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Sep 24, 2021

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Rising Author
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Joined: Sep 24, 2021
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hockey enjoyer, canadian trans girl, ashley jubilee

sowerbot Apr 8, 2024

Hello, thank you so much for the follow!

originalzin Feb 9, 2024

Thank you for the follow! 馃挋馃挋馃挋

ScaryLapis Author Dec 13, 2023 if you somehow aren鈥檛 aware of the new transfic bundle i highly recommend it. i didn鈥檛 write anything for it but you should absolutely consider getting this bundle with a bunch of great authors.聽

aryalat Aug 29, 2023

Thanks for following!聽clear.png

PrincessAshley Aug 6, 2023

Thank you for the follow!

marter Jul 7, 2023

You deleted Anacrusis?

ScaryLapis Author Jul 7, 2023

i privated it because i felt bad that i wasn鈥檛 keep up with writing it. i wrote a lot for the new chapter months back but haven鈥檛 returned. i want to finish it but i don鈥檛 know if i will ever go back to it.聽

marter Jul 7, 2023

That's ok. I'll look forward to it if it comes back or what else you share with us!

ScaryLapis Author Jul 7, 2023

i do plan on finishing it, but i am just uncomfortable having something i have no direct plans on finishing right now up, i do plan on working on some other things in the near future instead however.聽

ScaryLapis Author Feb 15, 2023

Chapter 3 of Anacrusis is out, and the gangs all here!

ScaryLapis Author Feb 13, 2023

chapter 2 of Anacrisis is out today, with an apperance from One of the Girls!

ScaryLapis Author Feb 8, 2023

hey y鈥檃ll, first chapter for Anacrusis, a new story just got published. hope you enjoy.聽

ScaryLapis Author Jan 8, 2023

Hey if you guys don鈥檛 know you can get a whole series of transfics from a bunch of my favourite authors here on SH on Itchio for $8!

This is the 4th anthology of its kind, and I highly recommend you check out all of the others as well. Just a collection of really good stories.聽

ScaryLapis Author Nov 23, 2022

sorry about the wait for the last chapter, but it鈥檚 double the length so it took me a little bit. really happy with this one, hope you guys enjoy 聽聽

KitsuneCommune Aug 10, 2022

thank you for the follow! <3

ZoeStorm Jun 23, 2022

Thanks for the follow :)

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    hockey enjoyer, canadian trans girl, ashley jubilee

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