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Mar 12, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 12, 2022
Followers: 84
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Comments: 900
ZeroGiven40 Nov 7, 2023

Thank you kindly for checking out my book. 馃榿聽

Mutekun Oct 22, 2023

Welcome back u been missed

Nitsuga Aug 18, 2023

I have your story in a pinned tab hehe

Watching the number of faves on the latest chapter keeps me going

Have a nice day!

prognastat Author Aug 18, 2023

Thanks, glad you've been enjoying it.

Huyrrou Apr 25, 2023

Are you having a burn out? If so, have a good rest and continue your novels after a while.

Zeggoz Apr 4, 2023

It would be nice if you鈥檇 at least let out a message. We can see your Last Online time but you keep ignoring all the comments.聽

Nocturne7 Apr 12, 2023

Damn, really sucks doesn't it? Really enjoyed the fanfic too.clear.png

Baconbit1911 Mar 28, 2023

Hope your alright and look forward to more hollow with a system聽

Drew_the_Ghost Mar 23, 2023

Everything ok?clear.png

Marcov Mar 16, 2023

Will you continue the bleach fanfiction?

Zapheniah Mar 12, 2023

Do you upload weekly, or is it every blue moon?

Luka116 Mar 7, 2023


Mind if I ask, is the bleach fanfic over?

Outlandish Mar 7, 2023

I'd assume that there are just slow uploads atm. The last chapter was posted a little over a week ago.

harshprabhu Feb 27, 2023

what's the schedule for lucifer?

Luka116 Feb 21, 2023

Congrats on trending!聽clear.png

prognastat Author Feb 23, 2023

Thanks. It seems to happen about once a week or so. Though I have no clue what it uses to award it I suspect there is some kind of cool down before you can hit it again. Would make sense to give everyone a shot at appearing there or else the top novels would just dominate trending which I guess is good for me clear.png.

sunrad27 Feb 18, 2023

when will you start uploading chapters in webnovel

prognastat Author Feb 18, 2023

I'll probably post new chapters there when I write them, but it isn't really a priority anymore as I pretty much stopped using web novel myself even as a reader.

Mutekun Jan 28, 2023

Im so loving your book keep up the good work i cant wait to read more

prognastat Author Jan 28, 2023

thanks, going to try.

Mattpike Jan 27, 2023

Nice so are you re-editing the chapters or just slowly adding them here?

prognastat Author Jan 27, 2023

I don't think it'd qualify as re-editing. If I catch a spelling or grammar error I'm correcting it, but that's about it. Trying to get started at actually writing more chapters again.

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