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Dec 7, 2021

Joined: Dec 7, 2021
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I am a hobbyist writer that loves several types of genres. I am hoping my writing inspires and moves people in some small way.

Proud transgendered author and supporter of the rainbow family! Allies encouraged and welcomed!

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 17, 2023

Greetings all! I wanted to let you know that I won't be publishing this weekend due to a slavic cultural feast I contributing too. I will resume the next chapter after that so hopefully by next Friday I will be back in my normal groove. Have a great weekend everyone!

LunaSoltaer · Mar 17, 2023

Taking the time to yourself and observing your background is of utmost importance.

One can lose herself to the throes of the world otherwise.

I for one most certainly would rather you create from a position of spiritual centre, than from the edge of burnout.

I hope you have a very uplifting experience at the feast!

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 11, 2023

Chapter 19 is live and all I have to say is mind ... blown. clear.png

LunaSoltaer · Mar 11, 2023

I do believe you have written us a

I read this at some inordinate hour and while the offline world is seriously messing with me, I still noticed quite a few things. I think enough for my tired girlbrain to spin out because of Too Many Gems In The Chapter

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 12, 2023

Yeah this one was a treasure trove of gems, which means its time to be stingy in the next few chapters. Although I think the fam needs a lil chat to process all that has happened and all that will. Plus poor Astra got a lot on her plate dating-wise. So many choices lmao. That will be extra funny by the end of the book.

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 6, 2023

Hello my rainbow family and friends! I am off tomorrow and about halfway through chapter 19. I am going to "TRY" to get it out tomorrow, but if not - it will be very soon. Thank you for sticking with me. I appreciate the opportunity to share my own moonlight madness with you all. clear.png

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 7, 2023

Why does time never flow the way you want it too? It is almost midnight here and I have work in the morning. I did not get as much done as I thought. I will keep working and try to get the story of the stones to everyone soon! clear.png

LunaSoltaer · Mar 9, 2023

Take all the time you need clear.png

We eagerly await news of your success and bestow upon you all of our patience. Some days life interferes with writing. I would know, thus, ne'er shall you heartless blame receive ^_^

LunaSoltaer · Mar 5, 2023

I want to say, Thank you so much for the follow. I legitimately didn't predict it happening, and it was so kind :) I have had around 5 attempts at this post, and none of them seemed right, so I'm saying to the sun with it because something needs to be said clear.png

Continue basking in the lunacy of moonlight. It connects you to yourself, and your self to your words. And those are some crazy-composed words. 

(wait... are my eyes changing color....)

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 6, 2023

Well hopefully they are changing from Yellow to ANY OTHER COLOR. If not I am going to cut you off from drinking the rože koolaid! clear.png And of course I will follow you. I may even read your works although they were written for someone else. clear.png

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 3, 2023

I have released the next chapter and added 4 new words to the glossary. 2 word in Aeqori words and 2 in Viar. I only use one in this chapter, but the three remaining show up in the next chapter which is half done already. All I will say is this chapter really shook me so please enjoy. clear.png

LilliannaWinter · Author · Mar 3, 2023

I am furiously working to finish the next chapter. I am hoping to publish in the next few hours.clear.png

LilliannaWinter · Author · Feb 25, 2023

It is time To Catch a Kaplan. Please enjoy!

LilliannaWinter · Author · Feb 24, 2023

I am looking to release the next chapter tomorrow. So keep a look out.

LilliannaWinter · Author · Jan 31, 2023

I have been chisling away at the next few chapters. Chapter 16 is coming out this week so keep your eyes peeled. clear.png

LilliannaWinter · Author · Jan 13, 2023

The long awaited Chapter 15 is out. It is a little bit longer, but I really enjoyed writing this chapter. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. clear.png

LilliannaWinter · Author · Dec 27, 2022

The next chapter is out and there are two new Aeqori words. I wonder the Manō queen is like. clear.png

LilliannaWinter · Author · Dec 16, 2022

Ok! Dysmorphia under control, holiday preparations done mostly, roommate on a plane. No more distractions! Time to crank out a bunch of chapters for my fabulous readers! clear.png

RyRy · Dec 16, 2022

Can’t wait!!!

LilliannaWinter · Author · Dec 14, 2022

The commissioned artist who made the cover for Astraology also did my new avatars. I have one for each season. Keep an eye out for all four. Find him here

LilliannaWinter · Author · Dec 5, 2022

Apologies, dysmorphia struck this weekend and time just vanished on me. Its coming soon. Promise.

LilliannaWinter · Author · Nov 29, 2022

Thank you so much everyone for all of the favorites, comments, and dms. I am really happy that people are enjoying it and so engaged. <3 

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    I am a hobbyist writer that loves several types of genres. I am hoping my writing inspires and moves people in some small way.

    Proud transgendered author and supporter of the rainbow family! Allies encouraged and welcomed!

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