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Feb 14, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 14, 2022
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Trans author and artist, just hoping to make a living that’s more fun than retail.
Follow me on twitter or tumblr to see more art and order commissions:

Beedok · · Author · Dec 11, 2022

Since I’m trying to write full time for the next while, folks signing up to my patreon would really help. I offer early access to everything I write, exclusive content not found elsewhere, WiPs, and the ability to vote on stories I write next.

Beedok · Author · Dec 25, 2022

Opening a poll to decide what I’ll write next, info in twitter:

Beedok · Author · Dec 18, 2022

It’s a shame I can’t post art to my profile. Then I could use this as a full social media account.

AnonymousIncognito · Dec 19, 2022

You could always spin up a Mastodon server.

Beedok · Author · Dec 26, 2022

I’ll be honest, I’ve heard nothing but bad about Mastadon and am hoping to avoid ever having to touch it… 

Beedok · Author · Dec 17, 2022

HaProTGirl really poisoned my brain on what constitutes a story doing well on here… clear.png

Irlina · Dec 17, 2022

Some of it might just be readers are working through a backlog of stories and have yours saved. And sometimes it falls into a different niche that runs differently. It is a lot of variables that can do it. All you can do is be yourself and people will find you if they want to. 

AnonymousIncognito · Dec 18, 2022

I actually found ASWG first.

Sandromatic · Dec 20, 2022

I mean, it is certainly the story of yours that I have most enjoyed overall due to its topics and such so that's probably why it did so well. Its general tone along with being an eggfic really helped it be so strong I think?

Beedok · Author · Dec 14, 2022

I probably need to get better at intrigue to help get more comments on my writing.clear.png

Beedok · Author · Dec 1, 2022

I have a cohost:

spoonPrincess · Dec 1, 2022

so I checked out cohost. it's. literally just Tumblr

Beedok · Author · Nov 25, 2022

My new very gender superheroes story, Dirty Little Secret is out. Amazon: Itch:

Beedok · Author · Nov 25, 2022

(The enter button doesn’t work on scribble comments ipad, so I can’t give them better formatting.)

Beedok · Author · Nov 23, 2022

Editing is bleh, but I need to get Dirty Little Secret published this week…

Beedok · Author · Nov 22, 2022

Finally getting serious about making illustrations for the HaProTGirl light novel. Currently hoping to be done by mid December. (There’s at good twenty more illustrations left to do… clear.png)

Beedok · Author · Nov 10, 2022

Thought I should mention, I’ve now added a benefit to high enough patron tiers to be allowed to vote on what stories I’ll start. (I’ll do some things without a vote, but am aiming to have votes at least half the time.)

Beedok · Author · Nov 2, 2022

There really is such a massive range of success for my stories. It’s surprising. (Poor Illyxa…)

lexcia · Nov 2, 2022

I'm reading that one once I've gotten through more of my current reading list if that helps you feel better :) 

Beedok · Author · Nov 3, 2022

I’m really just surprised by the difference, rather than upset or anything.

Beedok · Author · Nov 2, 2022

Re-formatted patreon a bit to make the tier benefits clearer:

Beedok · Author · Oct 7, 2022

So, had a bit of writer’s block, but, I *have* managed to update my one story that’s currently only on patreon:

Beedok · Author · Sep 28, 2022

Sorry about not publishing much, I agreed to sign up for an anthology that I couldn’t publish as I wrote and then also got a lot more hours than average at work. But the short is done and I have less work this week, so I should get something out in the near future.

lexcia · Sep 28, 2022

Congrats on getting into that anthology! 

Beedok · Author · Sep 3, 2022

A patrons only bonus piece for HaProTGirl:

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    Trans author and artist, just hoping to make a living that’s more fun than retail.
    Follow me on twitter or tumblr to see more art and order commissions:

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