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Nov 24, 2021

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Joined: Nov 24, 2021
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Just something to do in my spare time.

tanmaydhoke1 · Sep 20, 2023

Sir, any progress in the new chapter

When can we read it

Please update clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Haku147 · Sep 20, 2023


Akaichi · Author · Sep 20, 2023


Blueneck666 · Sep 20, 2023

Huh, was expecting it tonight to further out (depending on rewrites and side books)clear.pngclear.pngclear.png.

Thank you.

Haku147 · Sep 21, 2023


Dangerjithu · Sep 18, 2023


Where can i read your other 4 novels

Blueneck666 · Sep 19, 2023

When not where, he has only published one other so far.

Garry_pal007 · Sep 17, 2023

Hay @akaichi can we expect an ch today or tomorrow 

Haku147 · Sep 18, 2023


Haku147 · Sep 18, 2023

will it come today ? clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Blueneck666 · Sep 18, 2023

Odds are low. There is a chance, knew it would be at least this late.

The changing Of the Seasons 

tanmaydhoke1 · Sep 18, 2023

🥺🥺🥺🥺 please New chapter

DL_DEVIL · Sep 15, 2023

How is next chapter going @Akaichi?

Kavinka · Sep 16, 2023

Announcer: let us all now welcome 'The Best Scammer of Little Girls'  Victor Von Weise clear.png

LacKnight · Sep 16, 2023

Let victor have a (Loli Hunter) achivement.......😁

Vansh2411 · Sep 16, 2023

I want to scam a loli too 😭

Never had a chance 😞😞😞😞

Akaichi · Author · Sep 16, 2023

Working on it...

Pulki8 · Sep 14, 2023

Fun chapter will mark 365 year worth....PS emperor deserves a chapter too

Haku147 · Sep 14, 2023


Fuffhobvg · Sep 14, 2023

@Akaichi where you upload the chapter that you rewrite or the chapter that you fixed problem of

DL_DEVIL · Sep 13, 2023

What is the current status of the next chapter?

Blueneck666 · Sep 14, 2023

Do you want my best guess?

LacKnight · Sep 14, 2023

Sure why not......

Blueneck666 · Sep 14, 2023

Either tonight or tomorrow.... Unless something goes wrong...

Blueneck666 · Sep 14, 2023

Of course it is about 30 minutes after i fall asleep.....

Garry_pal007 · Sep 12, 2023

its 12 today 

Blueneck666 · Sep 12, 2023


Vansh2411 · Sep 12, 2023


tanmaydhoke1 · Sep 12, 2023

Hay , when dark chamber agent appraised victor there wasn't any contract skill but many people know that victor has a high rank contract skill like Ane , Harvey, Theodore, etc so what happens when axcel is told to use the contract skill ( Contractor of Doom SS ) which has a gold colour 

Blueneck666 · Sep 12, 2023

Slow relay of information. Since he has used that skill in relative privacy the dark chamber might not know that he used the skill to enforce the deals he made

Akaichi · Author · Sep 12, 2023

I might have forgotten to add it. I was too focused on finishing the wedding arc asap that I made a few mistakes at that time, this is one of them.

I will fix it when I get back to it.

Most likely, Victor will add some stupid weak contract skill that won't impress anyone.

tanmaydhoke1 · Sep 12, 2023

But isn't being too weak also make people doubt after all even though he is a pervert he is still an elite of one of the world's biggest family with a big shot father at his back so he should have at least one or two S rank skill or life saving artifact

Blueneck666 · Sep 12, 2023

There are schools of thought that go many ways.

Not overshadowing his brother, lack of information regarding the full system, how rare are S rank skills. Just keep the lack of S rank skills for a possible person ending up suspicious in the future (people are not perfect). Doesn't need to happen anytime soon, heck it could be grandma figuring it out.

If it is an ally, he may need a fake profile of a 'grand illusionist' for himself.

Fuffhobvg · Sep 10, 2023

@akaichi any new chapter 

Blueneck666 · Sep 11, 2023

Still planning things out for the rest of the Arc?

