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Sep 11, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Sep 11, 2021
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killwrites · Author · Nov 23, 2022

Progress update for TCFS: it's getting a little bit longer than I've expected, so I decided to split the story into two parts. Part 1 (Prologue - Chapter 20) has been completed and ready to be published, while Part 2 is still in the draft stage. Also, do support @ReiHayashi's work! It serves as a spinoff of TCFS and provide new background for the character Princess Anastasia~

ReiHayashi · Nov 22, 2022

I finally created my SH account! I really enjoyed the fun story you've created based on my own book, looking forward to the sequels! -RH

killwrites · Author · Nov 22, 2022

It's been awesome working with you! Happy to see that you're also willing to post your story here, I'll be your first reader! clear.png

killwrites · Author · Mar 18, 2022

Some announcements (to make my profile look less lonely idk):

-For some reason I woke up today to a different title under my username, and after a little research, it seems I've become a 'rising author' because I crossed 500 readers with the posting of my latest series clear.png so aye, thanks for the support! 

killwrites · Author · Mar 18, 2022

-Currently I'm working on three series: Crusade, Death and Fake Saintess. I have a planned schedule for the Fake Saintess series thanks to my foresight of having a stockpile (wow, for the first time!) but the first two will be updated whenever I finish the next chapter, oops...

killwrites · Author · Mar 18, 2022

-As for my reverse isekai series, I have ran into some unforeseen problems with the main arc of my original plot and feel like it can be better improved overall, so I'm reworking it from the ground up. There isn't really a set release date for it, but I hope to publish it sometime this year~sorry to the 37 readers still waiting for it clear.png

Masazi · Jan 8, 2022

Waiing for your reverse isekai story clear.png

killwrites · Author · Dec 12, 2021

From next week onwards Iʼll be working a part-time job to support myself financially clear.png ahem so updates may become less frequent again... 

killwrites · Author · Oct 18, 2021

Decided to write a small one-shot today while still agonizing over stupid plot holes, praying for success with the GL tag 

killwrites · Author · Sep 24, 2021

Just realized I hit the 10k milestone with today's chapter, feeling really happy about it :)

Act 1 will be concluding soon! Hopefully it was a satisfactory start, since this is my first story after all. In Act 2, I'll be focusing more on the new setting because I feel that it is unique to most LN readers—it will be set in the Qing Dynasty period of Ancient China! New characters will join our current cast as well, please look forward to it~ 

killwrites · Author · Sep 20, 2021

Still doing some editing for the next chapter, will prob not post on the next day. Sorry :(

EternalSunset0 · Sep 20, 2021

Good luck~

killwrites · Author · Sep 21, 2021

thank you for giving me motivation to finish up editing through the night T_T still maintaining the daily chapter streak!

killwrites · Author · Sep 19, 2021

Trying to keep to posting at least 1 chapter a day, just updated with the 2nd chapter!

killwrites · Author · Sep 19, 2021

New chapter has been posted! Please continue supporting this small series of mine~

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