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Dec 17, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Dec 17, 2021
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Try reading my fantasy-adventure-romance novel - When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess

Gnucler · May 7, 2024


jasonasano · Oct 31, 2023

happy halloween

Noel_Elitia · Author · Oct 31, 2023

Happy Halloween to you too

Sudocara · Jun 2, 2023

Good evening, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if "when I got reincarnated as a spider with my goddess" is a bit inspired by "so what I am a spider" or not at all. Also, I really like your series. clear.png

Noel_Elitia · Author · Jun 4, 2023

thanks for the feedback. And yes in a way it is inspired, as a thought what if the story had proceeded in such a way. So, except for reincarnating as a spider the entire idea and story is fully original. Hope you keep enjoying the novel. Have a nice day. ☺️

Aegis_Of_The_Void · Jun 24, 2022

Hi, very sorry to bother you but I thought I'd tell you that where it says "Please forgive me if you find the volume 1 terrific", terrific is a good thing, e.g. "You graduated? That's terrific!" while I think you meant terrible.

I am not doing this to sound rude and don't want to sound rude but I found it weird and decided to bring it up.

valk · Apr 17, 2022

thank you very much for the series i really enjoy it


Noel_Elitia · Author · Apr 17, 2022

glad to hear it.

Hope you keep enjoying your read.

Noel_Elitia · Author · Apr 2, 2022

Hello. Hello. Hello. - Finally we have got a patreon page on our side - early access to all chapters at only $1 - do check out the benefits and support me. -

Xeno_King · Jan 29, 2022

Hi would you like a cookie

Noel_Elitia · Author · Jan 30, 2022


Xeno_King · Jan 30, 2022


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    Try reading my fantasy-adventure-romance novel - When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess

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