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Apr 2, 2019

Joined: Apr 2, 2019
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royal · Aug 4, 2021

Thanks for reading

BobTheLost · Aug 4, 2021

Eh, it's an interesting read, and it's more or less readable, though as I said in the comments, it's gotten way more readable, and you put out just enough that it's easy to continue reading frequently without feeling drowned in chapters. 

Crazibrains · Apr 14, 2021

Thanks for the follow clear.png

Arcanix · Jan 10, 2021

Thanks for checking out my book!

BobTheLost · Jan 10, 2021

It is an interesting story. 

ShadowReader · Jan 5, 2021

I been looking at other people profile page to see if they have some novel good on their reading list. I couldn't find any good one that I haven’t read before or caught my interest

BobTheLost · Jan 5, 2021

I have 2 reading lists, a public one that I'm more or less currently reading, and a private one that has a bunch of stories that I'm not currently reading due to a variety of reasons but might return to. I maintain my public one at roughly 50 to 100 stories, while my private one is up to like 230ish now. 

If you are looking for suggestions, @stonelight has a reading list of like 600+ that has a lot of the interesting stories on the site. 

EgaoChan · Dec 13, 2020

Thank you for the positive and constructive review! I will continuously improve and hope you'll like the stories to come!clear.png

BobTheLost · Dec 13, 2020

I'll likely be reading your stuff for a while. As said in my review, the stuff that feels awkward, you seem to be getting better at, or perhaps I've adjusted to your style.  

BobTheLost · Dec 13, 2020

Regarding the time stuff, I basically read most of your story in the last day or so, and many times I would go from one chapter to the next with a 'same day or next day' assumption because a lot kinda did that, then a character would say something to otherwise, which would mess with my internal time line. As said in the review, nothing to fix there on your side in that regards, it just kept messing with me is all. 

EgaoChan · Dec 13, 2020

Thank you! clear.png

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