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Apr 18, 2022

Joined: Apr 18, 2022
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Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

So I've deleted my story off SH and will be posting it on Ritoria instead where there are currently no ability for readers to leave ratings. I'm under the same user name there. If you want to read it you can find it there as I'm going to re-upload it over the next few weeks merging some of the earlier chapters together. I won't be joining the paid author program so it'll still be completely free with no paywalls. Thank you to everyone who has read it so far.

Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

If you want to know why I'm not posting on SH: There's been a lot of things going on in my life over the past month and I'm more abnormally affected by being a target of 1-star ratings. I don't want them to matter (especially when I got 3 of them in a row over the last 48 hours by readers who didn't even read past chapter 1). 

Ilikewaterkusa · Jun 14, 2022

I am the storm that is approaching

Oreo · Jun 14, 2022

Provoking black clouds in isolation

Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

I thought you were a cruz guy.

Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

Guywitdaface, and Slaped gave me 1 star ratings without even reading. Thanks guys.

Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

@slaped 1- Star is “a little disappointing.” My story obviously wasn’t perfect and there were errors all over the place and the first 30 chapters read like an NTR that even to those who like it don’t like that part of it. It’s fine to not like my story but it wasn’t just your rating, there were 3 others back to back who all did the same 1 star rating after just putting it on reading list… so I’m kind of done with ratings. 

Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

 If I got 3 stars from you it would still have pushed it down, 2 stars makes sense and is acceptable if you hated the content but since most of my writing is coherent and easy to follow compared to other writings, even if the content is not to your liking (which I know most people don’t like it) a 1 star without a review becomes distracting as hell when I don’t have many readers or ratings in the first place.

Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

If I were writing for profit I’d do what some of the bigger authors on this site do, delete and start over catering content to what readers want. GL GB.

Anon2021 · Jun 14, 2022

@slaped anyway, I said what I said, thanks for actually posting. Helped me get shit off my chest. I won’t be posting stories on SH again unless I plan on catering to the trends.

bokhi · Jun 11, 2022

Thanks for the nonsensical review. It is a thing of beauty, lol. 

P.S. This applies to all of your nonsensical reviews. Thanks for your work! 

Anon2021 · Jun 11, 2022

Lol. It’s just for fun to play with the review system.

bokhi · Jun 11, 2022

Yes, but I giggled. =)

Ilikewaterkusa · May 19, 2022

are you alt_reina on discord?

Anon2021 · May 19, 2022

No I am not.

Ilikewaterkusa · May 19, 2022


Anon2021 · May 10, 2022

So I added spoiler’s to the beginning of every NSFW chapter listing what sexes are involved, the name of the characters and if there is something extra, it’ll be listed there as well. Readers now have no excuse to “being ambushed” by something they do not want to read :) 

Ruiso · May 10, 2022


Anon2021 · May 9, 2022

I realized if I'm actually able to finish my novel it'll probably be the most varied smut novel on this website... sounds fun in some ways but it'll turn off readers here and there because they won't like certain scenes. I'm wondering if I should add more to my NSFW labels.

Ruiso · May 9, 2022

Maybe, I mean from what you told me, only one scene really got me bothered a bit.

doravg · May 8, 2022

Thank you for reading Annie and the Rice Quest to the end and leaving review and comments. I fixed the mistake you pointed out and will strive to remember the proper use of the two words.

Anon2021 · May 8, 2022

It’s just something English majors would point out, no one else lol

lambenttyto · May 7, 2022

Thanks for the follow!

Readerofharemandsmut · Apr 22, 2022

Hello fellow man of culture, i greet thee!


Anon2021 · Apr 22, 2022


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