expect some good old fashion chaos. Expect an update from Pissed Off Loli, The Clown And The Pink-Haired Delinquent, and I shall start working on Candy Pop. Hope ya enjoy!

Gin_Otamegane · May 10, 2022

Yup! I'm looking forward to more Pissed Off Loli

Ilikewaterkusa · May 10, 2022

Wait your actually a girl? I thought you were a dude

Western42 · Author · May 10, 2022

Indeedo! I'm one messed up girl...who may or may not be a lesbian.

Ilikewaterkusa · May 10, 2022

Thinking of a reply

Western42 · Author · May 9, 2022

Error! Factory 9-0D is currently off limits. Any attempts to send personel of any kind, even lab rats, is strictly not permitted, with dire consequences for anyone found breaking the rules. 

The report of how Factory 9-0D went into "Catharsis State" is still unknown. What is known is that the T.U. located in the Factory are vital and a solution to reobtaining and recontaining them must be worked on. We must also find a solution for T.U. 24-21-3. The last thing we need is Red Mist.

Echimera · May 9, 2022

Could we get safety datasheets for Red Mist, so we can prepare accordingly?

Western42 · Author · May 10, 2022

No matter what they do, don't annoy them. Listen to what they have to say, and don't give them any reason to talk with you. Do Not, under any circumstance less they tell you, look them in the eyes. Doing so will cause instant insanity and might be taken as a challenge. If one were to get on her nerves, they are considered dead, and no attempt to save them shall be made.

· May 4, 2022


Ilikewaterkusa · May 10, 2022

Pretty sure I could release like 70 stories in a week if I get bored

Western42 · Author · May 10, 2022

Are you...sure you aren't an AI? clear.png

Ilikewaterkusa · May 10, 2022

No I’m the terminator

Western42 · Author · May 10, 2022




....The sky sure is pretty, huh? clear.png

Western42 · Author · May 2, 2022

Time For War! This week, expect updates from The Princess And Her Warmonger, The Grand Revolution Of War(Rewrite), The Apostle Of War, and maybe even Gudha City. There may be a chapter of either Zenar 24 or Sardinia! What Is Innocence too.

Western42 · Author · Apr 27, 2022

Yokai. A very diverse, powerful, and misunderstood species. Most of them are females while a good deal of them have zero resemblance to anything humanoid. All of them do have one thing in common. A bitter hatred to Jesus, God, and angels. Unlike what people believe, they are not demons, only being related to them. They are, in fact, more related to angels and Devils.

Western42 · Author · Apr 27, 2022

The reason why Yokai are affected by all forms of religious symbols is a hate towards Gods, though their hate isn't as bad as their hate towards Jesus, which is why many churches forbid exorcisms, since they often cause the Yokai in question, not a demon, to fly into a rage and kill them. Even if Yokai will become enraged upon hearing either Savior, Lord, Jesus, or God's name, especially being called powerless against them, their first reaction will be to tremble in fear.

Western42 · Author · Apr 27, 2022

The reason for this is quite simple. Jesus, or someone named exactly like him and looks like him, betrayed the Yokai so bad that, depending on how much mental damage they suffer upon seeing anything relating to him or any Gods, will flee back into their own realm or run away. This is why there are plenty of stories of people banishing Yokai. Of course, all of them about killing Yokai are almost all false as killing a Yokai is possibly harder than killing a Lesser God.

Western42 · Author · Apr 27, 2022

While Yokai are very kind to each other, even if their playfights seem like they are trying to kill each other, Yokai are never to be underestimated. They have powerful magic and spiritual power, the capability to fight Gods, and are more skilled, if they take a fight serious enough, to beat anyone in any form of combat. Despite that, they are too childish in nature and in their mind to beat an average adult in a battle of wits.

Western42 · Author · Apr 27, 2022

While there are certain exceptions to this, most Yokai are very childish and are incredibly naive and dumb. Almost all Yokai fight like an animal would, only they are nowhere near as predictable, especially when one considers just how skilled they are in close combat. With the natural ability to deform their own body, they can easily bite a man in half twice their size, and move so fast and stealthy that almost no one will know what hit them.

Western42 · Author · Apr 25, 2022

Can you feel the Magic? Next week is going to be all about 'Magic'! Expect an update from Magical Girls Might Be Psychopaths, Magical Girl Grape, and possibly Zenar 24 and Sardinia! What Is Innocence?

Fox-Trot-9 · Apr 25, 2022

Hello! I like magical girls, too.

Fox-Trot-9 · Apr 25, 2022

Magical girls and samurai and yokai, oh my! Added your story, Magical Girls Might Be Psychopaths to my list! Here's a cookie! clear.png

Western42 · Author · Apr 25, 2022

@Fox-Trot-9 Thanks! Hope ya enjoy the craziness. 

Fox-Trot-9 · Apr 25, 2022

You're welcome. Hope you enjoy the crazy in mine, as well.

Western42 · Author · Apr 23, 2022

Devils...What can ya tell me about them? To me, they are smart and tricky beings who are both respected and hated by Heavens. Beings half of which are twisted by the so-called sins species make up, and all of them living furnaces capable of destroying souls. They are honest, even the truly twisted ones, and all of them have a strong moral code, judging people harshly and seeing through lies and facades alike. 

Western42 · Author · Apr 28, 2022

...La scary.

Gin_Otamegane · Apr 28, 2022

@Western42  ...really? Well I admit that I designed this lich loli to be both cute and scary, so I could use it as a gapmoe generator, but I never thought of the Lich's pp size and ratio as being scary in and of itself.

Would that Lich's size and proportion be enough to scare or surprise any of your demoness?

Can you describe an example of futa demoness?

Western42 · Author · Apr 28, 2022

@Gin_Otamegane Depending on the type of Devil, or Demon, it will be different, with some being just like tentacles. 

Gin_Otamegane · May 3, 2022

@Western42  If among your demonesses there are those with reproductive tentacles, how about "reproductive tails"?

Western42 · Author · Apr 18, 2022

Candy Pop! Episode 2 is now out! Go read it now since it took me forever to finish it, and don't get me started on Part 2...

....just don't.

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    I'm just someone who has a lot of ideas and no real use for them. I make stories on a couple of different platforms and I might create video games in the future. I don't really care if my stories do well but if they do, than that's great! I'm mainly looking for feedback. Quick warning, my stories are often dark and have overpowered girls.

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