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Nov 24, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 24, 2021
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Just something to do in my spare time.

Bookwarm Apr 30, 2023

Is it me or cover of this novel is my favourite character "THE FAMOUS NUTCRACKER" 馃槀馃槀

Akaichi Author Apr 30, 2023

It is!

AJ7867 Apr 30, 2023

Bro is this true now on every week we will got 5 chapters

Bookwarm Apr 30, 2023

Don't know yet but probably yeah , hope so聽

Bookwarm Apr 30, 2023

Is today any update?聽

Akaichi Author Apr 30, 2023


Bookwarm Apr 30, 2023

I read all 313 chapters in 3 days wajt a journey was it but I am dieing right now because wait for new chaps shit , when will chap come evening or afternoon聽

AJ7867 Apr 30, 2023

Is today any chapters will be released

Abhishek8210 Apr 29, 2023

Is today will be new chapter's聽

Akaichi Author Apr 29, 2023

Unknown yet, working on it.

Abhishek8210 Apr 28, 2023

When will be the next chapter聽

Akaichi Author Apr 28, 2023


Deathseeker99 Feb 24, 2023

Hi i just wanted to provide feedback, and didn't want to spoil anything on the comments section.

I think the rewrite is well done and solves most of the inconsistencyes with the plot while fleshing out the characters more and giving them a good background instead of the forced feeling they had before i.e lily.

Looking forward to how you will handle the status screens .

Akaichi Author Feb 22, 2023

The novel had returned, I will have to edit some chapters though, so I decided to rewrite the first 30 or so chapters. I will not edit them here, but on Royalroad.

This should be finished in 2 or 3 days.

travisswan86 Feb 23, 2023

not gonna read them & shame of Royal Road for shooting themselves at the head. probably they should change their name to Ravaged Rusty Road.

Akaichi Author Feb 23, 2023

It is not a rewrite, just a very overdue heavy editing. I changed many things in the plot, and the old chapters didn't age well. I already finished 5 and they are marked with a 猸, so you can easily find them if you want. Think of them as the second draft of this novel, as they may require more editing in the future.

H-GO Feb 23, 2023

Okay, I may give them a try in the future.

Also, thank you very much for finally doing this... I appreciate it 馃榿

Xuan-Wu Feb 25, 2023

Just read the new version.

IMO, Victor goes from an opporunistic character to planner one with a Montechristo or Moriarty feeling. (Hope you read or heard of it).聽

Hope for a fast editing time, still waiting for Victor's proposal to Naomi. (Just to fill out the numbers of brides and for eyecandy. Even if I think Margret would LOVE for all of them to have the same "dress". Detail only known by the groom of course. Blushing brides to come when the groom grope them in public for the pictures)聽


tanmaydhoke1 Feb 22, 2023

Please continue the story 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ

eddwineddie Feb 21, 2023

Hey I saw this was deleted from rr and wanted to know if you are planing to continue the story here. This is one of my favorite novels and I would hate to see it die. Thank you for the hard work and I hope to see this story continue

trnhope05 Feb 21, 2023

I saw this was deleted from RoyalRoad. Did something happen?

Blueneck666 Feb 13, 2023

Can we Put the Character Sheet in your Profile page?

Akaichi Author Feb 13, 2023

I will add it to the novel's description.

travisswan86 Feb 2, 2023

Just wandering. Will Victor soon get a mobile base like an aircraft carrier or maybe better like a heli carrier?

Akaichi Author Feb 2, 2023

You are amazing...... In the next chapter there would be a foreshadowing about such a thing.


travisswan86 Feb 2, 2023

thanks for the compliment & I just realized that I forget to mention a dimensional carrier as one of the possible options earlier.

Zoroxe Jan 29, 2023

What is luliana鈥檚 last name the chapter says bluerose and the character sheet says cruze 馃馃

Zoroxe Jan 29, 2023

Is it a secret or a mistake hmmmm

Akaichi Author Jan 29, 2023

Nah, it is bluenose. I develop characters in ,multiple stages, She was suppose to be a one time character first, but later, she got more important.聽 I fixed it in the sheets. Thanks for noticing!

heavenly_devil Jan 21, 2023

Update bro

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    Just something to do in my spare time.

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