Akaichi · Author · Sep 12, 2023

Yes... Mostly I discovered that I am committing a mistake by making Victor do what I want him to do... It was not working, feeling a little stale.

I decided to let Victor decide what to do, and the Chapter is going more smoothly.

It is 50% done

Vansh2411 · Sep 12, 2023

Should we expect it tomorrow 

Blueneck666 · Sep 12, 2023

Remember, consider yourself the world/fate: you have a plan/certain things will happen on certain times, how do your characters fuck it up by being themselves and immune to you the writer?

Garry_pal007 · Sep 9, 2023

hay budy @akaichi its weekend we only get one ch this week and well we get one today or tomorrows

Akaichi · Author · Sep 9, 2023

Yup... It is in the editing phase.

Vansh2411 · Sep 7, 2023

@Akaichi should we expect a new chapter today

Blueneck666 · Sep 8, 2023

Apparently not, think he is still thinking and sorting out ideas. So I'm hoping for tonight, but it might be a few more days.

Vansh2411 · Sep 8, 2023

bro, i clearly wrote"@Akaichi" so don't butt in

Blueneck666 · Sep 8, 2023

And i am messing with you because it has been over 24 hours since that post.

Kavinka · Sep 6, 2023

Hey how is the progress of TYMITS 

Pulki8 · Sep 6, 2023

Also very suspiciously, the 2nd Id only follows just 1 that even possible 

Blueneck666 · Sep 6, 2023

No, LOL. I am just pretty good at pattern recognition and story structure. I have been following this story for about a year so I know approximately how fast the author writes, (it is dependent on the type of scene he is writing, mood, life busyness, and idea quantity). (was expecting a chapter on Monday)

I have a fan-writer for a sister so I know that sometimes they need to be asked questions, sometimes provided data, and sometimes left alone. Since I am not close to the writer, I'm guessing.

Pulki8 · Sep 7, 2023

Are you sure....I have heard that best lies are mixed with truth, maybe @Akaichi sister is writter too, and our brilliant author will obviously be good at pattern recognition and story structure.......... suspicious, suspicious.........  .....just joking, don't take it seriously 😁😁

Blueneck666 · Sep 7, 2023

Don't forget to donate! clear.png (joking)

Pulki8 · Sep 6, 2023

Any emperor chapter on the horizon 

Blueneck666 · Sep 6, 2023

Hehe, yay.

Pulki8 · Sep 6, 2023

Though I love every single word you write, I am afraid the author like me suffers from distractionitis. So consider writing short(er) stories to give readers a taste and later decide if you wanna further continue it........this is true for emperor's story. Why not complete writing our emperor's childhood story and later make your mind to continue it or not, otherwise it will keep getting delayed....

marat75 · Sep 8, 2023

What is TSOLN?

Blueneck666 · Sep 8, 2023

The Schemes of Lord Noir


Its in a message below

Garry_pal007 · Sep 4, 2023

hay budy are you ok there is there is any think that we can help you with pls tell us 

Blueneck666 · Sep 5, 2023

Having a New big bad interfere with a plot while you are dealing with a BBEG causes the current BBEG to become less - bad or powerful. - These are the type of villians that are recruited in shonen - their evilness is diminished by the new guys evilness.

Do you want to recruit any of the current BBEG's as allies?

Blueneck666 · Sep 5, 2023

TYMITS has twists and surprising turns. do you like the surprising aspect of the story. Will you lose interest if the surprise is leaked?

Blueneck666 · Sep 5, 2023

The complicated option:

Can you write the Lord story in such a way that it appears to have no intersection but there are some hidden hints between the two? where a plot in one can influence the other (both ways) but is only obvious in hindsight?

Would you want to write the lords story in such a way that it inspires an emotion (dread, paranoia, calculation?) in TYMITS?

Blueneck666 · Sep 5, 2023


Hope these questions and thoughts help you organize your plans

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    Just something to do in my spare time.

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