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Mar 13, 2019

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Matchmaking handsome men since 2018
Notorious for writing slow romances, extremely slow romances ~

yansusustories · Author · May 5, 2021

For the binge readers among you: We've just hit the end of volume 4 in Oh. My. Fate?! So you can safely check it out. We're also continuing with the higher update rate for the next volume clear.png

You can find the series here:

yansusustories · Author · Apr 24, 2021

Let's make it official: I am returning from hiatus! clear.png

Here is the announcement post with more details on when you can expect the updates for each project to be resumed again:

Ruyi · Apr 24, 2021

welcome back, madam yan! 

yansusustories · Author · Apr 24, 2021

Thank you, @Ruyi! clear.png

verielle.crest · Apr 25, 2021

Yay! Glad you are feeling better!clear.png

Assurbanipal_II · Apr 20, 2021

clear.png *tickles you and then disappears* clear.png

Assurbanipal_II · Apr 20, 2021

clear.pngCan you be my ghost friend then.

yansusustories · Author · Apr 20, 2021

Only if you don't disturb me while working clear.png

Assurbanipal_II · Apr 20, 2021

clear.pngUnderstood. *noms on my cookie and waits for the busy ghost*

yansusustories · Author · Apr 20, 2021

You won't have to wait for long. I just need to edit a chapter or two. And then write another 29. And then I'll be as good as new clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Apr 19, 2021

I'm doing better so I'm making plans to slowly unstagger the hiatuses. One that is relevant to SH concerns the OMF revision. In short: We're switching over to the original version at the next possible point. I'll put more info in comments.

yansusustories · Author · Apr 19, 2021

(1) So, here‘s the long version: While sick, I had a ton of time to think and realized that while I love revising OMF because it just makes the story so much better, it‘s just not a thing I should be doing on a schedule with daily chapters because that takes time away from the original version and other projects. Since there honestly aren‘t that many people reading the revised version and more readers of the original one, I think it is best to switch over.

yansusustories · Author · Apr 19, 2021

(2) I will still be doing the revision but not on a schedule. Instead, I‘ll work on it just for myself whenever I have the time. I will slowly upload the revisions over on my website ( and tell you here when I have finished another part of a volume (there usually are 3 or 4 so a good 60k words each). So if you want to read only the revised version, you still can but it will take longer.

yansusustories · Author · Apr 19, 2021

(3) Now, if you don‘t mind switching to the original, then here‘s good news: We are currently roughly six volumes ahead in the original version so after we‘ve made our way to the next switch point, I will update more often, likely more than once a day. I‘ll tell you the specifics for that when we‘re at that point.
That‘s it for now. Ask ahead if there are questions about the switch or anything really.

yansusustories · Author · Mar 31, 2021

Warning ahead for more upcoming hiatuses. You can find the explanation and relevant dates here on my website:
I'm very sorry!

Ruyi · Mar 31, 2021

take care and get well soon clear.png

Janemerry · Apr 1, 2021

Get well soon. Hopefully you fully recover your health and no other issues arises. clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Apr 1, 2021

Thanks, guys!

yansusustories · Author · Mar 12, 2021

"Oh. My. Fate?!" is officially entering hiatus. Here's why and what you can do if you still want to find out what's going to happen next in the story:

BL_Palace · Mar 12, 2021


Oooof, yansusu -- please take care! The past weeks with only 5 hours of sleep each day sounded so awful... (( Just imagining the stress you've been under is horrible.

I hope it will get better now. And don't worry! I am sure people would understand.

*sends you hugs*


yansusustories · Author · Mar 12, 2021

Thanks, @BL_Palace! I hope I'll be able to finish some other things soon so I'll be able to get back to it soon.

BL_Palace · Mar 12, 2021

clear.png Rest, and get better after that prolonged stress ^^.

Don't rush it, just in case clear.png.

yansusustories · Author · Feb 27, 2021

It is done: my short story collection "Choosing You" has ended today. So if you want to bingeread 30 BL stories in one go, I've got you covered over here:

The stories are a colorful mix of modern, historical, futuristic, and fantastic stories that span themes from first meetings, lovers reuniting and parting, to love confessions and weddings. I hope to see you over in the comment section! clear.png

BL_Palace · Feb 27, 2021


Congrats, yansusu!!

yansusustories · Author · Feb 27, 2021

Thank you, @BL_Palace! clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Feb 18, 2021

The @BL_Palace here on ScribbleHub regularly interviews BL authors. Today, it was my turn so take a look if you want to know more about me as an author or my thoughts on BL: You're free to ask further questions as well! clear.png

BL_Palace · Feb 18, 2021


yansusustories · Author · Jan 4, 2021

Short notice: I'll take a break from OMF until the end of the week to take care of some personal business. Releases will be back on Monday, January 11th. Thanks for your understanding! clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Dec 24, 2020

Merry Christmas, guys! clear.png I'll be posting another Oh. My. Fate?! special for this occasion which is inspired by traditional fairytales clear.png You can find it in the Oh. My. Extra?! collection ~

Aachiin0914 · Dec 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!!!


SmAll_MuShroom · Nov 18, 2020

Do I read “Oh my fate” first or “The Son of Heaven first”?? 

yansusustories · Author · Nov 18, 2020

Well, personally, I would likely start with Oh. My. Fate?! but they're both pretty independent of each other so you can actually start with either of them clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Nov 7, 2020

Guys, I just uploaded the last chapter of OMF volume 3 so I'm going to take a one week break for that project to sort out the next volume. I'll be back with volume 4 on November 15th clear.png
Everything else continues as usual and don't forget: There's a new RMN schedule meaning one more RMN chapter each week starting on Monday clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Aug 21, 2020

If you ever have trouble recalling any of the characters from the OMF universe, then from now on, you can just look them up in the Oh. My. Fate?! compendium:

It's a PDF file with introductions to the major realms, relationship charts, and a character list. Further information will be added in the future. If there's something you'd like me to add, just leave a comment clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Aug 13, 2020

Guys, I was just reminded that I forgot to tell you about OMF: You've probably noticed that I've hardly updated recently. This is because I'm doing studying for a course that's still running until the end of September. Until then, I'm taking a small hiatus.
I'll likely resume updating in October. You're totally allowed to read the chapters we already have until then and leave comments though because that'd definitely motivate me to continue, you silent bunch clear.png

yansusustories · Author · Aug 8, 2020

My new short story collection, "Choosing You", has recently finished on Patreon and is now going online here on ScribbleHub as well! clear.png There are 30 stories in total (half contemporary/interstellar ones and half historic/fantasy ones) and I'll be uploading a new one each Saturday!
You can find the collection here:

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    Matchmaking handsome men since 2018
    Notorious for writing slow romances, extremely slow romances ~

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