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Mar 6, 2022

Joined: Mar 6, 2022
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BCYT Apr 17, 2024

I've just read the new chapter 3147. 馃憤馃憤馃憤 Things are getting more interesting.

BCYT Apr 16, 2024

I'm currently on chapter 3146. Is that the latest chapter? Or is there chapters that haven't been translated yet? I just need to know how many chapters there are right now. I'm not looking for spoilers.聽

Ohh...and I love your Versatile Mage Reboot by the way. Keep up the good work. 馃憤馃憤馃憤

Vester Author Apr 17, 2024

Thank you very much 馃槉聽

All of the chapters after 3146 are just side stories.

BCYT Apr 14, 2024

Hi, may I ask when will you release the next chapter?

Also, what's the latest chapter currently for versatile mage original novel? Is it chapter 3146?

Vester Author Apr 16, 2024

The new chapter has been delayed a little because of the issues I'm dealing irlclear.png. But don't worry it will be out soon enoughclear.png.聽

Also regarding Versatile Mage official one, the author is posting Chapters, it is apparently about the Darkness Realm. If I say anymore then it will become a spoiler, so I advise you to wait for the translation.

mr.rush Mar 16, 2024

Bro, will you not continue the聽 Versatile Mage (Subtle Changes) series anymore? The story was very interesting though.clear.pngclear.png

Vester Author Mar 16, 2024

It's not "subtle changes" anymore, when I give him a power boost where he became almost as strong as the Azure Dragon at the start of the story, right?

mr.rush Mar 16, 2024

True, brother. But I am kinda curious about what happened to those two. And if they ever return to human cities, what will happen then....about those things..

Vester Author Mar 16, 2024

Don't worry, I'll make this "Reboot" Mo Fan a lot cooler and also a lot powerful than the "Subtle Changes" Mo Fan. So just wait and watch~ There's a big twist in the story!

mr.rush Mar 17, 2024

Very well, brother. I am waiting聽clear.pngclear.png

Game_B_Roll Feb 25, 2024

Love your novel. I hope it reaches completion. Might not be able to pay you money because I am a student. As a Muslim I will pray for you at every prayer I do.馃檹

Vester Author Mar 7, 2024

Bro chill馃槀

I'll write but not right now. I broke my back and am not able to anything currently.

Game_B_Roll Mar 7, 2024

Well then I shall pray for your good health and full recovery for every prayer till the next month at least. 馃檹馃檹

Flaneur1917 Mar 24, 2022

Hey man, I just wanted to ask if your Versatile Mage fanfic is an actual harem novel, and if so whether the harem in your novel will be expanded to include the girls who lost their chance in the original like Tang Yue? Thanks.

Vester Author Mar 24, 2022

I might. I have a role for every character introduced so... Stick to find out.

But yeah truthfully speaking author did Tang Yue dirty...

SilvoidVorstellung Mar 7, 2022

I love it, keep on writing.

Vester Author Mar 7, 2022

Thank you very much~clear.png

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