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Dec 19, 2021

Joined: Dec 19, 2021
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A supreme autistic cunt

SomeRandomWhitSnake · Apr 25, 2024

loves and kisses to this degen clear.png

DiscoDream · Apr 25, 2024


Ciel_tempest · Feb 29, 2024

heyy , I have some interest in getting to know you and your hobbies, inclinations, and so on. Just curious because I have been seeing you a lot lately and you have caught my attention.clear.png 

DiscoDream · Feb 29, 2024

You've taken the first step by publicly outting yourself as a degenerate. Max respect. clear.png

Harem-Fan · Jan 16, 2024

The story of mine you are currently reading is a dead one, and the following two are my current active projects with better grammar, just so you know.clear.pngclear.png

After Reincarnating, My System Quit!clear.png

A Sword & Sorcery Tale, My System Quit!clear.png

DiscoDream · Jan 16, 2024

Does it have a good ending, or is it just a sudden cutoff? 

Harem-Fan · Jan 16, 2024

It cuts off on the Black Moon, But the Elf Arc Gets finished where he becomes the Elf Kingclear.png

DiscoDream · Jan 16, 2024

Spoilers! I still plan on reading my man!!!

Any chance you'll finish it in the future? I'm enjoying it so far. 

Harem-Fan · Jan 16, 2024

Later I explain why I had to stop, because I am legally blind, and the character sheets and LitRPG made it hard to keep up. But it is still worth the read. you can find all of my stories on my profile page, but 3/5 are completed/stoppedclear.png

MrTortuga · Oct 11, 2023

Thank you very much for your comments, in the novels I read, they are very funny, because of you I always go through the comments to see if you commented something clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

DiscoDream · Oct 12, 2023

You're one sick son of a bitch. I'll call you brother. clear.png

ReversedThree · Oct 9, 2023

Yo, sending some love to ScribbleHub’s most beloved questionable morals comment gremlin.clear.png

DiscoDream · Oct 9, 2023

Aww shucks, you're making me blush. clear.png

Johnwolfie435 · Oct 2, 2023

Yo Disco,mind popping by and reading my new Skyrim fanfic? Maybe give some pointers?

DiscoDream · Sep 20, 2023

Allright, which depraved and unhinged comment of mine got your attention? 

ReadLight · Aug 29, 2023

Hello, I recently saw your input on the poll in my book on how the readers are doing lately. 

I saw the score you placed for yourself, and figure I'd send a warm regard. 

Thank you for reading and commenting on my book. I hope you are feeling better. 

rain-090 · Jun 1, 2023

Bro where's the goblin cultivators at?

DiscoDream · Jun 1, 2023

Soz, but wuxia's just aren't my thing. 

ReverseGenderRoles_Enjoyer · Apr 10, 2023

on feburary 14th 2023  you said this: 

"We said virgins until thirty."

*Wheeze* clear.png

Maybe in this reality, incest was a thing?

My neice and I must be interdimensional travelers. clear.png

What did you mean by the text above? please explain

Keriahenta · May 8, 2023

The world demand answers clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

DiscoDream · May 8, 2023

The answer is simple. I refuse. clear.png

kophzi · Dec 8, 2022

Write your own web novel when?

DiscoDream · Dec 8, 2022

When I can fix my computer. Blew up last year and haven't had the money. clear.png

EthanPeh · Dec 8, 2022

3510 comments you take the cake. Most comments I have ever seen clear.png  Thx for the follow and enjoy reading my story. 

Shamiko · Feb 21, 2023


Umbrael · May 11, 2023

4,986 now lol. You going for the WR on Scribblehub comments?

DiscoDream · May 11, 2023

I'll be real with ya, I thought I slowed down recently. Been spending alot of time outside, and practicing old hobbies. Alittle jarring to see that that number grew even faster. clear.png

Shamiko · May 11, 2023

I noticed lol 

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    A supreme autistic cunt

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