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Jan 27, 2022

Famous Author
Joined: Jan 27, 2022
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PrancerOnCloudz · Feb 3, 2024

Hi I am on ch. 37 of your planet story and I have a question. Why are the orcs depicted as pigs ? I also seen this in 'Tensei Slime'. Is this some sort of reference or nod to that story or is it some sort of greater theme where orcs are pigs and always been that way. As a Lord of the Rings fan I would have that they would be mountain crawling deformed creatures with a humanoid appearance. This question only comes from a place of curiosity. 

SolitaryMonarch · Author · Feb 5, 2024

I'm pretty sure originally, orcs were mainly depicted to be the pig kind, and not just in the reincarnated slime story. However, something changed, Idk when, and people started to to name the green ogres orcs as well. Many popular stories came out with them called orcs, and that ended up with them completely claiming the name, so the original pig orcs ended up forgotten. However I like both creatures, so I have them both in my story with their original names. Orc(Pig kind) and Ogre(Green kind).

PrancerOnCloudz · Feb 5, 2024

Oh I see. Thank you.

Kermitisgod · Apr 12, 2023

Eyyy... No problem man clear.png

Kermitisgod · Apr 11, 2023

Yo...just bro alive ? 

Like, he ain't talking no more. Just chapter after chapter.

Yes. Im talking about @TheOnlyMonarch clear.pngclear.png

SolitaryMonarch · Author · Apr 12, 2023

I'm good lol, just been slightly busy. Thanks for asking

oxya · Jan 15, 2023

still alive?clear.png

SolitaryMonarch · Author · Jan 15, 2023

Of course. I've just been busy with my education and haven't been able to write. But rejoice, I have finally submitted all 3 projects and will soon resume creating new chapters.

oxya · Jan 16, 2023


Reader5050 · Nov 23, 2022

One week of no update

Reader5050 · Nov 23, 2022


SolitaryMonarch · Author · Nov 23, 2022

Sorry, I took a break. New chapter out today thoughclear.png

RainwithPromise · Aug 23, 2022

Why are some words/text in your novel are gone/dissapear/invisible?

SolitaryMonarch · Author · Aug 25, 2022

Which words?

RainwithPromise · Aug 25, 2022

𝘳𝘢𝘨𝘰𝘯 this symbols appear lile invis text or just plan invis text 

SolitaryMonarch · Author · Aug 25, 2022

I think I know what you're talking about. In some of my earlier chapters, there were times where I used a unique font to highlight what I was writing about or make whatever I was writing seem more bizarre.

However, one day, just like you, somebody told me that they couldn't see the text and had even sent me a screenshot of the characters that had been replaced by blank boxes. So as you can probably guess, I stopped using that font from then on.

RainwithPromise · Aug 25, 2022

Ah, I see. . . . 

Reader5050 · Jul 30, 2022

What the  the upload date ,like monday 

Reader5050 · Jul 29, 2022

Is it possible to make the prologue a little less +18?    

Reader5050 · Aug 13, 2022

oh wait it is +18.

MagicRex · May 19, 2022

So where ya been, no pressure just wanted to make sure you didn't die on us.

SolitaryMonarch · Author · May 21, 2022

I've just been busy with work irl, no worries. I'll resume uploading daily chapters from Monday. Thanks for checking on me clear.png

Hellson · Feb 28, 2022

When you put the harem tag did you put it there for the mc or the races he created 

SolitaryMonarch · Author · Feb 28, 2022

Assuming you're referring to the [Reincarnated as a World] book, the answer is... Both. The MC will have a harem, and a few characters in his World will and already have a harem. Dodo the Elk for example, is quite the stud.

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