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Feb 25, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 25, 2022
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Paytoechip · Author · Apr 11, 2024


TK100 · Mar 15, 2024

Discord link is expired 

Paytoechip · Author · Mar 15, 2024

nightbreeze00 · Feb 14, 2024

are there set days you release chapters?

Paytoechip · Author · Feb 15, 2024


Paytoechip · Author · Feb 15, 2024

I post them as soon as I finish writing them, but I’ve been super busy recently, so I haven’t been able to write. 

God_of_Darkness · Jan 5, 2024

What payto and order daughter name? 

Paytoechip · Author · Jan 5, 2024


TheLoneFox · Dec 12, 2023

Always love rereading your stories!  Pls keep them coming!  Also, the discord link is expired.

Paytoechip · Author · Dec 12, 2023

ChaosOmega98 · Aug 7, 2023

Are your 2 stories connected in anyway

Paytoechip · Author · Aug 7, 2023

Same multiverse kind of thing. 

ChaosOmega98 · Aug 7, 2023

So do I have to read the completed one first?

Paytoechip · Author · Aug 7, 2023

No. Though you will probably be confused about some background stuff and the multitude of cameos that happen in the end section of most chapters, it’s not really necessary. 

GigaDotti · Oct 17, 2023

Also you would miss out on the additional Fluff if you skip the first one.
The Fluff adds up.

FrostKNightmare · Aug 6, 2023

well I'll just put this here, I started with the Blue Sun series and I must say I 'm enjoying it. this is my first story on this site and the first one I read to do an author's note like that.

at this time I just finished reading the first one and i got two question?, well things to ask

FrostKNightmare · Aug 6, 2023

one: do you go back to fix typos/errors cuz i found 4 with some of them being pointed out in the comments(may have been more, was reading or 8 days straight, and mid way throu my head felt dull from the number of chapters I got throu in a dayclear.png)

Two: I found 3 different links to Discord (in the 1st book), does it usually change if so can I get a link? clear.pngam waiting with cookies and donuts (now where did i put thoseclear.png)
Paytoechip · Author · Aug 6, 2023

As for the typos, I should probably go and fix those, but honestly I'm really busy a lot of the time, so I never really go back and fix them unless there are a ton of them.

FrostKNightmare · Aug 6, 2023

Aye Aye Sir,found the cookies please have some🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪clear.png

Aschente · Jul 29, 2023

is "I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune" finished?? cause if so i dosent say it, it just says "ongoing"

Paytoechip · Author · Jul 29, 2023

Just waiting for inspiration to hit me for the epilogue. 

Aschente · Jul 29, 2023

ah kk

Piiiiiii · Jul 7, 2023

I love your story. I’m on recent chapter on both your story..

Congrats on #1

Hashira · Jul 1, 2023


Paytoechip · Author · Jul 1, 2023


Reborn_kun · Jun 27, 2023

Congrats on Trending #1! clear.png

Mr.GrimDeathReaper · Jun 24, 2023

Just a curious wanderer here looking for an answer to a question from a man that in my opinion is quite a good writer, Do you ever choose people in the comments to do something like you did with Crisis? Not gonna lie I’m curious cause it’s on my bucket list, but also just curious

Paytoechip · Author · Jun 24, 2023

At first it was like that with Clayton and Crisis, then I made my discord server and it really devolved from there to just random out of story RP that sometimes happens. If I allude to anything that seems pretty much random, then it’s probably just an inside joke. 

Mr.GrimDeathReaper · Jun 24, 2023


Doomjackal · Jun 23, 2023

Love your work!

Paytoechip · Author · Jun 23, 2023

Thank you. 

HoldMyGame · Jun 14, 2023

Since I never know on scribblehub when a story is done, is betrayed then reincarnated completed?

Paytoechip · Author · Jun 14, 2023

I’m waiting for inspiration to hit me for the last two chapters. It’s technically in after story now, so you could consider it done, but don’t be surprised if a chapter is posted some time. 

HoldMyGame · Jun 15, 2023

Thanks for the reply, great story by the way. Any plans for a sequel or same world different era type thing with recurring characters or something like that? I've always loved stories that do that. Sometimes it's freaking funny as hell when done right.

Paytoechip · Author · Jun 15, 2023

Luna and Tamamo do show up in the Chaos Realm of the second story I've been posting.  As for more in Luna's world, maybe one day, but for now there are no plans.

Fenrisruby · May 22, 2023

clear.png i'm already late of about 30 chapter in the first story and you publich (XD) a new one already keep up the good work.

The fluff never end

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