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Famous Author
Dec 10, 2021

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 10, 2021
Followers: 80
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I dabble in fantasy and erotica. I really like tentacle monsters, futa and corruption.

For info you can ask in DM or send me a mail at [email protected]

Thanks for reading!

Venusaur26 · Nov 7, 2023

Do you have Discord or something?

MaraDarks · Author · Nov 10, 2023

Hello there, sorry I read just now. I don't have a discord right now but I plan to set it up soon. Can I let you know when everything is settled and I am ready to start?


Venusaur26 · Nov 13, 2023

Oh yes, you can!clear.png

MuaveWraith248 · Aug 16, 2023

Are you stopping updating from prince to princess.

MaraDarks · Author · Aug 18, 2023

Hello there! Yes, the free part of the story is complete. Thanks for your message and take care! 

srkiesser1 · Jun 6, 2023

I personally post on Royal Road.  I have four fictions posted there, though only one actually got finished.  My newest one, is about someone getting reincarnated as a Core, but refusing the become the typical murder box, and instead asks, and is allowed to become the first ever city core.  Building a Stronghold, rather than death trap.  I'd love to see your take on something like that.  Keep having fun!

MaraDarks · Author · Jun 6, 2023

I have an idea for something a bit similar, mostly building a kingdom in another world, but it is still a draft and will need a lot of WB before being published - if it comes to that level I am sure it would be quite interesting!

And also best of luck with your own fics! clear.png

Mutekun · May 17, 2023

I hope u didnt give up on A Knight and her ‘Sword’ im really enjoying it

MaraDarks · Author · May 17, 2023

Hey, thanks for your message and for reading! That story is considered complete for the time being, but I might use Astoria or more futa characters in the future. I'm glad you are enjoying the story! clear.png

Readerofharemandsmut · Nov 10, 2022

Hello fellow cultured gentlemen or madams

MaraDarks · Author · Nov 10, 2022

Hello and thanks for the follow! I hope you will have a lot of fun here. There will more smut soon enough, as soon as I finish setting up a thing or two!clear.png

Venusaur26 · Oct 7, 2022

Yay! You’re alive!

MaraDarks · Author · Oct 7, 2022

Indeed! Thanks for holding out. Life does get in the way sometimes. I hope I will be able to bring you a lot of fun with this new anthology!

Venusaur26 · Oct 7, 2022

Again, I like heroines getting corrupted into evil rather than mind control

MaraDarks · Author · Oct 7, 2022

Ah, don't worry. Plenty of evil deeds here, especially at the end of the current Arc.

Venusaur26 · Apr 28, 2022

Hmm, are you sadistic, or a masochist, or both?

Venusaur26 · Apr 21, 2022

By your username, will you make more corrupted heroine stories?clear.png

Venusaur26 · Apr 24, 2022

Or maybe an Otome Game heroine that gets corrupted by a demon lord and goes evil

MaraDarks · Author · Apr 25, 2022

Thanks for your suggestions. I am not exactly an expert on the Otome sub-genre, but I see how it could be fun; my next planned story does have characters just about to finish high school though. All in all, I like to play with corruption themes in more devious ways. I hope you'll stay tuned for more stories of brainwashing, corruption and transformation!

Venusaur26 · Apr 25, 2022

Oh yeah, I like this stuff, though I feel kinda bad for them, and this is why I like heroines getting corrupted into going evil more

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    I dabble in fantasy and erotica. I really like tentacle monsters, futa and corruption.

    For info you can ask in DM or send me a mail at [email protected]

    Thanks for reading!

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