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Sep 26, 2021

Joined: Sep 26, 2021
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Toast2Venus Jan 9, 2024

The wiki of CMDK is terrible there isn't much of anything on there, I wanted to clean it up but I'm quite lazy so...yeah, but you can send me a message if you have any questions about basically anything to do with the story, I've read it multiple times so i know it like the back of my hand 馃榾

Chaddts Author Jan 9, 2024

ohh god. im reading as i write, for the second time. the furthest i got was them storming heaven or a little after that im not sure. somewhere in the 400's.

i will make mistakes, but this story is just for fun like all my others. if you point them out, ill do my best to either fix them, or work the story around it somehow.

any worlds that you like to see visited?聽

Toast2Venus Jan 9, 2024

@Chaddts Warhammer seems like it'll be interesting maybe DOOM as well, Faerun (DnD Forgotten Realms) since Lolth has been referenced in some occasions, Berserk might be good as well maybe a full run on Hellboy since Roy stayed there for only a few days

Chaddts Author Jan 9, 2024

i dont know enough warhammer. but doom, is doomable. ill loook into hellboy.

ZeroGiven40 Dec 11, 2023

Thank you kindly for checking out my book. 馃榿聽

DOMMALE May 23, 2023

Just wondering, will the cite flag your content for being ai generated or create problems for you with using chat gpt for proof-reading and editing? Because if not then I will most definitely start using it as it has a lot potential advantages.聽

Chaddts Author Jun 2, 2023

Chat gpt sucked at editing. I use grammarly now. Besides that, it was my own words that it edited. It's not a.i generated at all. It didn't add any words nor did it take any away.聽

Superboy8338 Aug 22, 2022

I never said Jin's goal was to be the top of the class, I never even said he was the top of the class. You're basically asking for an exposition dump of Jin's whole character at the start of the story; you're only on the 3rd chapter, Jin's primary goal at that point is to acquire as much power as possible to survive.

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