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Sep 15, 2021

Joined: Sep 15, 2021
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DarkNether · Oct 27, 2021

if you look at the cover of false trickster it looks more 3d, the full cover i am still making.

the comic will be a few years later.

I am evolving.clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

DarkNether · Oct 27, 2021

the full cover will be out soon

Traineye · Oct 27, 2021

clear.png That gon be cool

Agentt · Oct 20, 2021

What even are you...

Agentt · Oct 20, 2021

God hasn't been online for an year, so i guess we shall never know. I guess we can compromise and ask a @Malonymous instead

Malonymous · Oct 20, 2021




Agentt · Oct 21, 2021

The Malo has spoken

Traineye · Oct 21, 2021

It seems that we have to compromise

Traineye · Oct 19, 2021

I actually wanted to finish the chapter today... my own laziness often surprises meclear.png

Traineye · Oct 21, 2021

@DarkNether I finished it yesterday

DarkNether · Oct 19, 2021

yo where are you? people are liking your novel!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Traineye · Oct 19, 2021

Bruh wtf happened it’s currently in delay ;( *mumble* not allowed *mumble* some goddamn anime *mumble*

DarkNether · Oct 15, 2021

it would be interesting for people to insert their characters in it

DarkNether · Oct 15, 2021

yo wheres your novel?

Traineye · Oct 15, 2021

Soon xd I’m trying but my own laziness is just overwhelming me. I’ve got no idea how to really start, and I keep deleting stuff plz halp

DarkNether · Oct 15, 2021

just think of anything and we will start from there

Traineye · Oct 15, 2021

Ok I guess... clear.png hope it doesn’t get too bad

DarkNether · Oct 15, 2021

its interactive so alot of people will probably insert their own characters into the story

Traineye · Oct 10, 2021

SOMEHOW my power adapter is ded, so no activity until I find a replacement.

Traineye · Oct 10, 2021

I just realized i have a phone ;-; to my defense, i was trying to sleep

DarkNether · Oct 8, 2021

where is your novel chapter?

DarkNether · Oct 8, 2021

Ill be waiting then... clear.png

new chapter in a few minutes btw clear.png

Traineye · Oct 8, 2021

Dunno how, but I suddenly gained lots of motivation and courage so I'm writing an ACTUAL chapter now... gonna take a few weeks tho- cuz I'm the opposite of creative.

DarkNether · Oct 12, 2021

im still waiting for your first chapter, take your time, its hard at first.

btw theres a new chapter for the trickter novel in a few minutes.

Traineye · Oct 12, 2021


DarkNether · Oct 6, 2021

Bruh I'm bored... please recommend me some Persona fanfic where the MC is the Villain, or at least that he is not a little goody two shoes.

DarkNether · Oct 6, 2021

thank u I am very greatful

DarkNether · Oct 6, 2021

here's a meme 

the only problem with being faster than the speed of life...

is that you live in darkness...clear.png

Traineye · Oct 6, 2021

Well that's 𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙠

DarkNether · Oct 6, 2021

hehe I see that u get it

Traineye · Oct 3, 2021

I sill cant get over the fact, that no one hates my pfp. Just hoping scribblehub doesn't get flooded with idiots.

SerikoLee · Sep 21, 2021

Thank you for reading

Traineye · Sep 21, 2021


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