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Famous Author
Jun 25, 2022

Famous Author
Joined: Jun 25, 2022
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Vampire diehard simp. Pretty much it honestly... Mostly......

2solo51 · Nov 24, 2022

will you continue outbreak

Moonlit · Author · Nov 24, 2022

Yup, definitely.

Kamisamaisayurilover · Nov 16, 2022

will u continue Nine Heavens Divine System???

Moonlit · Author · Nov 5, 2022

New chapter for The Outbreak in the coming hours. clear.png

Asatur · Nov 5, 2022

YAY! *jumps around happily*

Kamisamaisayurilover · Nov 5, 2022


sketchyqueen · Nov 6, 2022

all hail the queen of vampires clear.png

Kamisamaisayurilover · Nov 7, 2022

will u continue Nine Heavens Divine System???

Moonlit · Author · Nov 2, 2022

So I didn't forget The Outbreak at all, it will resume in a day or two at the latest. I'll test the waters with another vampire book (yes, another one and the last I promiseclear.png). Genderbender as always, but it won't be like The Outbreak. Check it out if you want. The Outbreak is still my main story though. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night you guys! clear.png

DizzyMiget · Nov 2, 2022

Honestly, if anything, your ability to. write this much is incredibly impressive, thank you for your hard work

Aschente · Nov 3, 2022

phew...thought you dropped it

Venusaur26 · Oct 28, 2022

Will you continue The Chaotic System? I’m excited for it!

Chaos Control! Chaos Blast!

Cyphi · Oct 22, 2022

Hello im new here, but something i want to tell you is that....I love your "The Outbreak" story! clear.png thank you... !! 

Moonlit · Author · Oct 22, 2022

Thank you. clear.png

sketchyqueen · Oct 17, 2022

such a sweetie pie, love your stories and your support!

Moonlit · Author · Oct 17, 2022


Moonlit · Author · Oct 11, 2022

I'm going to start a new story, genderbender of course. Whereas The Outbreak is darker and grim, this will be more light-hearted, probably... Check it out if you're interested clear.png

Moonlit · Author · Sep 29, 2022

I'll continue The Outbreak on the weekend at the latest. I also saw some people said I was moving to quickly, don't worry, I'll slow the pace of the story now. clear.png Enjoy your days guys. clear.png

Aschente · Sep 30, 2022


sketchyqueen · Sep 27, 2022

Congrats on trending!!!

Moonlit · Author · Sep 28, 2022

Thanks a bunch. clear.png

Moonlit · Author · Sep 26, 2022

Outbreak is back to regular updates. Enjoy. clear.png

Darklux · Sep 13, 2022

Non hai droppato the outbreak? 

Moonlit · Author · Aug 21, 2022

I haven't dropped The Outbreak, kinda busy irl rn. clear.png I'll update when possible.

Quake_Midaro · Aug 21, 2022

Take your time hope all is well 

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    Vampire diehard simp. Pretty much it honestly... Mostly......

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