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Mar 13, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Notorious for writing slow romances, extremely slow romances ~

yansusustories · Author · Oct 31, 2019

It's Halloween, guys! I've already finished decorating the house so it's time for another announcement: A special Halloween-themed OMF story will go up today! "The Painting of Crown Prince Jing He" was an extra I wrote for my patrons last year and today, I'll be making it public (patrons get a brand-new Little Bunny extra today). The first part will go up in about ten minutes! So stay tuned and check in on "Oh. My. Extra?!" ;)

yansusustories · Author · Oct 13, 2019

Announcing a special short story for October 20th: I'll be doing another cover/info reveal on Twitter and Patreon. The first one comes with a small riddle: The two reasons I chose this publication date have to do with Hobbits and Marilyn Monroe. What could that be about? *ponders*
See this Tweet for the first part of the cover image:

yansusustories · Author · Sep 26, 2019

Short reminder if you didn't see the announcement in the chapter yesterday: I won't update OMF today since I'm finishing up my master's thesis. I'll do two chapters tomorrow instead after I've handed the vile thing in ;)

yansusustories · Author · Sep 15, 2019

I just uploaded the last chapter of "Lovely Writing System. I'll be taking a small break now (only for LWS though ;)) and then I'll return with the first extra on October 1st. So this is the best opportunity to catch up with the project if you haven't already ;)

Lost_Strings · Sep 15, 2019

roger that

yansusustories · Author · Aug 5, 2019

Announcing an "Oh. My. Fate?!" Special: In two days, I'll upload "Just One Cup, My Love!" - a story featuring Qiu Ling and Jing He as well as a little bonus chapter. I'll post it as part of "A Hairy Situation" - which I will rename "Oh. My. Extra?!" in a bit to collect all future OMF extras in one place. :)
More infos on the upcoming special on my website:

yansusustories · Author · Jun 9, 2019

Announcing my new story "MYMMP"! I'm currently playing around on Twitter, revealing a part of the cover and one piece of information about it every day. As of now, we know that it'll be a pseudo-historical novella with a hot(headed) General as the ML. Here's today's tweet with a part of the title and a little snippet:
Any guesses who the MC might be? (๑>ᴗ<๑)

yansusustories · Author · Jun 5, 2019

I'll be updating Lovely Writing System more often from now on so that I can start writing and updating the extras I have planned on all sites simultaneously without spoiling anything (=^▽^=)

yansusustories · Author · May 17, 2019

It's Inksgiving on Tapas soon so I started a new OMF special (since they love OMF the most over there). It's called A Hairy Situation and you can find it here: Have fun reading! o(^▽^)o

crimson_carnation · Mar 13, 2019

Welcome, Yan-jie!

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    Notorious for writing slow romances, extremely slow romances ~

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