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Apr 2, 2019

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Joined: Apr 2, 2019
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Lise · Author · Sep 30, 2022

Hello, all! :D

I'll be entering hospital next week (with no adequate access to internet).

During that time there won't be any chapters posted. I'll still try to post a few chapters before that (including the last chapter of the Reluctant Dungeon.)

Hope to see you again soon :)
Ilikewaterkusa · Sep 30, 2022


Lise · Author · Aug 26, 2022

Hello all,

Unfortunately, due to real life issues, I'll be reducing my posting frequency for the immediate future :(

Leveling will only appear Monday-Friday and Reluctant Dungeon Tuesday and Friday.

Sorry about this :( Hopefully, things will allow me to get back to a daily schedule soon enough.

Take care, all.

Kaithar · Mar 10, 2022

Some random questions from explaining Upgrade to my other half...

1/ if you crack an egg and repair it, do you get an egg or a "perfect cracked egg"?

2/ you'd think upgrading food would make a good meal, so do nobles pay people  to upgrade ingredients?  Or use upgrade on the finished meal?

3/ if you repair a meal that's gone cold, would it restore it to freshly cooked? Would it heat it up?

I only just started binging, so maybe they're addressed later, but they're silly questions lol clear.png

TDM · Apr 29, 2022

1) "You get an "egg" by repairing it... this assumes it is a dead object and that organic objects can be upgraded (we haven't seen this).

2) Hopefully you can't upgrade food; it would imply a realm guardian lives inside and is eaten and excreted; also that poo is upgradeable.  Though, maybe food is all "hollow".

3) See above.  Maybe it just becomes more suited to being eaten at room temperature?  There seem to be no clear rules and the gods are fickle.

Sylthix · Jan 15, 2022

With the start of a new year, I want a slight amount of closure. Is there going to be a sequel to Quod Olim Erat? The ending had a slight hook and the depth of the the world had me looking for more or are you going to be focused on Levelling up the world?

Happy New Year!

Lise · Author · Jul 2, 2022

:D There are 2 sequels, but since there was little interest here, I haven't posted them to this site :(

Lise · Author · Dec 27, 2021

Happy Holidays!

This is a special thank you to all! Reading your comments and knowing that people are amused by my story helped me a lot this year. I can only hope that my writing has also brought you some joy :D

May 2022 be a great year, and that all of us are safe, healthy, and happy :)

AhriCaster · Dec 31, 2021

Hi Lise,

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!  :D haha

Thank you, I wish you and everyone here a happy new year. May 2022 bring prosperity, wonderful encounters and abundant joy!

Thank you for writing one of the most amazing stories I've ever read.

Best Wishes


AlohNoah · Sep 9, 2021

Thank you for your inspiring work clear.png

Superboii · Feb 2, 2021

give me tip

Ddraig · Apr 3, 2019

Welcome to Scribblehub ~

Lise · Author · Apr 3, 2019

:) Thank you

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