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Jan 22, 2022

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Joined: Jan 22, 2022
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Hello! My name is Scarlet. I write fantasy, science fiction, horror, and anything else I find compelling. I hope you will, too!

ScarLetters · · Author · Aug 6, 2022

Dropping two chapters of a brand new story today: These Dreams of Mine

clear.png  Hey. Hey you. You like romance?

Well have I got the story for you. This one will be considerably shorter than HSA, and I aim to release a chapter per week, or in between either story. I hope y'all like it!

Elynea · Aug 14, 2023

Just found your page! Dropping a follow just incase you pick these stories up because I'm hooked already 😂😭

ScarLetters · Author · Aug 7, 2022

3rd Chapter of These Dreams of Mine is scheduled to release next week on the 13th, and I'm looking forward to it!

ScarLetters · Author · Aug 5, 2022

Putting up a short chapter of her Strange Aeons today!

ScarLetters · Author · Jul 24, 2022

Hey all! Sorry for the silence.

I've been on a long semi-hiatus. My vacation was great! but I have been quietly writing in the background. Her Strange Aeons isn't going anywhere, but I am working on a short story in between.
It's a romance with a dash of supernatural themes, and I hope you'll like it!

ScarLetters · Author · May 10, 2022

Prologue II is about to drop!

Elamimax · May 10, 2022


RavenKane · May 10, 2022


ScarLetters · Author · Apr 22, 2022

I'll be posting the first half of the prologue today!

ScarLetters · Author · Apr 15, 2022

The prologue is complete! I'm going to workshop it some before release, but I'm so excited to have it done!!

ScarLetters · Author · Mar 21, 2022

Chapter 10 has been cooking in the workshop, but I think I'm ready to drop it today! Stay tuned~

ScarLetters · Author · Mar 8, 2022

Small update to chapter 9 in advance of chapter 10. It's on the way!

ScarLetters · Author · Feb 24, 2022

Chapter 9 will be coming out today! Expect that drop in just a few hours :)

ScarLetters · Author · Feb 20, 2022

Chapter 9 is currently in the workshop, and I'm also working on a prologue for the story. Look forward to both soon!

ScarLetters · Author · Feb 12, 2022

69 Readers for Her Strange Aeons?


              Nice. clear.png


ZoeStorm · Feb 11, 2022

Ay, thank you for the follow! clear.png

ScarLetters · Author · Feb 12, 2022


ScarLetters · Author · Feb 10, 2022

Aiming to release chapter 8 today

It'll be an interesting chapter, I hope you'll like it!

ScarLetters · Author · Feb 3, 2022

Chapter 7 will be released tomorrow at roughly 5PM PST! Hope you like it~

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    Hello! My name is Scarlet. I write fantasy, science fiction, horror, and anything else I find compelling. I hope you will, too!

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