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Feb 14, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 14, 2022
Followers: 406
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Trans author and artist, just hoping to make a living that’s more fun than retail.
Follow me on twitter or tumblr to see more art and order commissions:

Beedok · · Author · Jul 14, 2023

New, better formatted pin, with patreon, amazon, and itch links:

Beedok · Author · May 16, 2023

My sci-fi MerMay story about a lesbian trans shark girl dating a tall and muscular genderfluid bodyguard is now out!clear.png

To be found in this bundle:

Beedok · Author · May 15, 2023

Starting to write the dark space opera with vampires and lesbians (including some lesbian vampires… though the main vampire is bi).  Will be posting a chapter or three to Patreon before putting any up on Scribblehub.

Beedok · Author · May 1, 2023

Too many WiPs but I want to start a dark space opera with vampires and lesbians…

Eirenliel · May 1, 2023

sign me up

Swiftrunner · May 1, 2023

I second this notion

Beedok · Author · Apr 29, 2023

I am doing a two day 50% off sale on Itch to celebrate Indie April coming to an end. (And an even better deal if you buy everything as a bundle.)

Beedok · Author · Apr 25, 2023

I decided to give Amazon pre-orders a shot for Lessons in Lesbianism (a romance between a trans girl and a tall dashing butch wherein said trans girl finds out being a lesbian is an option for her). 

(Also, Patreon Patrons have access to everything I’ve written so far, if you prefer that option.)

Beedok · Author · Apr 9, 2023

Going to just try to tell myself Scribblehub’s views counter is broken lately, and not that my two most recent story updates were complete and total flops… clear.png

Zncro · Apr 10, 2023

Personally it's just I've been in a sci-fi mood and waiting for updates for stories I'm already reading

Beedok · Author · Apr 10, 2023

Not trying to call people out for not reading. It just that scribblehub has been glitching for me and not updating view counts until days after I post an update, making it seem like *literally* no one is reading.clear.png

lexcia · Apr 10, 2023

Might be due to it being Easter weekend?

CassieSandwich · Apr 10, 2023

Actually yes it was! When Scrib went down it totally fucked the counting algorithms~ Don't judge this week too hard

Beedok · Author · Apr 2, 2023

Doing a genuine update on April 1st may have been a mistake.

Beedok · Author · Mar 31, 2023

I’ve started working on a short story for a trans MerMay bundle. My story is about a trans shark girl and a genderfluid bodyguard love interest. If anyone wants early access to it, it’s being posted to my patreon:

Beedok · Author · Mar 25, 2023

Poor Illyxa and Gragya. They’re my favourite of the characters/stories  I’m writing right now, but by far the least popular. 🥲

Beedok · Author · Mar 19, 2023

Chapter 6 of Lessons in Lesbianism is now up on my patreon, bringing the story up to 14 thousand words. (And the main girl slightly closer to realising she likes girls…)

Beedok · Author · Mar 15, 2023

Part 5 of my paid only story Lessons in Lesbianism is now up on Patreon:

Beedok · Author · Mar 6, 2023

A young warrior sets out to avenge her people for the crimes of an elven prince, with no plans to survive her quest to kill him.

A merchant’s daughter is chosen as another bride for the same elven prince’s collection of wives. She learns there is no love in his heart.

Eventually their paths will cross and their fortunes shall shift.

A story that will be paid only. Part one is on my patreon:

Beedok · Author · Mar 9, 2023

2nd part is up now.

Beedok · Author · Mar 5, 2023

Patreon exclusive Harem Protagonist Girl + Alien Super Weapon Girlfriend little crossover chapter is up. Sign up to read.

Beedok · Author · Feb 23, 2023

Huh. Lots of new followers directly to my profile. Hello. 

Curious where everyone is coming from.clear.png

BrieVee · Feb 23, 2023

I just followed you today, although I'm not sure I can actually answer your question.

I was reading the Secret Transfic Autumn Anthology, and then I realized that I wasn't following despite enjoying some of your other stories.

Beedok · Author · Feb 4, 2023

New patreon update for my paid only story ‘Lessons in Lesbianism’. 

Classes are starting at the all women’s theatre academy, and some of the teachers are better than others.

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    Trans author and artist, just hoping to make a living that’s more fun than retail.
    Follow me on twitter or tumblr to see more art and order commissions:

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