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Nov 19, 2021

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Newbie Author which Write a fanfiction!

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FivesZeta · May 21, 2024

"be posted in here forever"

and now its gone... what happened?

ShuviLily · Author · Jan 19, 2024

clear.pngHello, I am alive and return with a fun project. This will be forever free and be posted in here forever.

Do check it if you're interested:

It has fluff, wholesome moment, mystery, horror creatures, and a sprinkle of lovecraftian and tragedy.

tatsuya · Jan 26, 2024


TheLord999 · Apr 10, 2024

the novel was taken down

ShuviLily · Author · Oct 7, 2023

I reuploaded Greatest Streamer System to Webnovel. If you are interested, you can check it here

I will soon have a novel for SH only, but I plan to stockpile and edit them all first. clear.pngclear.png

polaris_red · Oct 6, 2023

What happened to greatest streamer system?

ShuviLily · Author · Oct 6, 2023

clear.pngI deleted it from SH. I will upload it to Webnovel tomorrow to get some pennies, and I think it will not be fair for the SH reader if I do indeed contract it, so I choose to delete it before it gain more traction

polaris_red · Oct 6, 2023

Okay was just confused why it was deleted, thanks for the clarification!clear.png

Masterxd · Sep 26, 2023

Please more Princess knight

ShuviLily · Author · Sep 26, 2023

clear.pngSorry, but I can't continue that anymore. 

ShuviLily · Author · Sep 11, 2023

clear.pngHello, I am back and I have news.

I started a new novel (trying to) and hope to write as much as I can.

Unfortunately, I can't continue Magical Giants and Princess Knight, but I bring a new novel about streaming (I love streaming lately).

So if you are interested, feel free to read it xD

Don't hope too much clear.png

The link is:

tatsuya · Sep 11, 2023

yehey I've been waiting for this hahaa your still alieeeveeeeeeeeeee anyway mis uuuuclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Bingbongzz · Sep 11, 2023

ShuviLily lives!!clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

ShuviLily · Author · Sep 12, 2023


tatsuya · Jul 29, 2023

hello good morning I hope your still okey  fighting 💪💪

ScubaBlackbelt · Jun 5, 2023

Was looking though my reading list and saw your novels, hope you are doing better

Kiegen-64 · Apr 6, 2023

Are you still there? 

Overdrive2800 · Jan 26, 2023

Why did you abandon Re: Princess Knight?

ShuviLily · Author · Sep 15, 2022

Raizar has uploaded the Magical Giants rework to ScribbleHub

The link is :

clear.pngIt is interesting. I have read until the latest chapter that he gave me and it hooked me. Go check it out!

ShuviLily · Author · Aug 27, 2022

Raizar has posted chapter 1 of his rework.

I must say, it is amazing. The quality of the work is far above mine. As expected from him.

Also, it is technically a new story, but he said it will still be related to my version of Magical Giants.

If you want to read it, go to:

He shared it for everyone. Make sure to read it! I will link his work when he publish it in the future!

Bunny · Aug 28, 2022

Well aren't you a rude one Nya~~

Really calling a story generic because of the first chapter Nya ? At this point you don't even know the story Nya.
Well the story then may not be for you but calling it gross, you have no right to even think that, have you ever tried to write a story Nya ? If no, kindly never say that again Nya.
I really, really liked cute Lil Shuvi's writing, but if you like her story you should respect her wishes, especially considering Raizar is her friend Nya.
Rynati · Aug 28, 2022

Sorry, shutting up. clear.png

Rynati · Aug 28, 2022

I never actually called the story gross, you know...the rework just starts like it is just the magical girl genre equivalent of a Call of Duty release: Took what existed before and added a few tweaks.

marcus-beta · Sep 15, 2022

better than nothing, But I think i'm not be able to read it, since has a pay wall... well, i hope you change your mind in the long-term future and be back again

tatsuya · Aug 24, 2022

Well good luck to what your going to  do next I hope you best in what path of life your gonna walk in

ShuviLily · Author · Aug 23, 2022

I am still alive.

However, I am sorry. I can't go back to write anymore. My motivation to write was gone after my loss. Hence, I will give back the idea of Magical Giants to my friend, Raizar, and let him rework it.

I am truly sorry for those who are looking forward to it. But every time I write something, I will be reminded by her, so I can't continue any longer.


DizzyMiget · Aug 23, 2022

No worries, may your heart find solace eventually.

Irlina · Aug 24, 2022

Are we able to get a link for the transferred story?

marcus-beta · Jul 27, 2022

I hope your life gets back on track after the sad loss and has time again to continue the story.

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