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Oct 27, 2021

Joined: Oct 27, 2021
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Weird aging queer enby abomination (they/them)

Murbellass · Author · Oct 16, 2022

Riding a wave of motivation as lots of fun emotions are happening in the story and got the prologue chapter of follow up story primed to post as soon as it fits well within events of the first.

Murbellass · Author · Aug 14, 2022

kinda writing again.  In the process of putting way too much effort into making up overly complicated symbiotic relationships within ecosystems on a fictitious superhabitable planet

FayeBliss · Jun 7, 2022

Thanks for the follow!

Murbellass · Author · May 13, 2022

Slowly coming back to a brain space where maybe writing is a thing I can direct attention at.  Chapter 15 of falling for an alien is kinda meh as far as whatever internal standards I have but I'll probably put some touches on it and post it regardless just to get something published after a longish hiatus

Crabapples · Mar 8, 2022

Thank you for the follow, for reading, and for all the lovely comments. I hope you have a wonderful everything~💜

Vyria_Durav · Mar 6, 2022

thank you for all the kind comments on Hatchling!

Murbellass · Author · Mar 6, 2022

Well thank you for writing it❣️

Murbellass · Author · Feb 22, 2022

Finally back to the point where I can stack my spine fully upright again with only limited pain so might get back to writing in the next week or so

Murbellass · Author · Feb 22, 2022

Yay for aging body

Murbellass · Author · Feb 1, 2022

Lol and now that I'm over it and coughing out all the dead virus I coughed so hard I've aggravated my lower back pain.  Yay for being old.

Murbellass · Author · Jan 28, 2022

So apparently I had covid last weekend.  Felt like just a weird cold so I guess vaccine made it real mild.  With me having been sick and now taking care of my ex and kids, two of which are still feeling some symptoms, I've not been writing for a bit.  Story will probably pick up in a week.

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    Weird aging queer enby abomination (they/them)

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