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Oct 13, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Oct 13, 2021
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doravg Author Jan 26, 2024

Hello! You are welcome to grab a book and stay a while! Happy writing and reading!

melchi Dec 19, 2023

Hello in the comments.

doravg Author Dec 19, 2023

XD! Thank you!

doravg Author Sep 5, 2023

I will migrate all of my Smashwords books here one by one. I just want them to be read. And I will never say no to the occasional heart! Starting with Bottle it up!聽

MintiLime Aug 16, 2023

Which is your latest WIP?

doravg Author Aug 17, 2023

Die Muse. It is a German fanfiction on AO3. You can find it here:

melchi Jun 22, 2023

You said there were 3 dora works that were not BL?聽 I think I found one but what are the other two?

doravg Author Jun 22, 2023

Annie and the Rice Quest, a novelette and Shelter Rescue, a novella. And there is a fourth one in German, Sophia, which is also a novelette. (It is not quite BL because I genderbended Byzantine into a woman... hehe.)

doravg Author Feb 18, 2023

The Hunting Cat, my newest novella, is free on Smashwords!聽

The Hunting Cat

An M/M shifter romance adventure novella. Breaking curses.

Evander walks out of the orphanage full of hope. He finds Robert along the way, and he sets his sigh on him. As Evander tries to prove himself to Robert, they are faced with the many dangers which are abundant in their world of magic and adventure.

I hope you check it out!聽

doravg Author Feb 9, 2023

I posted two new books on Smashwords. One short story, and one full-length book. They are both free, and part of the Treasure Hunter Series. Focusing on Sammy and Constantine, two dragon shifters, and their work as Agent S, under the ruler of the world of monsters, Callisto. You can find them here:聽 (Night Shift) (Agent S)

RavenRunes Feb 9, 2023

Cool 馃榿

doravg Author Jan 24, 2023

I made all of my Smashwords books free. That will be up to 31.1.2023. You can find them on:聽

They are all BL, with the Cosmos Shared Universe series being a sci-fi with fantasy, and the Treasure Hunter Series being all about shifters. Yes, even dragons. Then again, they start off with a cat shifter.聽

doravg Author Jan 21, 2023

I launched two stories: Remi, which is Treasure Hunter Book Two, and The Earl, which is Treasure Hunter Book 2.5. Here is the link for the series:聽

I hope you check them out, I had fun writing them! Both books are shifter romance. Well, Remi is a full-sized novel, and The Earl is a short story.聽聽

Next book will come by the end of February!聽

doravg Author Jan 5, 2023

I finished a new novella recently. The name is Treasure Hunter. An M/M Fated Mates Shifter Romance with a cat shifter, and a bear shifter. And a lot of treasure hunting, of course. You can download it here:

It is free! The first book in a series.聽

RavenRunes Jan 5, 2023

added, I'll get around to it as soon as I can :)

doravg Author Dec 28, 2022

Update schedule for The Terror from the Ice:聽

Every Wednesday, and Saturday.聽

I just don't feel like pushing myself, any longer. I will write those 100 books. No need to squeeze my Muse until she is a mummy.聽

doravg Author Dec 27, 2022

From tomorrow, I will post just one chapter per day for Short Stories with Fangs. I think that, seeing as I am making novelette length short stories, it is time to get my teeth around something more. Break over!聽

melchi Jan 25, 2023

You are very brave.聽 I've been finding that the longer my web serial gets the more important stuff from earlier chapters I forget and make silly attention to detail mistakes.

doravg Author Dec 19, 2022

For everyone who wonders what happened to Isekai'd Civilization well... I lost the spark for it. Don't ask me to continue it because I feel tired. I think I might take a break. See if I can't write a short story per day.聽

RavenRunes Dec 22, 2022

Your idea of taking a break is to write a whole short story a day!?聽clear.png

doravg Author Nov 4, 2022

Dungeon Integration is now live!聽

A book about all the troubles a dungeon core can face, before being recognized as a citizen of the Cosmos. An m/m (BL) romance, with a happy end.聽

RavenRunes Nov 4, 2022


doravg Author Oct 14, 2022

Please leave hearts, if you are reading my stories. Hearts make me go d'aw. How do I explain it? Hearts are like chocolate. I can't eat chocolate right now because I am going on a diet. But I can go d'aw when I see the hearts. They have zero calories.聽

Please, just leave the hearts.聽

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