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Sep 10, 2021

Joined: Sep 10, 2021
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Sanss · Jul 18, 2022

Where the chappy

TheNovelDeity · Author · Jul 4, 2022

It will be a late chapter again today! I work afternoon shift and I didn't have enough time to finish sorting out the chapter. Will do it later on tonight when I am back home.

TheNovelDeity · Author · Jun 20, 2022

New chapter later on today! I want to get a few chapters up this weeks so people will have something to actually read! It will go back to normal uploads next week!

TheNovelDeity · Author · Jun 16, 2022

The reboot of game of beginnings start tomorrow! 

Sanss · Jun 16, 2022

Thanks for the updateclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

TheNovelDeity · Author · Jan 13, 2022

Sorry for not uploading yesterday, I have combined two of my mid sized chapters into one big chapter. It should be out later today or early tomorrow and another chapter in 2 days. Current word count in just above 4,300. clear.pngclear.png Next one should be somewhat large also! I wanted to combine some of my smaller chapters together.

TheNovelDeity · Author · Jan 9, 2022

Hi I will be uploading a few new chapters in the next few days. I have had to spend the last two days changing all my passwords since someone hacked into my main email. It was a lot of hassle and stressful so sorry for not uploading on time. Todays also my birthday and I found it funny I was hacked a few days before my birthday, what a nice early present. hahahaclear.pngclear.pngclear.png Feel free to laugh at my effort of swapping all my passwords.

TheNovelDeity · Author · Jan 1, 2022

I have gone back again and done some minor corrections on past chapters. I made a mistake on auras intelligence stat. It should of been 250 not 50. Her mp increases 100 per 1 intelligence stat. 250 = 25,000.

TheNovelDeity · Author · Jan 1, 2022

New chapter coming today! Its kind of a interesting one especially the side chapter!

TheNovelDeity · Author · Dec 25, 2021

On new years we will have another side chapter at the end of a normal chapter so i hope you guys will like it.

TheNovelDeity · Author · Dec 24, 2021

Hi people, I have done some minor changes on Chapter 15 War Preparation. I wanted to make it look clearer so I space everything out better and altered the Divine crafter chat group a bit. None of the content has changed its just easier to read. I will alter other chapters in the future to make it easier to read since I didn't use to view the layout when I uploaded on here. It looked fine on word but looks terrible here lmao. I hope it made it easier for you all.

TheNovelDeity · Author · Dec 22, 2021

New chapter on the 24th and 25th. So in a couple of days, i am work on a Christmas themed side story for the chapter on Christmas. I hope you will like it also the side story will be at the end of the regular chapter so its just a add on. :P

hauntedwritings · Dec 17, 2021

Thank you for following!

Malonymous · Dec 17, 2021

Thanks for the follow! clear.png

MrProper · Dec 17, 2021

A follow from a fellow author, Arigato Gozaimasu!

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