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Well-Known Author
Oct 2, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Oct 2, 2021
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chantingxion · Jan 3, 2023

How many chapter will you release per weekclear.png

Shogun · Author · Jan 3, 2023

My initial plan was to post daily, but some factors are getting in the way of meeting this goal. So, at the beginning, I want to release at least three chapters a week.clear.png

Readerofharemandsmut · Apr 15, 2022

Hello my fellow men of culture!

Shogun · Author · Feb 5, 2022


extendo · Jan 20, 2022

Any new chapters??? LOVE the concept of the story keep it up

Shogun · Author · Jan 21, 2022

Well, thank you. I had some health problems and because of that delayed the new chapters, but I am getting better and will be back soon.

loshi1505 · Dec 10, 2021

kinda sad your pre-historic survival isekai was deleted. the premise reminded me of this manga a bit and i was interested in reading more.

maybe with your next story you'll try and do a mushoku tensai where it's like a chronicle of a person's entire life from a baby until they die? personally i find the antics a reincarnated person does as a baby to be quite interesting to read.

loshi1505 · Dec 10, 2021

btw you understanding of english isn't that bad, but you should do what you can to improve your grammar. i tend to notice at least 3 mistakes per chapter in your adult game novel. thus far it's mainly missing words to help make the sentences flow better, with minor sentence reconstruction to accommodate. i'll point them out next chapter as a freebie. ;)

Shogun · Author · Dec 10, 2021

Thank you, I already noticed that when I use the translator in the chapters, I'll try to improve it.... yes, it was a shame, but I had to delete it because I felt it wasn't her time yet, having two stories now could get in the way a little, so who you know, it will come out in the near future.... I'll think about that idea of ​​yours there, I've already wanted to do about someone from baby to death, but it won't be now, unless I have something very concrete.... 

loshi1505 · Dec 11, 2021

mmm, i suggest not relying on a machine translator. so long as you know both languages, learning to translate your own writing should help you improve by a lot.

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