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Jun 21, 2022

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jun 21, 2022
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Grimm13 · Sep 28, 2023

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I love your work. just finished binging the entirety in one sitting (which in hindsight may not have been healthy). I am greatly enjoying the deep characterization and building of your characters and world. I am usually not all that interested in more technical or hard sci-fi but I feel you strike an excellent balance. 

Great Fan so far, would love to read more.

Take care.  

cakeonfrosting · Author · Sep 30, 2023


First of all, I want to know how long that 'one sitting' was. DSD is over 600,000 words, so if you sat down and read nothing but my book for 24 hours straight you would have a reading speed of about 417 words per minute, which is squarely on the upper end of the comprehension scale. (BTW, the 'average' reading speed of 243 WPM would give a reading time of about 42 hours.)

Second, thank you.

I just released a chapter, dig in :)

Grimm13 · Oct 2, 2023

Hehe, I believe I read for about 40 hours straight taking a little break here and there (so a little cheating was involved), and believe me when I say that my average reading speed was not kept up by the end of it.

Overdrive2800 · Jun 7, 2023

At what chapter does the fantasy stuff start?

Overdrive2800 · Jun 7, 2023

Sci-fi is cool, but I'm here for sci-fi vs fantasy.

cakeonfrosting · Author · Jun 7, 2023

somewhere in the 20's or 30's, I can't remember

Overdrive2800 · Jun 7, 2023

Thank youclear.png

Overdrive2800 · Jun 5, 2023

Is FTL invented in your verse yet?

cakeonfrosting · Author · Jun 5, 2023

Yes, but not by the point you are at. There is a big ‘event’ that happens and shifts the way stuff works

Overdrive2800 · Jun 6, 2023

Don't they have gravity tech and jumps drives?

cakeonfrosting · Author · Jun 7, 2023

They are more like tricks than genuine methods of transportation, too energy intensive or unreliable at ranges that large.

Aegwymourn · Mar 30, 2023

Logged in this morning and DSD is Trending at #1! Congratz!

ClaytonP9 · Jan 23, 2023

Sorry after your crazy chapter stopped reading 📚 your comments 😅.  Giving too much away 😉.   Some things are okay to leave to the readers imagination 😀.  Ever kill a main character? Please don't completely throw out the storyboard, having ideas even if you don't use them now can be a boon for the future.  Having a path to follow to a conclusion, even if you don't follow it, or take side paths 😏 all good for us the readers 😀 

Enjoying the story 

ClaytonP9 · Jan 23, 2023

Btw rooting for another space battle 😅

cakeonfrosting · Author · Jan 17, 2023

There's a little teaser of the Pegasus somewhere

deltanz · Jan 11, 2023

The newest chapter of Dockyards isn't all there. Figured I'd post here just in case.

cakeonfrosting · Author · Jan 11, 2023

yeah, i clicked the wrong button

deltanz · Jan 11, 2023

All good it happens.

deltanz · Jan 11, 2023

just didn't know if you might check a post here or comments first so figured I'd do here since there was a comment on it already.

BEETLESME · Dec 20, 2022

Hi, it's beetlesme, read all your work, love them, and the new one too, can I get your guidance even if it's little, thanks 

And can I get your discord sincei'm not very active here ... Thanks 
cakeonfrosting · Author · Dec 20, 2022

I don't have a discord, sorry

cakeonfrosting · Author · Dec 18, 2022

Thinking about commissioning a piece of art for my book (for me to be real). Just Donovan, Diana, and Mercedes lined up gazing off into the distance (to the left like those star wars posters) with those silly slatted glasses on (Mercedes would also get the spinny fan hat of course) with Dockyard Sol under construction. Might be worth considering for a shirt too. Just a silly little T-shirt with a funny looking cast, but the pic would have to go hard.

cakeonfrosting · Author · Dec 18, 2022

It would definitely have to be in that retro-vaporwave style though. I can't imagine it looking decent anyway else.

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