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Aug 28, 2021

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Rising Author
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Joined: Aug 28, 2021
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Deathunterz · Author · Jan 19, 2022

Oh right and anyone who checks here got any decent stories they would mind sharing. Doesn't matter what website, I just don't really have much to read recently since I just got all caught up with all the web novels I am reading. (and I don't want to reread the same stories over and over again)

Wanderer · Jan 19, 2022

I would suggest 'infected romance' and its here on scribble

Deathunterz · Author · Jan 19, 2022

Checked Scribblehub's popular section today. Literally 50% of it was porn. Time to never check there again. clear.png

Rynati · Jan 19, 2022

That surprised you? Are the internet or something? I'm honestly amazed it was only 50%!

ConcealedSchmeat · Jan 19, 2022

I'm honestly not surprised. At least you now know what makes it to trending... 

Deathunterz · Author · Jan 19, 2022

like its honestly disappointing, can they please make actual non-horny 24/7 stories?

Deathunterz · Author · Jan 19, 2022

and @Rynati no, def not new but last time I checked was a few months ago and there were actual stories that were interesting being posted.

BRENYNW · Nov 9, 2021

please start again

Deathunterz · Author · Nov 9, 2021

Check the disc for answers, college stuff due Friday and I need to get that done.

BRENYNW · Oct 24, 2021

when are you going to continue writing?

Deathunterz · Author · Oct 24, 2021

Prob after Halloween since one of the games I like has an event I want to grind for.

Deathunterz · Author · Oct 24, 2021

Plus I have been busy on other things as well recently 

BRENYNW · Oct 25, 2021

grinding on games is very important. Have fun Enjoy yourself. Your loyal fans will be waiting here for you when you return.

BRENYNW · Oct 22, 2021

Please Continue writing.

Queen · Sep 16, 2021


In your novel does the MC turn into a girl. Male to female tag.

Deathunterz · Author · Sep 16, 2021


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