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Apr 12, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 12, 2019
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Comments: 753
Liber8T · Jan 21, 2024

I think author chama retired after completing her best workclear.png

bonkerdonker · Aug 9, 2023

Is the author are have die

Spageto · Sep 27, 2023

author have is die the are

SorrowGrim · Nov 18, 2023

Have die is the are author

Azmeam · Jan 9, 2024

when were you when Ninetailed_Furball dies?

i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring
‘Furball is kill’
SorrowGrim · Apr 21, 2023

Is the author still alive?clear.png

Grappleshot · Jul 10, 2023

I hope so.

Spageto · Mar 23, 2023

We want to know how the Furball's doing!

rafft · Feb 11, 2023

Wow, it has almost been a full year since your last upload. Time flies! clear.png

Queen007 · Jan 11, 2023

The MC being a female is actually a mistake.. 

but when he choose his height he pick a little shorter than his original 7ft height. But I wasn't expecting a guy picking a super short height that being a girl got him mistaken for a child.
I cannot believe there's a guy who wants to be short 🥺🥺😅
Akasha09 · Aug 7, 2023

Queen007, I'm tall I'm 6'2 too tall for my Asian nationality and it irritates me to no end when I have to duck just to get inside the house! I never thought I'd miss my 5'1 height on my 2nd year of high school (elementary, middle school, high school system) until I hit the door frame and being unable to fit in tight spaces. I hate puberty! It ruined my balance and coordination, it also ruined my ability to blend in and my voice too!

PrometheusDarkflame · Sep 24, 2023

Eh, I’m a guy and I’d much rather be short. I’m 6’4” and I’d happily be 5’0” instead, lol. It’s incredibly frustrating to bang my head on doorways and cupboard just because I forgot to duck. That said, if I was gonna be that short I’d probably want to be a girl too, just to complete the re-incarnated as a Loli package 🤣

Omo · Apr 27, 2024

as a 5'6" dude; I wouldn't mind being shorter or taller. Either way, less average xD

I think we all want to be something we aren't. The grass is always greener as they say.

toninho1br · Nov 7, 2022

are you ok?

tatsuya · May 25, 2022

Hello author San???

SorrowGrim · Jun 14, 2022

Probably hiatus or on vacationclear.png

Liber8T · Apr 5, 2022

Wow... Reincarnated vampire ended... I just noticed... I'm shockedclear.png... It's like the third novel I started reading since forever but stopped at ch 172 clear.png I'm sad to know it endedclear.png 

Pls give spoiler.. will mc get a girlfriend before it ends??

Unknowingly · Apr 6, 2022

No. She becomes the god of that world. And stays single.

Liber8T · Apr 7, 2022

What?!... Oh ok.. at least I know I won't hate the novel cuz shes not gonna get sullied by men🙃🙂

SorrowGrim · Jun 14, 2022

Same :<

Fhataha · Mar 30, 2022

Since the reincarnated vampire novel is finished does that mean you'll start working on star-crossed or wish for monster girls next?

Unknowingly · Mar 20, 2022

My friend I thank you for all the good times. The stories you've brought us will always remain in our hearts. I wish you a happy farewell until we meet again. 

Ninetailed_Furball · Author · Mar 20, 2022

[The Reincarnated Vampire Just Wants To Enjoy Her New Life Chapter 200 - The Day After Tomorrow According to Alicia] Clear skies, no chance of rain.

Blinglee1 · Mar 20, 2022

Thank you for the great story mate

Ninetailed_Furball · Author · Mar 12, 2022

[The Reincarnated Vampire Just Wants To Enjoy Her New Life Chapter 199 - The Divine Trial] Demo's out now! Preorder for 20XX!

Spageto · Mar 13, 2022

Gimme five, just take my money! clear.png

Ninetailed_Furball · Author · Mar 6, 2022

[The Reincarnated Vampire Just Wants To Enjoy Her New Life Chapter 198 - Apotheosis] To be, or not to be god.

Ninetailed_Furball · Author · Mar 5, 2022

[The Reincarnated Vampire Just Wants To Enjoy Her New Life Chapter 197 - Searching for the Next Countermeasure] ...

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