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Jan 11, 2022

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The idle young master in the strongest sect who writes as a hobby.

"Pfft. Jade beauties? Why bother chasing after them? Go do something more productive!"

Newupdatedoko · Nov 2, 2023

Docchi docchi!!!clear.png

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Nov 2, 2023


Overdrive2800 · Oct 26, 2023

In Better Life what is mana's relation with cursed energy? Is Cursed Energy negative mana or something?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Oct 27, 2023

It's not as simple as that. In the JJK canon, cursed energy are the byproduct of human's negative emotions. On the other hand, mana (according to Otherworld's canon) is a form of energy continuously produced on the universe. We could see that the two bear some sort of similarities but they are different. Cursed energy is not a negative mana, but it is indeed a form of energy found in the conceptual plane. It is generated by the sorcerer themselves as they have the ability to harness it. 

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Oct 27, 2023

Meanwhile, mana is also something generated by Magicians, but they come from a more natural source as opposed to cursed energy.

TL;DR: The two have many similarities but things are not as simple as cursed energy being negative mana. The two forms of energy have different sources as well as power systems.

Overdrive2800 · Sep 29, 2023

Wait it's over??? We didn't even visit most of the worlds yet???

Overdrive2800 · Sep 29, 2023

Well I hope better life is slower.

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Sep 30, 2023

Welp, it is what it is. Better life would be indeed slower compared to the chat group.

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Sep 30, 2023

That's what I decided to do after Shiro reached the power ceiling of reality itself.

Overdrive2800 · Sep 30, 2023

Would Nobu meet shiro one day?

Overdrive2800 · Sep 21, 2023

Would "I Will Live A Better Life!" have the same level of power scaling as foreigner or would it be weaker?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Sep 21, 2023

It would work its way up to there. Nasuverse is already something included to it. clear.png

Overdrive2800 · Sep 24, 2023

Are the gods true form in Danmachi creator class?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Sep 25, 2023

Tbh, I don't know. There aren't enough material in the light novel to make such statements. 

bibliophic · Aug 21, 2023

Before I forgot again I wanted to ask, does better life goin to have time travel stuff too or just the memories. Look, I don't hate time travel but the way you did it on chat group were kinda... Messy? Yeah. Stuff just kinda happens out of nowhere without a build up like... yeah things happen because of background reason but man.

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Aug 21, 2023

I didn't plan any time travel on better life (for now). Though I learned the mistakes from Chat Group and would create a proper build up if I ever planned to have one. 

CrimsonMonarch · Jul 20, 2023

Hey uh it might be something wrong with me but for reason chap 313 doesn't exist.

CrimsonMonarch · Jul 20, 2023

Wait it says chap 323 so u accidentally posted that?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Jul 21, 2023

Yep, I made an oopsie. I accidentally posted the advanced chapter instead of 313. It (ch.313) should be up now.

Overdrive2800 · May 13, 2023

Is shiro currently creator Class?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · May 14, 2023

Yes and no. Yes since he already has the Third True Magic, and no since his two other attributes are catching up to it yet. He's already an equivalent, though, since he could use most of his powers without much repercussion (thanks to materialized soul).

Overdrive2800 · Mar 29, 2023

Why was fenhir and Shiro fighting at the start of the story? I know they want to fuse into one being, but couldn't they just do that without fighting?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 31, 2023

It was explained throughout the story that it is just an act; that their "deaths" has something to do with their plans for the future. In short, they are not really enemies. Both of them are on the same side.

Overdrive2800 · Mar 27, 2023

I can assure you that saitama isn't a beyond creator.(At least yet)

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 28, 2023

I share the same sentiment. But, that future was set over 40 years later into the story. By that time, I believe that every single story in One Punch Man would have been over (considering that everything up to the latest chapter in the manga happened in a short time). Thus, I made him one (his case is similar to the Endgame Rimuru who became absurdly overpowered at the end of Tensura).

Overdrive2800 · Mar 28, 2023

Assuming that God from OPM is creator level is logical as Garou was once able to reverse time. God should be way stronger.

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 29, 2023

Yup. The train of thought continues there. As someone who could have been able to defeat such being, how strong would Saitama be (in the future)? That's why his power is made unclear yet has a certain threshold.

Overdrive2800 · Mar 29, 2023

By that logic, does that mean beyonder creators doesn't have to be omnicient, omnipotent, and omnipresent? They just have to be powerful beyond the norms of the universe? Like Saitama can't warp reality or manipulate it

Overdrive2800 · Mar 25, 2023

I honest am a bit confused? Didn't Shiro die to altair's conceptual attack?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 26, 2023

Not really. "Injured" is a better way to put it (which is why he used his final trump card moments before the attack).

ghostphoenix · Mar 25, 2023

No new chapters, Author-sama?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 25, 2023

There will be one later. Apologies if I can't do the usual daily updates but uni is killing me lately. It'll return during times when I am not that busy irl.

Overdrive2800 · Mar 3, 2023

How strong is Altair? 

Overdrive2800 · Mar 3, 2023

What can beyond creator level entities do?

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 4, 2023

Definitely one of the strongest fictional characters out there. Her lone ability to remain "impervious/immortal" is enough to let her do so, not to mention her destructive powers that modifies the existence of something, such as turning your body into a sea of petals. The anime made her seem underwhelming, but she isn't like that upon further inspection.
Basically, she soloes her own verse.

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 4, 2023

As for Beyond creator entities, they are made to be a step up from creator-class, the ones who can "edit" reality itself at their whims. It is supposed to be the highest class attainable, but Beyond Creator classes are the ones who surpassed this limit. For once, they are no longer affected by low-tier attacks.

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Mar 4, 2023

(Altair was being "harmed" due to the birdcage that turns her vulnerable; see this article for more details:

Next thing that they can do is to affect "reality" as a whole. If you know about "Mysteries", "Creator", or the strong ones in Lovecraft such as "Azatoth", that's what I'm talking about. They can do more things, but it'll be kept secret until I publish the future chapters ;)

Overdrive2800 · Feb 1, 2023

How would fenhir match up against webnovel Rimuru? Their powers seems quite similar as both defies concepts and create them at will.

Overdrive2800 · Jan 31, 2023

How powerful are the outer gods in arknights? 

IdleYoungMaster · Author · Jan 31, 2023

Depends. From the way things are stated, their power levels are vague. However, it is repeatedly foreshadowed that the Outer Gods there has a great amount of similarities with Lovecraftian Mythos. I recall seeing a giant eye in one of the trailers which reminds me of Cthulhu. That's why I'm currently treading on the Lovecraftian Mythos when it comes to the plot in my fic.

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    The idle young master in the strongest sect who writes as a hobby.

    "Pfft. Jade beauties? Why bother chasing after them? Go do something more productive!"

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